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Vanquish your limitations! Witness the world’s wonders! Awaken the daring side of you!

Adrenaline Romance details our adventures, trips, and expeditions together as a couple. Some people may consider this blog as a simple “diary” of our adventures. Actually, it is more than that; if a diary is all that is to it, then we’ll simply settle on Facebook.

Intended to be a practical, no-nonsense, easy-to-use resource for other thrill-seekers who want to sample the different adrenaline-inducing adventures that Cebu and the Philippines (and later, perhaps the world) has to offer, the blog contains useful information to help you prepare for your own heart-stopping, enlightening endeavors.

Blog Posts
Our posts essentially consist of more photos than words. After all, images do speak more than a hundred words. Use these photos as reference for your adventures. Photos in this blog that are taken from other sources are duly recognized and acknowledged.

If you want to copy the photos, please have the courtesy to post a link to Adrenaline Romance in your website. Better yet, contact us before copying our photos.

Seven blog posts are displayed at any one time. Our blog posts narrates stories of our adventures. Most importantly, they contain itineraries, tips, budgets, and other necessary information so you can plan out your adventures. Take note that the practical information presented in the blog posts are based on personal experience.

Please don’t copy them without attributing us as the proper owners. If you wish to use our text, please ask permission from us and add a link to our blog.

While we strive to keep the information in our blog posts updated, rapid and unexpected changes in the real world hinder us from making real-time changes. Thus, we cannot assure you that all the contact details, transportation schedules, promos, etc. are accurate all the time. If you want more clarification and assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by filling up our Contact Us form.

Main Menu

Our main menu is at the top of our blog post. Here, you can know more about Team Sweetie, exchange links, browse through our recognitions and media, advertise through Adrenaline Romance, and get in touch with us.

Adventure Tabs

Just below the header are various adventure tabs (e.g. Rock Climbing, Mountain Trekking, Scuba Diving, etc.). Our blog posts are categorized into these tabs; choose which activity you want to check out. Clicking an adventure tab leads you to a list of blog posts that feature such activity. All activities are arranged chronologically from newest to oldest.

Obviously and realistically, we cannot cover all types of adventures. However, as we try out more exciting, adrenaline-pumping adventures in the future, you can be sure of additional adventure tabs popping out.

Special Tabs

Right along our Adventure Tabs are these special tabs:

Food Trips
Sweetie and I consider visiting food establishments, from fine-dining restaurants to streetside eateries, and trying what they have to offer as culinary adventures. It doesn’t matter whether we’ll be happily rubbing our tummy or end up in the emergency room of a hospital; we’re going to be thrill-seekers of gastronomic delights.

This page describes our stories, reviews, and tips regarding the different food establishments we’ve visited. Included here are our experiences of tasting exotic or unusual cuisine. Stay tuned!


Gear Reviews
In adventuring, the right gear can be the difference between enthusiasm and regret. In some cases, the right gear can spell the difference between life and death.

This page consists details, reviews, and perceptions of gears that we have owned or come across. Remember that the reviews here are personal opinions, so they are not absolute.

Adventure Tips
These page consists of practical, no-nonsense guidelines that will make your adventuring life easier, safer, and more fun. More articles are added regularly. Please send us suggestions as to what information you would like to be published here.

Special Posts
These are posts that do not fit any category such as promotions, personal views, sponsorship deals, partnerships, guest posts, and more.

Provinces Menu
At the bottom of our blog is a footer that features the Philippine provinces we have visited. Click a province, and it will show you a list of our adventures and experiences in that particular province.

Adrenaline Romance’s side bar contains miscellaneous tools such as:

  • Our Gravatar profile
  • Search field
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Links to our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts)
  • Archives
  • QRF Code
  • Relevant recognitions and awards

We also feature logos of our adventure partners and group affiliations in our side bar. Advertisers’ logos and banners are placed on the sidebar. All logos have links to our partners’/advertisers’ landing pages.

Welcome to Adrenaline Romance! We hope you would enjoy your stay here. Spread the love, keep traveling, and let the adventures begin!

Photo courtesy of Sir Ronald Ramiso

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