Negros Occidental

Mambukal Resort: The Perfect Haven for Adventurous Weekend Warriors

For those who possess the spirit of adventure, mountain resorts are favorite places to hang out and unwind. In the Philippines, however, the idea of having an exciting vacation in a hospitality establishment up in the mountains is relatively new. Most Filipinos are accustomed to equate vacations with beaches, trips to Disneyland, or trips to […]

Seven Waterfalls of Mambukal: Rejuvination through Nature’s Bounties

Summer usually equates to swimming in the azure waters in the beach, refreshing oneself in a cool swimming pool, playing inside fun-filled water parks, or cruising around idyllic islands. But beaches are definitely not the only bodies of water that one can immerse in to find relief from the punishing summer heat. Adventurers, hikers, and […]