Quiet Pagudpud: A Sleepy, Scenic Northern Resort Town


We love hushed, charming faraway towns. Their rustic charm and the pristine natural vistas around them never fail to reinvigorate our bodies, minds, and souls. The townsfolk’s way of life, practiced for generations and relatively uncontaminated by the complexities of city life, gives us a glimpse of rich tradition and simple grace. Their culture is a proof that simplicity and a relaxed pace of living can bring as much happiness as power and riches. One such place is the quiet coastal resort town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, the northernmost settlement in the island of Luzon.

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Burgos Wind Farm and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation: A Seamless Synergy of Nature and Technology

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

The Industrial and Technological Revolutions that started in the early 1800s paved the way for our modern way of living. Machines, electricity, motorized vehicles, and automated production processes replaced laborious and inefficient human-powered methods. However, to obtain the means to power humanity’s machinery, we exploited and harmed Mother Nature. It seemed that technology and nature will be branded as adversaries. But in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, the opposite is true. Technology and nature are symbiotic to each other.

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La Paz Sand Dunes: Riding the Timeless Sands of Adventure in Laoag

La Paz Sand Dunes

Mother Nature has provided us the best playgrounds for those who love adventures. There are mountains to trek. Granite and limestone cliffs to climb. Ponds to swim in. Reefs to dive in. Caves to explore. But what about sand? Laying down on a sandy beach and basking lazily in the sun is hardly an adventure. Well, not in the vast La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. The impressive dunes create a perfect platform for some adrenaline-pumping activities.

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Looking Back to a Heartwarming and Adventure-Filled 2016

Happy New Year

“It is going to be our year, Sweetie,” Sweetie Sheila assured me after the business model of the online company I’ve worked with for the past 3 years changed for the worse. She must have the power of premonition because 2016 was one of the best years in our adventuring lives. Not only was I able to get a dream job in a company that actually supports our passion (yes, both of us), but Sheila and I also had a myriad of heart-stopping and exciting sojourns that left us breathless with happiness.

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Nostalgic Vigan: A Day’s Journey into Our Rich Past (Part 1)


This Yuletide season, let’s take a different kind of Christmas break. Let’s have an adventure of the mind and soul. Let’s revisit and educate ourselves with our rich and vibrant Filipino history and culture. And in the Philippines, there is no other place where you can truly step back in time than in lovely Vigan, a heritage city in Ilocos Sur. It is also one of the last remaining Hispanic towns  in the Philippines.

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Deuter: A Leading Specialist of Outdoor Backpack Innovation


In the world of travel and outdoor adventure, a backpack is part of one’s survival system. Ask any adventurer, and he would say that his backpack is his home in the wilderness. The hostility and unpredictability of Mother Nature demands that one’s backpack should be top-quality, rugged, durable, and functional. We found all these qualities and more in Deuter.

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