Buyong Marine Station: Discovering Mysterious Aliens in the Deep Blue

Several nudibranches

We often look up to the far reaches of the heavens—with our own naked eyes, through powerful telescopes, or high-tech space probes—to see if life exists in other planets. Well, we do not have to look at the stars. We have our very own alien world here right beneath the waves. Under the sea are millions of mysterious creatures beyond our wildest imagination, a majority of which are still undiscovered.

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Gear Review: Deuter ACT Trail

Deuter ACT Trail

In many outdoor adventures, you need a reliable backpack to carry your equipment and supplies. As you gain more experience and you begin to streamline your gear, you begin to realize you don’t really need a huge, bulky, towering backpack. A lighter, smaller, all-terrain, all-weather backpack is sufficient.

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Mt. Kupapey to Mt. Fato Traverse: Discovering the Gems of Maligcong

Mt. Kupapey

Far away from the chaos, noise, and bustle of the city are sanctuaries of serenity, natural beauty, and simplicity. Places like these—rural towns, highland villages, farms—may be simple and even “backward” in the eyes of city dwellers. But it is through these humble places where you learn the most important things in life such as simple joys, peace of mind, respect for Mother Nature, and appreciation of tradition. We found all these and more in Maligcong, Bontoc in Mountain Province, Philippines.

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Marlboro Country: Come to a Place of Beauty and Tranquility

Sea of clouds

The beauty of Mother Nature is a balm. It’s completely the opposite of magnificent skylines and urban landscapes. While man-made wonders astonish one’s mind on man’s limitless creativity, Nature soothes the human spirit. The longing to reset ourselves from the complications of life is one of the reasons why we included an early-morning visit to Marlboro Country in Sagada, Mountain Province in our itinerary.

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Cordillera Food Trip: A Northern Gastronomic Adventure

Benguet Coffee

It has been said that a local dish or delicacy imbues the whispered story of a place. We absolutely agree with that. Each morsel, each sip brings us closer to a place’s unique history, culture, and soul. And with more than 7,000 islands in our country, that’s a whole lot of tales! We celebrated the second quarter of this year by taking part of a culinary story in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Northern Luzon, Philippines.

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Dolpo Summer Camp 2018: An Educational Bushcraft Workshop

Boy scout

Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to survive. All that is required of us is a little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of respect to make use of her gifts. That is the essence of bushcraft, an outdoor discipline about thriving in the natural environment. With bushcraft, you learn to hunt, forage, track, make shelters, navigate, and more using natural resources and rudimentary tools.

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10 Literally Cool Activities To Beat the Intense Summer Heat

Bluewater Sumilon

The sky is blue, clouds are few, and the summer sun is relentlessly blazing! What a wonderful time for playing outdoors! Except that with the advent of global warming, our recent summers are uncomfortably hot. So hot, in fact, that many people stay indoors rather than enjoy traditional summer activities. A minute under the sun feels like being bombarded with nuclear radiation or roasted in an outside oven.

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