Canyoning in Samar: Conquering Fear in a Verdant Canyon

Canyoning in Samar

If you haven’t done something you’re afraid of doing, then you haven’t fully lived your life. You haven’t realized your potential. That’s why we always urge our readers to go adventuring even once in their lives. Adventures actually make you realize that you are more capable, resilient, or stronger than you think you are! One of the best adventures that you can try out that is not too easy nor too difficult is canyoning in Samar.

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Blanca Aurora River: A Fascinating Adventure in Going Home

Blanca Aurora River

Research and stories show that in mountaineering, or any outdoor activity for that matter, most accidents happen on the way back to base camp. Having successfully been to the pinnacle of the adventure, one’s mindset becomes more relaxed. Having conquered the hardest part, going back home should be easy, right? Well, that relaxed state can spell disaster. That mindset was what we had to battle with during our return trip via the Blanca Aurora River.

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Sulpan Cave: Whispered Treasures in a Deep, Dark Void

Sulpan Cave

They say that there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But during our adventure inside mysterious Sulpan Cave, we saw no glittering treasure. What we found at the end of a spellbinding waterfall was an otherworldly light-less realm of mysterious creatures, unseen geological treasures, and whispered secrets. Sulpan Cave is a perfect emissary of Mother Nature as well as a wellspring of human fear. Its dark, twisting tunnels effectively show us how majestic, enigmatic, and deadly our world can be.

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Pinipisakan Falls: A Rare Glimpse of Genuine Purity

Pinipisakan Falls

Once upon a time, before humans exploited the world to suit their whims, there were natural wonders that are so magnificent they defy the wildest imagination. Wonders that make you believe that magic exists. Rare treasures that make you step back and question why we are destroying our world. A few weekends ago, we considered ourselves fortunate to see and experience the purity, beauty, and danger of a hidden, untouched, and natural masterpiece in Samar, Philippines.

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An Insightful Weekend Prelude to Free Diving

FreeDive HQ

Absolute peace. Ultimate freedom. Serene silence. Childlike wonder. These are the simple, heartfelt joys that free divers seek. Unencumbered by sophisticated and bulky scuba equipment, these amazing athletes and underwater enthusiasts can silently hover above reefs or dive hundreds of feet deep with just a single breath of air. Sweetie and I took our very first step in this exciting sport.

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10 Highly Recommended Trips for the Ber Months

Flight above the Clouds

The wonderful “ber” months are upon us! As the countdown to the Yuletide Season begins, why don’t you check out some marvelous destinations around the Philippines? Indeed, the last quarter of the year is a perfect time to travel. Beaches are less crowded, towns are starting to fan the embers of Christmas, and the weather becomes pleasantly cool. Here are some highly recommended trips that you can do these ber months by Team Sweetie.

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Sardine Point: An Unexpected Wild Encounter Under the Sea

Sardine Run in Panagsama, Moalboal

Aquariums, zoos, marine parks, and certain tourist attractions have allowed people to interact with rare wildlife. Amazing as these attractions are, we cannot deny the fact that these animals are housed and presented in a controlled, if not artificial, environment. Their behavior and habits are far from natural. That is why we favor adventuring in the wilderness. We just love the spontaneity, excitement, and magic of a wild encounter. And that is exactly what we got when we dived in Sardine Point in Panagsama, Moalboal in southern Cebu, Philippines.

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