Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Wet, Wild, and Fun

Waterfalls rappelling

Many people want to live an everyday life enjoying outdoor adventures. Alas, with jobs, families, and other pressing responsibilities, such a life can be achieved only in dreams. But for us, those responsibilities shouldn’t be a hindrance to do what you really want to do. At Danasan Eco Adventure Park, you can enjoy exciting adventures! Perhaps not every day but during weekends, holidays, and days off.

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Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

Stunning view on top of Danasan Peak

Humans intrinsically seek convenience; our brains are biologically wired that way. So what if there’s a cool place that offers all the different and exciting adventures you want within walking distance from one another? Dream no more for there is such a convenient place—Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

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Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Warm Up for This Year’s Adventures

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Welcome to the Year of the Dog! It’s a new year for a new set of adventure! Time to melt off that cholesterol that you’ve accumulated by eating rich food during the Yuletide season. Time to infuse positive energy. Time to explore the wild outdoors and try out the adventures that you’ve been wanting to do since forever. Time to head off to Danasan Eco Adventure Park in the highlands of Danasan, Danao in Central Cebu.

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What An Adventure-Filled 2017!


Wow! Sweetie and I had an icing-of-the-cake idea of how our 2017 would be. But little did we know that the level of adrenaline of our adventures in 2017 was way off the scale! Extremely marvelous! Many of our thrilling sojourns took us away from solid ground and into strange new realms of blue seas, pristine rivers, and enigmatic caves. Let us take you through the excitement that we had this year.

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Team Sweetie’s Adventure Wishlist

Santa Claus

It’s Christmas! And it’s not just the happiest time of the year! It is the season when dreams come true. Through tradition, belief, and superstition, people hope the kindness of the Yule’s spirit will be upon them—that their most fervent wishes will finally be realized.

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Kontiki Reef: Where Our Love of The Blue World Began


There are some wonderful places we hold dear in our hearts. It’s not just about their beauty, charm, availability of adventure, or people. More importantly, these amazing places actually changed our lives—our character, world perception, skill set, beliefs, or even our morals. The vibrant and rich Kontiki Reef in our very own home island of Mactan is one such place.

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10 Beautiful Places to Spend a Joyous Filipino Christmas


Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light! And indeed, there are lovely cities and towns in the Philippines where you can definitely celebrate this happiest season of the year. A lot of people would stay home to enjoy the Yule, but what if you can’t shake off that feeling of wanderlust?

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