Lobo Cave: Samar’s Captivating Underground Realm of Many Faces

Lobo Cave Jiabong Samar

There’s an alien world right under our feet. It’s a world where nothing is what it seems, where wonders defy imagination, and where the most trivial decisions can determine whether we live or perish. The world of mysterious caves is a part of our beloved blue planet. Yet we know more about the twinkling stars above us than the geological, meteorological, and biological marvels beneath the ground. That is not a surprise for these dark caves are delicate yet hostile environments. Visiting these dark realms require thorough preparation, careful training, and utmost respect.

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Islas de Gigantes Inland Tour: Discovering Historical and Geological Treasures of an Island Paradise

Islas de Gigantes Indland Tour

The Philippines is a large tropical archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands. So many yet so interestingly different from each other. With their own unique historical, cultural, and natural characteristics, traveling around our country is never boring. For us, it’s always a new experience in each island destination. And in Gigantes Norte in Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo, we were able to visit two of its own wonders that make it unique.

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Island Hopping in Islas de Gigantes: Visiting the Sandy Shores of a Summer Paradise

Islas de Gigantes Island Hopping

Summer in the Philippines is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for locals and tourists alike. Who wouldn’t be excited about these bright and sunny months? Sapphire seas, azure and clear skies, swaying palms, and sandy beaches await those who seek bliss, tranquility, and relaxation. Add to those the excitement and joy of being in the company of loved ones and friends, and they have the perfect recipe for a perfect summer. Well, we just had such perfect summer trip in Islas de Gigantes, a picturesque island chain in the Western Visayas.

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Exotic Islas de Gigantes: A Teaser for a Well-Deserved Summer Weekend Reward

Islas de Gigantes Teaser

Life is a beautiful reward. It is not just about working all day and all night, being continuously depressed over a loss or disappointment, being obsessed over perfection, or securing a positive social perception. Life is also about cherishing the company of good friends, family members, and loved ones. It’s about appreciating Mother Nature and enjoying simple things in life. It’s about taking a break to allow oneself a good dose of happiness.

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Experience Wood Carving with Backstreet Academy

Woodcarving by Backstreet Academy

Traveling is not just about seeing popular attractions, engaging in exciting adventures, or tasting delicious local food. It is also about taking part in the destination’s culture. It is about appreciating the unique trades, arts and crafts that locals uphold proudly. It is all about meeting humble locals and being mesmerized by their skills and talents. We were able to enjoy that unique experience thanks to Backstreet Academy. This was our first taste in cultural immersion, and it was a real eye-opener for us.

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12 Amazing Videos To Encourage You to Travel Around the Philippines

Philippine Tourism

The Philippines—this is it! This is the tropical paradise that you have been looking for all your life. Now, it’s time to visit our archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands. These videos provide an infinitesimal glimpse of what the Philippines is all about and the wonders that await you. Whether you are a local, balikbayan, or a foreigner, the Philippines has something for you.

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Bakhawan Eco Park: Knowing the Protector of the Shores

Bakhawan Eco Park

Mother Nature is harsh, powerful, uncaring and destructive. Her storms, tsunamis, sudden tidal rises and other natural calamities can snuff out hundreds and thousands of life in a single minute. Yet, she is also kind and considerate, and she has provided us landscapes and ecosystems that protect us from her awesome wrath. The Bakhawan Eco Park in barangay New Buswang in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines is one of these protective natural structures. Planted by Mother Nature and carefully maintained by humans, this expansive mangrove forest effectively acts as a barrier to protect the shoreline from storm surges, erosion and floods.

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