Adventure Central: Where Your Passion for Climbing Begins

Adventure Central Indoor Climbing Center

You are never too young or too old to start climbing. Not strong enough, too weak, insufficient upper body strength, rapid exhaustion—these are just petty excuses. Just think, you had so much fun going up trees, windows, and stuff when you were a kid, right? What you need for inspiration is mainly your willpower and the right friendly climbing venue as well as the right people to motivate you. You can find those in Adventure Central Indoor Climbing Center, Iloilo City’s newest climbing venue and your home for fitness and fun.

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Mt. Igcuron: Climbing the Razor’s Edge

Mt. Igcuron

Mountains are never to be underestimated. They have the absolute power to decide the fate of the very lives that set foot on their bosom and those who live beneath them. They have the capacity to protect, reshape, and destroy the land around them. Thus, we have high respect for these wonders of Mother Nature. Even the so-called minor peaks are not to be taken for granted. And once again, we felt and experienced the unfathomable power and majesty of the mountains when we ascended the small but dangerous Mt. Igcuron in Valderrama, Antique.

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Experience Antique: Nogas Island – The Mysterious Realm of Anini-y’s Invisible Spellcaster

Nogas Island

Once upon a time, in the remote municipality of Anini-y, Antique, there lived a beautiful enchantress who brewed magic spells in a pot. However, the villagers were afraid of her powers and strange ways. Aware of the fear and resentment the people felt on her, the dejected spellcaster retreated to an isolated island just off the shore. With the place devoid of people, she began transforming and enchanting the island to her own whims.

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Experience Antique: Enjoying the Scenic Highlands of San Remegio

Highlands of San Remegio

In the world of traveling and adventure, it is not often that we get the honor to be among the new kids on the block. By that, we mean that it is a great privilege for us to set foot on rarely visited but stunningly beautiful places in our country. Thus, we were elated when we learned that we were going to spend a night and half a day in the highlands of San Remegio, one of Antique’s less visited municipalities. San Remegio is a green region known for its healthy vegetable produce, but we found out there is so much more to this magnificent highlands than just crops.

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Experience Antique: In Search of the Elusive Rafflesia


The life-giving rainforests that once carpeted large tracts of our country hold a lot of amazing secrets. Beneath their thick canopies are a plethora of mysterious flora, fauna, and other organisms that are yet to be discovered and documented—many of them beneficial to mankind. During our week-long Experience Antique tour, we had a rare opportunity to lay eyes on the Rafflesia flower, one of the most seldom seen wonders that makes the rainforests of Panay very special.

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Experience Antique: Cultural Immersion at the Scenic Antique Rice Terraces

Antique Rice Terraces

Traveling is not just about visiting destinations. If you want a truly meaningful, eye-opening trip, you have to delve down and listen to the stories of the locals. You have to appreciate and be proud of their home, history, and culture as much as they are.

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BCBA 2016: Our Gift of Gratitude to You

Best Cebu Blog Awards 2016 Travel Category

We are halfway through our Experience Antique familiarization tour, so it’s time for a short break. And what a surprising break it is! We recalled the words of former US diplomat Vernon Walters: “The expected rarely occurs and never in the expected manner.” True! A little over a week ago, we received a very unexpected email from the Best Cebu Blogs Awards committee that Adrenaline Romance is shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Cebu Travel Blog category.

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