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Experience Antique: Igpasungaw Falls in Sebaste – A Grand Staircase into the Wild

Ipagsungaw Falls

We are inexorably fascinated with our country’s waterfalls. These stunning works of Mother Nature speak volumes of beauty, allure, and power. They are venues for heart-stopping adventures, sanctuaries for serenity, and sources for a land’s commerce and survival. Thus, when we knew that one of our destinations during our Experience Antique familiarization tour is the magnificent Igpasungaw Falls in the municipality of Sebaste, our hearts beat with excitement and delight.

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Experience Antique: Bugang River in Pandan – Riding the Cleanest River in the Country

Bugang River Malumpati

A hushed, laid-back place where you can relax in peace and feel the stress melt away. A primal venue where you can enjoy a wild adventure that keeps your heart pumping. Two contrasting ideas. Two different mindsets. Is it even possible to blend these two completely different concepts into one great experience? Absolutely yes and more! Just head off to the stunning Bugang River in the lush inland barangay of Guia in Pandan, Antique.

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Experience Antique: The Stunning Natural and Cultural Wonders of Libertad

Explore Antique Libertad

Kruhay from Antique! Raw, primal, scenic, fascinating—these are just some of the adjectives that we can use to describe this amazing province in Western Visayas, Philippines. In her bosom, Antique proudly holds a lot of natural, historical, cultural, and culinary attractions that are off the charts in grandeur. But despite its magnificence, Antique is a mere blip in the adventure tourism radar.

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Mt. KM 28: Simplicity and Beauty at Their Finest

Mt. KM 28

Where can you find a nice, challenging weekend climb without draining your wallet? A mountain in Cebu where you can have a stunning 360-degree view of the highlands and the city at the summit? A hike that takes you to different kinds of scenery? A place where you think you’re in New Zealand? Is it a place that sounds too good to be true? Nope! Such a place exists in Cebu, the strangely named Mt. KM 28 in the highlands of Toledo.

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Payag Bouldering House: Pump it Up

Payag Bouldering House

Rainy day. No budget for now. Crag is too far. Guide is unavailable. Uneasy at the company of pro climbers. No experience in climbing. Need more power, strength, and practice. These are all common reasons why people shy away from ascending their favorite routes in the crag, continue honing their techniques, or pursuing their interest in climbing. That is until now. Today, Payag Bouldering House, a humble bouldering cave in Lapu Lapu City, gives you no reason why you should skip climbing practice, stop climbing altogether, or cease chasing your passion in ascending rock walls.

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Malapascua Island: A Stunning Island Getaway for Your Ber and Summer Sojourns

Malapascua Island

The ber months are here! For Filipinos, September is the start of the joyous Yuletide season, and the celebration lasts until January next year. But while other countries are gearing up for the bitter, cold season, the Philippines is blessed with a perennial tropical sun so everyone can continue to frolic in warm, pleasant weather albeit the occasional rains. This ber season, we invite you to enjoy a sunny, last-quarter vacation to one of the most popular tropical paradises the Cebu province has to offer—the rocky island of Malapascua at the northernmost tip of Cebu.

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Malapascua Budget Inn: A Cool Haven for the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Malapascua Budget Inn

We want to spend the bulk of our travel money in our activities and adventures. Thus, like many travelers, we always look for ways to keep their expenses for accommodation as low as possible. To keep our accommodation expenses to a minimum level, we rarely book in hotels. After all, why would we pay for luxuries when we barely have the chance to use them since we are out adventuring all day? An inn or hostel with a comfortable bed with a clean bath and toilet is good enough for us.  The rustic Malapascua Budget Inn in Logon, Malapascua Island is an ideal home away from home for those who are keeping a tight lid on their travel expenses.

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