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Adventuring Beyond COVID 19: A Personal Prediction


COVID 19. It came out out of the blue, and it is a crisis that none of us have ever encountered before. Governments, businesses, health institutions, and many other sectors of society were caught completely unprepared, having the rug figuratively pulled out from under their feet. The plague of the coronavirus seemingly turned society—and the things we take for granted—upside down.

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Tres Marias Peak 3: A Fantastic End of an Epic Adventure

Mt Tres Marias Peak 3

First of all, dear readers, we hope you are safe. The coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic has put our trips and adventures on hold until this crisis passes. Fortunately, we’re fine and our employers were kind enough to let us work at home. As such, we got quite busy even if our city is under quarantine. Anyway, let us radiate some positive vibes by telling you the final tale of our Tres Marias adventure.

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Tres Marias Peak 2: Of Canyons Deep and Forests Old

Mt. Tres Marias

Deep inside the mighty Tres Marias mountain range lies a plethora of challenges and wonders. These are stuff that only a handful of people had the opportunity to experience. And with the help of Joni, the Trexplore team, and the local Mamanwas, we’re happy that we were given that same chance. Welcome to the green and fertile heart of Tres Marias in Biliran!

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Tres Marias Peak 1: The Misty Mountains Cold

Tres Marias Peak 1

Fairly recently proclaimed as an independent province from Leyte in 1992, Biliran Island is one of those quiet and unassuming islands in the Philippines. But if you think Biliran is just your typical rural town, you are definitely missing out a lot! That’s because hidden within its nooks are magnificent mountains, deep canyons, mysterious caves, lofty forests, towering waterfalls, and more! Biliran is a world-class adventure destination!

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10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

Beautiful scenery of Maraag, Sudlon

A walking holiday is one of the healthiest and most holistic getaways out there. Embarking on one of these adventures will immerse you in beautiful nature, give you time to think, unwind, and truly relax. Not only is this kind of holiday loads of fun, but it’s also great for the mind, body, and soul.

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An Amazing Year! Reminiscing Our Fantastic Adventures of 2019

Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020

Life comes up, but that’s okay! Due to some really nice developments in our careers and the re-discovery of an old childhood hobby, we had fewer adventures in 2019 compared to the past years. But those didn’t stop us from indulging in our passions. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and adrenaline-pumping escapades! Let’s take a look at what we’ve been into this year:

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Nug-As Forest Reserve, Alcoy: The Last Treasure

Cebu Hawk Owl

It’s both an exhilarating privilege and a bittersweet moment to be able to experience what could be the last of something beautiful. After all, there’s no telling if it will last forever. There’s no telling if you would be able to re-experience that thing again, or if it will undergo some massive change. That’s why we felt quite fortunate and blessed that we were able to visit the lush Nug-as Forest Reserve in Alcoy, Cebu, the last original rainforest in the island. We passed by this forest during our Cebu Highlands Trail Segment 5 hike. Now, we’re actually going inside it!

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