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10 Beautiful Places to Spend a Joyous Filipino Christmas


Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light! And indeed, there are lovely cities and towns in the Philippines where you can definitely celebrate this happiest season of the year. A lot of people would stay home to enjoy the Yule, but what if you can’t shake off that feeling of wanderlust?

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Gear Review: Se7en Outdoor Dry-Fit Shirts


We are at the mercy of Mother Nature’s elements when we go adventuring. With this mindset, we never scrimp on quality when it comes to gear. Our comfort, positive experience, and even our lives depend on our equipment. That includes our apparel, which we consider a very important piece of gear. That’s why we only wear Se7en Outdoor dry-fit shirts.

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15 Adrenaline-Pumping Adventures You Can Do in Cebu


Cebu is more than a slim, tropical island in the middle of the Philippines. It is our humble home; our house is in its satellite island of Mactan. While Cebu is a highly urbanized, progressive, and ultramodern city, there is always something for those who love the outdoors. There is always something for those who love to discover the real history and culture of Cebu.

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15 Important Tips to Start Your Trip Right


You can hardly wait for this dream trip or adventure to begin! You just need to pack up your bags, whip up your ticket, and head straight to the airport. Ready? Hold on there, tiger! What happens in the beginning of your sojourn usually sets the mood and tone for the rest of your trip. To ensure that you’ll have a pleasant, seamless, memorable, and enjoyable adventure, you need to set things right from the start.

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How to Fund Your Tropical Holiday

beautiful beach

People want to make their ultimate dream vacations come true. There is one small glitch though—the struggle to find funds for the trip. While setting money aside for the house needs is one thing, saving money for an international holiday is an entirely different cup of tea. However, with careful and strategic planning, you can utilize the power of every cent to make your expenditure worthwhile.

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Deuter ACT Lite SL: Gear Review


Simplicity, ruggedness, comfort, and ease of use. Those are the things you really need in a mountaineering pack. Take away the extra features, and you’ll still have a reliable pack that you can trust with your life when you’re out there in the wild. You can find all of these packed in Deuter ACT Lite Series.

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Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground


Congratulations on all your hard work! You deserve a life of peace, quiet, tranquility, and excitement. You deserve every opportunity to see and explore the beauty of nature. Aboitizland, our very own home-grown real estate giant, makes sure you get what you truly deserve. Welcome to Foressa Trails, a world-class master-planned adventure park and community that redefines outdoor living and adventure right in the green mountains of Cebu.

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