Cebu Highlands Trail Segment 3: Barili to Mompeller

Cebu Higlands Trail Segment 3

As of late, our country’s law enforcers—soldiers, policemen, tanods—have taken the brunt of unfair labeling and exposure. Media outlets usually portray them as incompetent, lazy, abusive, and corrupt men without honor. But nothing could be farther from the truth. During our CHT Segment 3 Hike, we witnessed firsthand to their kindness, dedication to safety, duty to protect, and bravery. To us, they are heroes.

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BCBA 2018: Thank You For This Honor

Best Cebu Travel Blog 2018 Finalist

As lovers of nature and adventure, we have learned to look at ourselves as being in synergy with the environment—a part of the biosphere. As such, we don’t actively seek recognition, acknowledgment, and approval for what we do. As long as we’re doing activities for fun, fitness, and personal challenge; for the protection of Mother Nature; for helping and inspiring people and organizations, we’re perfectly fine with it.

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Scubasurero 2018: An Act of Love for Our Oceans


Are you doing your part in taking care of our seas and oceans? If you are to live in this world, then such responsibility should be inherent in you. Your acts of love for the blue world doesn’t have to be monumental. Not using single-use plastics and not throwing garbage carelessly into the ocean are first simple yet significant acts of preserving Mother Nature.

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Camping Experiences Millenials Love

camping experiences millenials love 1
Busy millenials need ways to unwind after a long day’s work. One of the most effective ways to unwind is to go camping. It is a great way to reconnect with nature and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

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Cebu City Tour: Discover Our Roots, History, Heritage, and Culture

Magellan's Cross

The Queen City of the South. An Island in the Pacific. A place where the heart sings. Our Cebu City is a jewel in the Philippines. As the country’s oldest city, it is rich in history, heritage, and culture that Cebuanos are proud of. Thus, one weekend, Sweetie, together with our daughter Alexa and her cousin Ashley Faith, availed a cool Cebu tour package from Travel Cebu.

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The Bakun Trilogy: Mt. Kabunian

Mt. Kabunian

We are only human. There are times when we just want to quit, throw in the towel, and raise the white flag. But as proven countless times, the human spirit is indomitable. Willpower, grit, and sheer determination can carry people to heights that they never thought was possible. The battle between quitting and persevering was what we fought during our climb up Mt. Kabunian, the third and final mountain in our Bakun Trilogy.

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The Bakun Trilogy: Mt. Tenglawan

Mt. Tenglawan

There are times that you don’t want to get off from bed and face the world (who does?). We would rather stay asleep or stay in our comfort zones. But going out of the confines of comfort, safety, and security is what adventure is all about. It is what makes life exciting and worth living. In fact, the best things in life lie outside our shell.

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