Sinaya Cup: Empowering Active Women

Sinaya Menstrual Cup

I have always been an outdoor type of person. I love hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, and traveling with my sweetie Gian. We always make it a point to have a balance of work and play. Thus, we go out and enjoy the outdoors on weekends, holidays, leaves, and whatever free time we can scrap up.

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Langun Gobingob Cave: Into a Monster of Epic Proportions (Part 2)

Langun Gobingob Cave Calbiga Samar

Human being’s notion of self-importance is a delusion. There are powers all around us that are far too massive for us to comprehend. We can feel the immensity of those powers when we face the full grandeur, the breathtaking beauty, the awesome might, the real danger, and the total indifference of Mother Nature. During our wonderful adventure inside Langun Gobingob Cave, the largest cave system in the country, we once again were privileged to experience that humbling and overwhelming feeling of awe and helplessness.

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Langun Gobingob Cave: A Mountain Under a Mountain (Part 1)

Langun Gobingob Cave Calbiga Samar

Biggest. Widest. Deepest. Most beautiful. Superlatives in Mother Nature never fail to astound us. They give us a feeling of awe, respect, and reverence. In the Philippines, we are blessed with some of the most wondrous superlatives that capture the world’s imagination. In fact, we are blessed to have one of them right smack in the lush adventure paradise of Calbiga, Samar. Welcome to the monstrous, mysterious, and unearthly Langun Gobingob Cave system.

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Central Cave: A Crystal Kingdom Where Time Stands Still

Central Cave Catbalogan Samar

Beneath the frontier island paradise of Samar is a realm of exquisite beauty. It is a fragile place where time is in suspended animation, its raw magnificence carefully preserved in glittering crystals. It is a domain of grandeur and enigmas where one can actually see the process of Mother Nature giving birth to the foundations of our planet. This is the Central Cave, an underground crystal paradise, and one of the most beautiful caves in Samar.

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Lobo Cave: Samar’s Captivating Underground Realm of Many Faces

Lobo Cave Jiabong Samar

There’s an alien world right under our feet. It’s a world where nothing is what it seems, where wonders defy imagination, and where the most trivial decisions can determine whether we live or perish. The world of mysterious caves is a part of our beloved blue planet. Yet we know more about the twinkling stars above us than the geological, meteorological, and biological marvels beneath the ground. That is not a surprise for these dark caves are delicate yet hostile environments. Visiting these dark realms require thorough preparation, careful training, and utmost respect.

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Islas de Gigantes Inland Tour: Discovering Historical and Geological Treasures of an Island Paradise

Islas de Gigantes Indland Tour

The Philippines is a large tropical archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands. So many yet so interestingly different from each other. With their own unique historical, cultural, and natural characteristics, traveling around our country is never boring. For us, it’s always a new experience in each island destination. And in Gigantes Norte in Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo, we were able to visit two of its own wonders that make it unique.

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Island Hopping in Islas de Gigantes: Visiting the Sandy Shores of a Summer Paradise

Islas de Gigantes Island Hopping

Summer in the Philippines is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for locals and tourists alike. Who wouldn’t be excited about these bright and sunny months? Sapphire seas, azure and clear skies, swaying palms, and sandy beaches await those who seek bliss, tranquility, and relaxation. Add to those the excitement and joy of being in the company of loved ones and friends, and they have the perfect recipe for a perfect summer. Well, we just had such perfect summer trip in Islas de Gigantes, a picturesque island chain in the Western Visayas.

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