Metro Manila

Camp Sandugo Climbing Wall: An Awesome Wall in a Lively Mall

Dedicated climbing centers in the Philippines are quite few in number. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a couple of such facilities in many cities and towns in the Philippines. And we can’t consider the rudimentary, overly easy walls in resorts and adventure camps as true climbing walls. By now, we all […]

Manila Ocean Park: A Window to the Living Ocean

Let us talk about numbers for the moment. According to the World Atlas of Coral Reefs published by the University of California, coral reefs cover more than 284,000 square kilometers of the planet. That is just 0.1 percent of our ocean’s total surface area. A majority of the area occupied by coral reefs, around 92 […]

Power Up Tandang Sora: The Birthplace of Filipino Rock Climbing Legends

Wall climbing and rock climbing are exciting, adrenaline-pumping activities that are, sadly, just faint blips in Philippine sports. In fact, there are only a handful of artificial walls in the country much less outdoor crags and bouldering areas. There is almost no government support in promoting the sport or developing climbing areas, and even the […]

Museo Pambata: Where Learning is Actually Fun

Learning a great deal about the world is not and should not be confined in the four corners of the classroom, the study hall, or the library. Nor is it or should it be confined to textbooks, photos, videos, websites, documentaries, and other media. In fact, most of what we truly learn comes from our […]