Negros Oriental

Scuba Diving in Chapel, Apo Island: Finding Love, Beauty, and Wonder Under the Waves

Apo Island is a peaceful, postcard-perfect island paradise. It has a rustic town, uniquely formed sea cliffs, an expansive snorkeling area, white-sand shores, and tree-covered hills. But like many of the amazingly beautiful places we’ve been around the country, its true beauty is hidden. The real gem of Apo Island lies beneath the blue waves, […]

Apo Island: Celebrating Love in a Sea Turtle’s Haven

Sweetie and I are always on a vigilant lookout for more exciting adventures. Instead of having dates in classic romantic settings, we spend our loving moments risking our limbs and lives, feeling the invigorating pump of adrenaline, and shamelessly immersing ourselves in childlike wonder observing Mother Nature’s treasures. For our third-year anniversary, we decided to […]

Mt. Kanlaon: Visiting the Mountain God (Part 3)

According to Philippine folklore, there once was a Negrenese princess named Anina. One day, she overheard her father talking to the kingdom’s chief priestess. It was clear that both were extremely troubled over something. When Princess Anina asked her father about it, the king broke down and said that a mighty seven-headed dragon is coming […]

Mt. Kanlaon: Visiting the Mountain God (Part 2)

Not so long ago, a mutual friend asked us, “Why do you climb mountains? You risk life and limb, waste money, and subject yourself to exhaustion just to be at the summit for a few minutes.” He has a point. Climbing mountains can be dangerous, considering we are constantly exposed to the merciless elements of […]

Mt. Kanlaon: Visiting the Mountain God (Part 1)

Reinhold Messner is a renowned Italian adventurer, mountaineer, and explorer. He is the first person to climb Mt. Everest alone and without supplemental oxygen. He was the first climber in the world to successfully climb all fourteen Eight-Thousanders, mountains that are 8,000 meters above sea level and higher. With his amazing feats, adventurers all over […]

Mt. Talinis: The Last Frontier of Negros Oriental (Part 2)

Mt. Talinis: The Last Frontier of Negros Oriental (Part 2)

We had a great sleep, thanks to the cool weather (12 degrees Celsius). The next day, we woke up to a cold, wet, gray morning as a gentle drizzle showered the landscape. The mist that descended on Lake Nailig made everything ethereal and magical as brilliant colors muted.

Mt. Talinis: The Last Frontier of Negros Oriental (Part 1)

Mt. Talinis: The Last Frontier of Negros Oriental (Part 1)

Ever since we started mountaineering, we’ve always wanted to climb the verdant slopes of the gorgeous Mt. Talinis in Negros Oriental considering that the mountain is relatively close to Cebu. And we heard exciting stories about it: the unspoilt trails, the virgin forests, the gentle lakes as well as the agonizing terrain, the dangerous slopes, and the exhausting trek.

We were not disappointed.