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Gear Review: Se7en Outdoor Dry-Fit Shirts

Gear Review: Se7en Outdoor Dry-Fit Shirts

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature’s elements when we go adventuring. With this mindset, we never scrimp on quality when it comes to gear. Our comfort, positive experience, and even our lives depend on our equipment. That includes our apparel, which we consider a very important piece of gear. That’s why we only […]

Deuter ACT Lite SL: Gear Review

Deuter ACT Lite SL: Gear Review

Simplicity, ruggedness, comfort, and ease of use. Those are the things you really need in a mountaineering pack. Take away the extra features, and you’ll still have a reliable pack that you can trust with your life when you’re out there in the wild. You can find all of these packed in Deuter ACT Lite […]

Gear Review: Deuter Wash Bag

As travelers, adventurers, and outdoorspeople, we are sometimes unable to enjoy decent showers, warm baths, or hygienic pampering for a couple of days. Just like any other person, we always grab each and every opportunity to wash, clean, and refresh ourselves. However, certain conditions that are unique to the world of travel and adventure can make […]

Sinaya Cup: Empowering Active Women

I have always been an outdoor type of person. I love hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, and traveling with my sweetie Gian. We always make it a point to have a balance of work and play. Thus, we go out and enjoy the outdoors on weekends, holidays, leaves, and whatever free time we can scrap […]

Kai Made for Adventure: Wear Your Passion for the Outdoors

Be proud of yourself for being an avid adventurer. Show to the world that you are living life on your own terms and that you are a steward for Mother Nature. But how? Well, one of the best ways to do that is to wear cool, high-quality, and comfortable shirts that speak high volumes of […]

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag

If you are into outdoor activities, sooner or later, you will have to come across with bodies of water—lots and lots of water! You will encounter waterfalls, seas, rivers, pools, sea spray, mist, and even rain. While they are definitely mesmerizing and welcome (especially during hot summers), they can also wreak havoc on your clothes, […]

Gear Review: Sea to Summit TravellingLight Day Pack

Even though we backpack most of the time (we rarely carry check-in luggage), we often want to spend the entire day exploring new places without lugging all our stuff on our backs. When we travel to a destination, we simply want to leave the bulk of our stuff inside our room or tent. Indeed, there […]