Food Trips

Calamay Kalami! The Sweet Heart of Jagna, Bohol

Calamay Kalami! The Sweet Heart of Jagna, Bohol

Ah, calamay! Originating from Bohol, this sweet, thick delicacy that literally sticks on the roof of the mouth brings absolute happiness. We love to spread it on our pan de sal. We delight ourselves as we twirl that brown paste around our forks. We top it on our biko or puto for that extra dash […]

Themed Dinners: A Bit of Filipino Culture in Every Tasty Bite

International food connoisseur Andrew Zimmern considers Filipino food as the next big thing in culinary arts. He couldn’t have said it better. Our cuisine, often thrown into the sidelines in the global culinary scene, is undoubtedly one of the most unique ones in the world.  Snippets of our nation’s history and culture can be experienced […]

Namit Iloilo! A Sensuous Tour for the Taste Buds

Namit Iloilo! A Sensuous Tour for the Taste Buds

The province of Iloilo is more than just a place with lofty mountains, blinding-white sandbars, cerulean waters, amazing people, and rich culture. If you’re one who is on a constant search for something new and unique for your palate, then Iloilo is the place to go! Their dishes are unequaled in taste and richness. In […]

Asis Food Garden: A Homey Restaurant and An Art Gallery in Roxas City

Culinary delights and visual masterpieces. Mouthwatering food and beautiful paintings. Great treats for the palate and the eyes. Is there a place where you can find all of these? Fortunately, there is one in Roxas City, Capiz! Enjoy the visual and culinary feasts in Asis Food Garden, a special restaurant for food connoisseurs and creative […]

J. Viterbo’s Barbecue: A Taste of Cebu’s Humble Barbecue Culture

After every rock climb or an adventure down south, we often stop at the lively J.Viterbo’s Barbecue for a filling dinner before going home. Despite the extremely simple nature of the place, we are not ashamed to say that we are irrevocably, hopelessly addicted to their barbecue just like the hundreds of students, policemen, employees, […]

Loay River Cruise: More Than Just a Classic Filipino Lunch

Is there anything more satisfying than having a sumptuous traditional Filipino lunch to satisfy a grumbling stomach after an entire morning of road tripping? It turns out that there actually is! Imagine eating delicious classic Filipino viands and sweet tropical fruits while cruising slowly down a pristine, scenic river. All the while, you are serenaded […]

Yakitori Bincho-tan: A Taste of Traditional and Authentic Japanese Grilled Meat

Japanese cuisine is simply irresistible, and many of their dishes are our personal favorites. Mention sushi, maki, miso soup, ramen, and more; and we guarantee you, our mouths will water. Japanese chefs put so much effort, art, and heart into their cuisine. Indeed, we are even dreaming of going to Japan just to have a […]