Taal Volcano: A Small but Terrible Natural Wonder

In our Social Studies, Science, and Philippine History classes during our elementary school years, our teachers usually ask us to enumerate some natural geological wonders of the Philippines. One of the wonders that most often come up is beautiful Taal Volcano in Batangas. For us, seeing a picture of a small volcano in the middle […]

Scuba Diving in Twin Rock and Cathedral, Anilao: An Adventure-Filled Affair with an Alien World

There is a land so alien, mysterious, and dangerous that we barely know anything about it. Yet, this place is very near us; it starts where the green plains end and the azure sea begins. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful, colorful empire beneath the waves, a kingdom of vast coral reefs, biological wonders, […]

Mt. Maculot: Listening to the Whispers of Mother Nature

Mt. Maculot: Listening to the Whispers of Mother Nature

What does a mountain tell you? In this much quieter part of the land, you can hear its soft voice. A mountain may proudly share its treasures. It may weep in agony. It may teach you lessons in life. And it wordlessly tells you its poignant story. For this trip, we decided to listen to […]