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Canyoning in Biliran: Daring to Take the Challenge of the Mighty Sampao River (Part 1)

Canyoning in Biliran: Daring to Take the Challenge of the Mighty Sampao River (Part 1)

Summer is here! We know you’re itching to spend it on something spectacular and exciting. So rather than simply head to the beach or the local pool, why not try to engage in an outrageous, crazy, and memorable extreme adventure that will both heat you up and cool you down? Summer 2016 is the perfect […]

Binalayan Hidden Falls: Three Flows of Magic, Beauty, and Charm

Binalayan Hidden Falls: Three Flows of Magic, Beauty, and Charm

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention,” adventurer-photojournalist Sean O’Connell told Life negative assets manager Walter Mitty after seeing a magnificent but rare snow leopard through his camera. It may be just a quote from the 2013 adventure-comedy-drama movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. But the phrase rings true in real life—and in many destinations. […]

Candayvic Falls: A Promising Canyoneering Site in Samboan

Samboan in South Cebu is known for its beautiful waterfalls. But dig deeper, and you will realize that there’s more to this sleepy municipality than just waterfalls. Think about it: waterfalls are fed by rivers. Those rivers come from deep within the mountains and valleys of the land. Thus, their flow must be directed and […]

Dau Falls: Cooling Off at Samboan’s Highest Waterfall

For most Filipinos, staving off the intense tropical heat means going to the beaches. But what if you want to do something different? What if you are tired of crowded beaches but still want to go some place where you could cool off? Then head off to Samboan, the beautiful waterfall capital of southern Cebu. […]

Calasa Falls: An Unsullied Natural Attraction in Samboan

In many of our trips and adventures, we have set foot on natural attractions that have been exploited by commercialization. Sure they are still amazingly stunning, but there are simply too many marks of human development that just don’t belong there. Thus, it is always a joy and privilege for us to witness pure, undisturbed […]

Aguinid Falls: A Stunning Mystical Natural Wonder in Samboan

Cebu’s lovely waterfalls may not be as immense, tall, or imposing as those in other parts of the country. But that does not mean that they are less mystical. Indeed, our humble island’s waterfalls all feature a plethora of mysterious rock formations, amazing water compositions, and magical surrounding environments. Aguinid Falls in the quiet municipality […]

Tumalog Falls: A Magical Gossamer Curtain in Oslob

One of the best things about our home province of Cebu is that our humble island is jam-packed with so many unique natural wonders. Come to think of it, each municipality has its own set of “specialty” attractions, and many more are still being discovered. Cebu is like a paradise of multiple facets. It’s no […]