Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 101: Rock Climbing Etiquette

You’re probably familiar with the famous Filipino traits of genuine warmth and exemplary hospitality, right? Well, the Cebu rock climbing community also exemplifies those traits. Our humble little group is made up of amazingly cool and friendly bunch of gals and guys who want nothing more than to have fun, laughter, and excitement that are […]

Poog Cliff: Jump-start a Love for Rock Climbing

Too often, we see this scenario: a group of excited and enthusiastic people show up at the crag in Cantabaco to try out the sport of rock climbing for the first time. Usually, guides set up the two classic 5.8 routes—Vulva and Hait—for them to try out. Heaving, huffing, puffing, and screaming, the first-timers make […]

Multi-pitch Climbing in Cantabaco: An Adventure 250 Feet Above the Ground

As a team, Sweetie and I have been rock climbing and mountaineering for almost two years now. Through all those years, we have developed a certain high for heights. We definitely feel exhilarated as we ascend new rock climbing routes, sit quietly on a mountain peak and enjoy the vista below our feet, stand up […]

Lust for Lime IX: Climb, Chill, Party, Beer

As mentioned in a prior article, rock climbing in the Philippines is quite a new, almost unknown sport. There are other factors that inhibit the growth of the sport—the high cost of rock climbing equipment, the insufficient supply of both traditional and sport climbing equipment, the lack of bolted crags, the difficulty of bolting a […]

Rock Climbing 101: Safety Checks, Communication, and Proper Belaying Technique

Sorry for the slight delay, fellas. It has been a busy couple of weeks at work, and it was a little hard to juggle a few tasks. Okay, so you now have your rock climbing equipment, and you’re already set up to climb. Now, it’s actually time to climb. Hold on! Before you go up […]

Spring Park Mountain Resort: A Refreshing Treat After a Day of Rock Climbing

Have you ever experienced a weekend when you had everything perfectly planned? Then out of the blue, here comes a suggestion, an event, or a circumstance that makes that bulb in your head switch on. Then you’d think, Why didn’t I think of that before? Well, that happened to us last Sunday, March 20. Sweetie […]

Rock Climbing 101: Setting Up to Climb

Okay, you now have your new, shiny gear. In fact, you are actually ready to pump it up the crag or the wall. Cool! Now, hold on just a little bit. Do you know how to properly use your brand-new gear? That’s right, let’s prepare your rock climbing gear correctly before you actually scramble up […]