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Surviving Your Backpacking Experience In the Philippines (Or Anywhere Else)

Surviving Your Backpacking Experience In the Philippines (Or Anywhere Else)

Making your backpacking experience safe, pleasant, and enjoyable involves a certain degree of planning and common sense.

Fast and Light Backpacking: A Talk About the Latest Scientific Way to Lighten Up Your Pack

Everyone who has been in the outdoors knows this horrible experience. We want to enjoy our trek, climb, or travel. But our backpacks, filled with everything including the kitchen sink, is wearing us down! Every step is a torture, and our shoulders feel as if they’re going to be wrenched off our bodies. If it’s […]

Bewitching Bucas Grande and Exciting Siargao: A Teaser for a Journey of Cleansing

Stress causes health problems, affects mental fitness, rips families apart, changes attitudes, and even kills. Yet, in today’s modern, high-tech, and so-called civilized world, high levels of stress are prevalent. We take stress for granted and consider it as a normal effect of social changes and even necessary for success. What scares us most is […]

Museo Pambata: Where Learning is Actually Fun

Learning a great deal about the world is not and should not be confined in the four corners of the classroom, the study hall, or the library. Nor is it or should it be confined to textbooks, photos, videos, websites, documentaries, and other media. In fact, most of what we truly learn comes from our […]

Fascinating Surigao: A Teaser of an Awesome 835-Kilometer Journey

When it comes to surfing in the Philippines, only a few places can compare to Siargo and Surigao del Sur where perfect, massive waves barrel down and crash to the shores. However, world-class surfing hotspots are not the only places that the provinces of Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur can offer. Within the […]