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Cebu Highlands Trail Segment 1B: Mt. Samboryo to Lutopan

Cebu Highlands Trail Segment 1B: Mt. Samboryo to Lutopan

There is nothing ordinary. The simplest lifeforms, the most humble homes, the most basic communities—they all have something special. But you need to have an open mind, a keen willingness to learn, a humble heart, and a ready sense of acceptance to experience their unique salience. When hiking the CHT, you need these qualities to […]

Dramatic Entrance: Deep Into the Heart of a Verdant Watershed

The Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL) is one of the most important drainage basins and watersheds in the island of Cebu. It is here where the metropolis gets a large portion of its water supply. Indigenous birds such as the Cebu flowerpecker, streak-breasted bulbul, and black sharma make this watershed their home. Rare plants such […]

Mt. Pulag, Akiki Trail: An Adventure-Filled Valentines Climb (Part 1)

How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? We usually stray away from the usual intimate candlelit dinners or 5-star hotel stays. As avid adventurers, we tend to find more romance and excitement on scenic mountain trails, on treacherous rock walls, under blue waves or in unknown places. Somehow, the beauty of Mother Nature, the feeling of […]