El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Adventure – Tour D: The Souls of Tranquil Shores

El Nido Palawan Island Hopping Tour D

The Philippines is world-renown for its endless array of stunning beaches that can be considered among the best in the world. And when we say endless, we definitely mean it! The combined coastline of our country’s 7,100-plus islands stretches to more than 36,280 miles, making our coastline the 5th longest in the world! Within that coastline are numerous beaches, each with its own life, beauty, and soul. During our El Nido trip, we were given the privilege to see some of the best and the most unique beaches in the country.

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El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Adventure – Tour C: Of Nature’s Secrets and Art

Tour C El Nido Palawan Island Hopping

Mother Nature is an extraordinarily skilled sculptor, an artist that no human can hope to match. She paints skies with dazzling colors and whittles away immense cave systems to form strange cathedrals. Her tools—the wind, sun, rain, river systems—all work in seamless strokes to create masterpieces that enchant even the most unimaginative individual. And we, as Filipinos, are fortunate that we have one of these masterpieces right in our very own country.

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Puerto Princesa, Palawan: A Return to Love, Adventure, Serenity, and Nostalgia

Puerto Princesa Adventure

Love is sweeter the second time around! No, don’t get us wrong. We didn’t fight, break up, and reconciled. Rather, Sheila and I have been in this amazing relationship for two years! Yes, two years of love, inspiration, travel, and adventure, and we’re still going strong. In concordance with our love for each other, we wanted to celebrate our second year together by doing something nostalgic and special.

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Gear Review: Mammut Tusk superDRY 9.8mm x 70m Dry Rope

Mammut Tusk Superdry Dry Rope

When you’re hundreds of feet up a rock, hanging precariously on your fingertips while stepping on an almost non-existent ledge, you would definitely need to put all your trust on two things. One, your belayer whom you put your life literally on his or her hands; and two, your safety equipment, which can prevent a life-threatening fall. And among the most essential climbing equipment you need to ensure that you live to see another morning is your rope.

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Poog Cliff: Jump-start a Love for Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Poog

Too often, we see this scenario: a group of excited and enthusiastic people show up at the crag in Cantabaco to try out the sport of rock climbing for the first time. Usually, guides set up the two classic 5.8 routes—Vulva and Hait—for them to try out. Heaving, huffing, puffing, and screaming, the first-timers make their way up the routes. We usually have this impression that they are very happy with the experience. At last, we often think, we have added a few more members in Cebu’s climbing community.

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