Mt. Kanlaon: Visiting the Mountain God (Part 2)

Mt. Kanlaon

Not so long ago, a mutual friend asked us, “Why do you climb mountains? You risk life and limb, waste money, and subject yourself to exhaustion just to be at the summit for a few minutes.” He has a point. Climbing mountains can be dangerous, considering we are constantly exposed to the merciless elements of Mother Nature; a single, simple mistake can cost us dearly. We sacrifice to save money and spend a lot of cash for gears, transportation, food, and logistics just to climb peaks when we could have saved that money for a car, house, etc. We tire ourselves out, suffer cramps, sweat in the heat, or shiver in the cold to reach the top. We get no money out of our sacrifices.

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Mt. Kanlaon: Visiting the Mountain God (Part 1)

Mt. Kanlaon

Reinhold Messner is a renowned Italian adventurer, mountaineer, and explorer. He is the first person to climb Mt. Everest alone and without supplemental oxygen. He was the first climber in the world to successfully climb all fourteen Eight-Thousanders, mountains that are 8,000 meters above sea level and higher. With his amazing feats, adventurers all over the world consider Mr. Messner to be one of the greatest climbers in history. Yet, the acclaimed mountaineer said, “By climbing mountains, we were not learning how big we were. We are finding out how breakable, how weak, and how full of fear we are.”

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Mulao River: The Dwelling of Nature’s Guardian Spirits

Mulao River

The Philippines is indeed a mystical country. Each hidden corner or secret nook in the Philippines has its own share of mystery and magic. Snippets of the place’s secrets leak out in the form of whispered local folklore. The most common folklores involve spirits and ethereal beings guarding the most beautiful locations in the country. Trespass, deface, or disrespect the place, and you’ll suffer the spirits’ wrath, so the locals warn.

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Sharing Our Way of Attaining Serenity and Joy: DSD with Friends

Discover Scuba Diving with Friends

We simply love the outdoors, from mountaintops that offer picturesque views of the checkered valleys to the depths of the seas that teem with rarely seen marine life. The joy that we feel whenever we are out there actually heals the bruises and wounds of our soul, be it the stress of work, the fear of the unknown, the devastation of a heartache, the pain of a profound loss, or the sorrow of a shattered dream. We have always sought the refuge of Mother Nature whenever we feel the need to refresh and fill our soul with positive energy.

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Love + Adventure = Heart Attack on Magtv NA: Our First TV Appearance

Heart Attack MagTV Na

One fine, cool morning last February 16, 2014, an immaculately white ABS-CBN van pulled over at an empty space right beside the dirt road that led to the pure limestone cliffs of Cantabaco. A handful of curious locals and kids got excited as they saw the van, stamped with the ever-famous ABS-CBN logo, approach the idyllic neighborhood. Yes, they would be seeing a popular movie star!

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