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Rock Climbing 101: Rock Climbing Etiquette

Rock Climbing Etiquette

You’re probably familiar with the famous Filipino traits of genuine warmth and exemplary hospitality, right? Well, the Cebu rock climbing community also exemplifies those traits. Our humble little group is made up of amazingly cool and friendly bunch of gals and guys who want nothing more than to have fun, laughter, and excitement that are matched only by the intensity of the sport.

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Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary: A Refuge for the World’s Migratory Birds

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary

If you take a look at a world map, you will quickly realize the Philippines is in a strategic location. It serves as a waypoint, an entry point, an exit point, and a pit stop to the rest of mainland Asia. It is not difficult to understand then why several countries in the past spilled blood to conquer our country in. Whoever takes control of the Philippines will have a tactical geographical, military, and economic advantage over others.

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Origins: A Travel Journal, Our New Travel Companion from Bo’s Coffee

Bos Coffee Origins A Travel Companion

We travel to experience the spectacular sights, exciting adventures, and unique local cultures that our country has to offer. But more than that, we always strive to make a positive impact in our trips. We promote destinations through our blog and social media networks so we can boost the tourism industry in our humble way. We interact with locals or try out exotic meals so we’ll have a better understanding of their culture. We include contact details of guides in our blog posts to help these hardworking people earn income.

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Papart’s Tuslob Buwa: A Delicious Exotic Meal Meant to be Shared

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

The Philippines is known for having some of the tastiest exotic dishes in the world, each province having its own “specialty.” In Cebu, we have our own proud set of specialty exotic dishes. One of these dishes is tuslob buwa, literally translated to “dipping in froth.” It’s actually a very simple dish; minced pork liver, innards, and brain are sautéed with onions, garlic, and other spices in a wok filled with boiling oil. People then dip pieces of puso (rice wrapped in weaved palm leaves) into the resulting froth, scooping some of the meat and spices, then eat the entire “assembly.”

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Still-water Kayaking in Maribago Bluewaters: Trying out Our Sea Eagle 330

Sea Eagle 330

Ever since our first kayaking experience in Papa Kits and after seeing our guides skillfully maneuver their inflatable kayaks in the fast-flowing Cagayan de Oro River, we knew we had to include this exciting watersport in our retinue of adventure activities. Kayaking is a very versatile sport; you can enjoy the stillness and peace while floating on calm, mirror-like waters. Or you can have the most exciting ride of your life as you paddle hard on rapids and high waves.

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