Poog Crag: A Brand-New Rock Climbing Destination in a Tropical Paradise

Poog Rock Climbing

The popularity of rock climbing in Cebu—and in the Philippines, as a whole—has been slowly but steadily picking up. That is no surprise at all as we are blessed living in a lush, beach-filled, tropical paradise with numerous limestone cliffs that have the potential of becoming world-class climbing areas. In fact, we have one of the best rock climbing areas in the Philippines, which is located in Cantabaco, Toledo. Now, we have a new one, which is just 15 minutes away from that classic crag.

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10 Dove Street: Gourmet Food, Elegant Ambiance, Friendly Prices

10 Dove Street

Many people think that we, just like all travelers and adventurers, are a rugged bunch of folks who are completely happy with camp food or budget meals. While this is true, we are also humans and wouldn’t mind getting a taste of something luxurious and elegant. The new 10 Dove Street in Oakridge Business Park affords us a great experience of haute cuisine without having to worry about our wallet.

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Gear Review: Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag

If you are into outdoor activities, sooner or later, you will have to come across with bodies of water—lots and lots of water! You will encounter waterfalls, seas, rivers, pools, sea spray, mist, and even rain. While they are definitely mesmerizing and welcome (especially during hot summers), they can also wreak havoc on your clothes, gadgets, and other equipment.

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Ramen Sora and Yakitori Binchotan: Sapporo’s Culinary Havens in Cebu

Ramen Sora and Yakitori Binchotan

The best way of experiencing something authentic is to actually travel to a place where that thing originated; you can’t get more genuine than that. But in the real world, that is quite difficult and impractical. For example, Sweetie and I have always wanted to go to Japan, and one of our planned must-do activities (just like in all our trips and adventures) is to try out local cuisine. However, for the moment, the lack of money and time is hampering us from fulfilling that dream.

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Tumalog Falls: A Magical Gossamer Curtain in Oslob

Tumalog Falls

One of the best things about our home province of Cebu is that our humble island is jam-packed with so many unique natural wonders. Come to think of it, each municipality has its own set of “specialty” attractions, and many more are still being discovered. Cebu is like a paradise of multiple facets. It’s no wonder then why so many visitors, local or foreign, fall in love with Cebu.

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