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PADI Open Water Diver Certification: Preparing for Journeys To The World Beneath the Sea

PADI Open Water Diver Certification

The alien world beneath the turquoise waves is indescribably beautiful. It is a world of vibrant coral gardens, lush kelp forests, vast sea grass, deep abysses, and towering mountains. It is also a world of strange creatures; you can see more living organisms under the sea in 10 minutes than on land. In the watery depths are millions of species, many of which remain unidentified.

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Guest Post: The Five Best Places in the Philippines for Retirees

Philippine Retirement Destination
(Photo credits: Aleksandr Zykov / Flickr)

After years of hard work, diligence, and dedication, it is finally time to take a much-deserved rest away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is time to visit and potentially settle in that beautiful paradise that you’ve always dreamed to live in. You will finally have that chance to live somewhere peaceful where the wonders of Mother Nature embrace you.

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El Nido Palawan Island Hopping Adventure – Tour B: The Symphony of Bacuit Bay

El Nido Palawan Tour B Island Hopping

Just like a beautiful song, each of Mother Nature’s wonders contain different chords. And in each chord are notes, carefully and meticulously chosen for their harmonic affinity. Each note has its own timber, pitch, and tone, each contributing to become a mesmerizing harmony that captivates the imagination and touches the soul. The beautiful, mystical islands of Bacuit Bay in El Nido are Mother Nature’s notes in this particular song.

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El Nido, Palawan Island Hopping Adventure – Tour A: Poetry of the Sea

El Nido Palawan Island Hopping Tour A

By now, we all know that Mother Nature has wonders that defy imagination. In many cases, the word “beautiful” does not even cut close to the actual adjective that describes her wonders. The best photos and the most eloquent poems often don’t do justice to the magnificence of such places.

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Scrambling Up the Ragged Taraw Peak: Morning Exercise in Mother Nature’s Gym

Taraw Peak El Nido

“Mag exercise tayo tuwing umaga, tuwing umaga, tuwing umaga” (Let’s exercise in the morning) so goes the popular Filipino novelty song. Indeed, doing exercises in the morning can definitely energize you. That fresh energy helps you get going all through the day. And we all know the awesome benefits of regular exercise: a fit body, perfect metabolism, resistance to ailments, positive disposition in life, and many others.

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