Balicasag Island, Panglao: Extraordinary Marine Diversity Beyond Compare

Balicasag Island

Scuba diving is one of our favorite activities. Yes, the activity allows us to ride boats, explore islands, bask in the tropical sun, escape the heat, and meet wonderful people. But more than that, it allows us to explore a colorful and sometimes dangerous world that is so bizarre that it almost defies imagination. It helps us realize just how tiny we are in this big, beautiful planet of ours.

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Lamian Restaurant: A Never-Ending Culinary Buffet of Sumptuous Meals

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Big adventures require great helpings of delicious food. Sumptuous, nutritious meals truly raise our morale and increase our energy level. That is why we don’t usually settle on canned or preserved food during our trips and adventures. We take a considerable amount of effort in preparing wholesome meals that we can enjoy in the mountains, crags, islands, and seas.

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The Bellevue Resort: Fun Water Sports To Awaken Your Craving for Thrill

Water Sports at The Bellevue Resort

The vast ocean covers 71 percent of the planet’s surface. For explorers, researchers, and scientists, it’s an alien world filled with meteorological, biological, and geological wonders that defy imagination. But for adventurers and thrill seekers, the sea is one infinite playground that offers unlimited opportunities to satisfy their urges for curiosity, speed, excitement, danger, and tranquility.

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The Bellevue Resort: A Luxurious Getaway in Tropical Bohol

The Bellevue Resort

If you have read our blog posts, you will quickly realize that we are low-budget adventurers at heart. We are fine with rudimentary accommodations, simple budget meals and inexpensive public transportation. We have been okay with that for years! But in all honesty, sometimes, we do want to indulge in splendor and luxury. We can only imagine just how wonderful it is to stay in a five-star hotel, taste world-class cuisine, walk in manicured gardens and be treated like VIPs. That would truly be one great experience!

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Kiokong Crag: A Great Rock Climbing Destination in The Land of Promise

Kiokong Crag

The numerous karst formations that we see during our trips are some of the most overlooked natural treasures in the Philippines. Not only do they add beauty and awe to the already amazing landscape, they also form an integral part of the ecosystem in that area. They serve as immovable buffers against strong winds. But for avid rock climbers like us, these beautiful formations are challenging and exciting venues to partake in our beloved sport.

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