Colase Marine Sanctuary: A Colossal and Rich Marine Treasure in Samboan

Colase Marine Sanctuary

Have you seen the National Geographic documentary film Aftermath: Population Zero? The feature gives us an insight of what happens to Earth, including its plant and animal life, if all of humanity suddenly vanishes. Without a single human to destroy and pillage natural resources, the planet truly heals and becomes a bustling biological paradise. We found evidence of that no-human-intrusion healing process in Colase Marine Sanctuary, located within the rustic town of Samboan in southern Cebu.

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Why You Should Go Rock Climbing

Why You Should Go Rock Climbing

It is pretty obvious in this blog that Sweetie and I have a huge love for rock climbing. We look forward to climb both new routes and our favorite ones during weekends after a hard week’s work. We congratulate each other as we feel ourselves get better with every climb. The excitement of ascending routes, the re-connection to Mother Nature, and the opportunity to befriend new people during a weekend of rock climbing are simply too good to pass up.

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J. Viterbo’s Barbecue: A Taste of Cebu’s Humble Barbecue Culture

J Viterbos Barbecue

After every rock climb or an adventure down south, we often stop at the lively J.Viterbo’s Barbecue for a filling dinner before going home. Despite the extremely simple nature of the place, we are not ashamed to say that we are irrevocably, hopelessly addicted to their barbecue just like the hundreds of students, policemen, employees, and other common mortals who live here. To say that their barbecue is the best in Cebu is an understatement.

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Candongao Peak: A Fantasy Realm in the Highlands of Badian

Candongao Peak

Have you ever explored your locality in its entirety? Chances are, you have not. In fact, it is likely that you have missed certain hidden spots in your own place that will totally mesmerize you. That was what we experienced during our first trek of the year. We came across a stunning landscape that could only be described as perfectly fit for an enchanting fairy tale. That fantasy land was in our home island of Cebu.

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Outpax: The Social Network of Active Lifestyle


You read fantastic trips as described by travel bloggers. You love the scenic photos your friends took when they climbed a majestic mountain. You admire the toned bodies of your colleagues who are doing yoga sessions in a tranquil beach. All these stimuli can encourage you to take up a fantastic life of travel and adventure. But how do you kickstart that life? Where can you find people to befriend and events to join in? Well, we have just the solution for you through our exciting partnership with an innovative endeavor called Outpax.

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Mainit Mabugnaw National Park: A Superbly Sculpted Gateway to Carcar’s Underworld

Mainit Mabugnaw National Park

Going inside a cave emanates a feeling of enchantment and wonder. As you go deeper into an underground cathedral, you cannot help but feel that you are entering an unknown, magical world. In Cebu, we have lots of grandiose caves that are just waiting to be discovered. One of these geological treasures is located in Guadalupe just a few kilometers off the historic city of Carcar.

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2015, A Promise Fulfilled; 2016, A Promise Reborn

Happy New Year Welcome 2016

Last year, dear readers, we promised you a great set of adventures. This year, we believe we have kept that promise! We took you to gorgeous places around the country. We got you enthralled by hair-raising adventures that awaken the daredevil in you. And we shared to you life-changing lessons that we learned while enjoying the things we love. Let’s take a look back at a beautifully exciting 2015.

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