Mt. Maculot: Listening to the Whispers of Mother Nature

Mt. Maculot

What does a mountain tell you? In this much quieter part of the land, you can hear its soft voice. A mountain may proudly share its treasures. It may weep in agony. It may teach you lessons in life. And it wordlessly tells you its poignant story. For this trip, we decided to listen to the silent tales of majestic Mt. Maculot, the jewel of the municipality of Cuenca in Batangas, Philippines.

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CrossFit Subtero: Crush and Grind to Top Shape

CrossFit Subtero

Rock climbing, mountaineering, long-distance trekking, trail running, and other outdoor sports and extreme adventures are physically strenuous activities. True, anyone, from children to seniors, has the capability to do these endeavors. However, it would be safer, better, and more fun if people who want to engage in such activities are fit and healthy. Generally, the more fit you are, the better your performance.

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Dramatic Entrance: Deep Into the Heart of a Verdant Watershed

Central Cebu Protected Landscape

The Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL) is one of the most important drainage basins and watersheds in the island of Cebu. It is here where the metropolis gets a large portion of its water supply. Indigenous birds such as the Cebu flowerpecker, streak-breasted bulbul, and black sharma make this watershed their home. Rare plants such as the Cebu cinnamon tree can also be found here. As advocates of environmental preservation, we want to learn and explore more of this local natural treasure.

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Scuba Diving in Chapel, Apo Island: Finding Love, Beauty, and Wonder Under the Waves

Scuba Diving Apo Island

Apo Island is a peaceful, postcard-perfect island paradise. It has a rustic town, uniquely formed sea cliffs, an expansive snorkeling area, white-sand shores, and tree-covered hills. But like many of the amazingly beautiful places weโ€™ve been around the country, its true beauty is hidden. The real gem of Apo Island lies beneath the blue waves, an array of magnificent dive sites whose beauty almost defy imagination. Our anniversary culminated with an excellent dive in one of these dive sites.

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Apo Island: Celebrating Love in a Sea Turtle’s Haven

Apo Island

Sweetie and I are always on a vigilant lookout for more exciting adventures. Instead of having dates in classic romantic settings, we spend our loving moments risking our limbs and lives, feeling the invigorating pump of adrenaline, and shamelessly immersing ourselves in childlike wonder observing Mother Natureโ€™s treasures. For our third-year anniversary, we decided to have an adventure-filled underwater date in the magnificent Apo Island in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

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Kalanggaman Island: A Favorite Island of the Gods

Kalanggaman Island

According to an ancient Filipino legend, when the bathalas (gods) made the world, they took special time in creating the verdant and lovely island nation of the Philippines. The expenditure of extra time was worth it as they saw how beautiful the country is. They were so impressed with their creation that they decided to make 7,107 more of these islands, each with its own geologic, historical, and cultural characteristic. Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte is one of these beautiful paradises.

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Snorkeling in Sumilon Island: Seeing a Stunning World a Few Steps from the Shore

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

The world under the sea is a mysterious, dangerous, and spectacular place. It is vastly unexplored; we know more about outer space than our oceans. But here in Cebu, Philippines, we are fortunate to be blessed with so many places wherein we can explore this alien world with nothing more than a good-quality snorkel and a mask. In fact, snippets of this world can be located just a few meters off the shore! And we found some of these amazingly marine-rich sites in Sumilon Island in Oslob, Cebu.

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