10 Cool Extreme Adventures to Try This Summer

Summer adventures

Summer is fast approaching! It’s going to be beach time once again. But what if you want more than warm beaches, turquoise waters, and powdery sands? What if you want doses of adrenaline rather than a sunburn? Here are 10 recommended extreme adventures that you can try out this summer! Feel the adrenaline rush!

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Surviving Your Backpacking Experience In the Philippines (Or Anywhere Else)

Echo Valley

Making your backpacking experience safe, pleasant, and enjoyable involves a certain degree of planning and common sense. A lot of backpackers go by these rules in order to enjoy any journey.

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Dumaguete City: A City of Many Names

Rizal Bouldevard

Dumaguete City is the capital and most populous city of Negros Oriental, Philippines. Due to its shy and friendly populace, it is often called the “City of Gentle People.” But when we visited there a few weeks ago, we suddenly realized it’s more than that. Dumaguete actually wears a few other well-deserved names!

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A Little Laid Back, Aren’t We?

Team sweetie

Hi readers, followers, friends, and fellow adventurers! Pardon us for publishing fewer blog posts than usual for the past couple of months. Things have been downright crazy at work (hey, we need cold hard cash, too!).

But rest assured we’ll be back to publishing a blog post once a week starting this March 2019. That’s next week! Stay tuned for exciting posts about the Cebu Highlands Trail, a reef cleanup, a hidden waterfall in Cebu, and more!


Manjuyod Sandbar: The Good, The Beautiful, and the Delicious

Manjuyod Sandbar

While other countries have to endure strong blizzards and deadly polar vortices, Filipinos are truly blessed with a country that is awash with warm, tropical weather. And where there’s glorious sunny weather, one can’t help but think of enjoying on the shores of sandy beaches. Now, what if we told you that there’s a place where you can enjoy 7 kilometers of pristine sand, surrounded by turquoise waters, while being served with yummy seafood? Yes, that’s all here at Manjuyod Sandbar—the so-called Maldives of the Philippines—in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental.

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How To Weatherproof Yourself and Your Gear in the Philippines

Team sweetie

As a lush and beautiful tropical country, the Philippines is a lovely paradise where the sun shines brightly all year long. Blue skies are backgrounds for delicate wisps of cirrus clouds. White sand beaches are so pristine they are almost blinding. Turquoise waters hide mysterious and stunning wonders of the deep.

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Cebu Highlands Trail Segment 4b: Bankito, Tuburan to Caurasan, Carmen

Cebu Highlands Trail Segment 4

Walking through the highlands of northern Cebu is a journey of discovery. Cebu is not just about the busy city, the lovely beaches, the stunning attractions, the glitzy lifestyle, the boosted economy, the talented people. Cebu is also about rugged mountains, quiet villages, vast farms, and humble locals. The last part of Segment 4 concluded this journey of discovery.

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