PhotoUp Beach Cleanup: Real Corporate Social Responsibility

Throw Your Garbage Properly

I (and, in a big part, Sweetie) work in PhotoUp, a Michigan-based photo-editing company made up of creative, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking people. That alone makes it one of the best companies we’ve ever worked in. But more than, PhotoUp is serious in making its mark as a globally responsible, socially ethical, and environmentally sustainable industry mover. That is why our company is quite active in implementing its corporate social responsibility programs.

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How To Take Time To Travel and Go Adventuring

Flying over the Sulu Sea

Sweetie and I are full-time employees and busy parents. However, as you have seen in our blog, we allot a considerable time enjoying lots of trips and adventures. Have you ever wondered how we were able to pull it off despite our hectic schedules and heavy responsibilities?

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Adventure-Filled and Romantic Destinations for Your Next Diving Getaway

Sea Turtle in Apo Island

If you are planning your next romantic weekend, incorporate scuba diving into your holiday to help spice it up. Living in a tropical country surrounded by blue seas, we naturally love spending time underwater, discovering a unique and strange world. But with scuba diving, you’re going to explore wonders seldom seen while sharing such excitement with your special someone. That’s why we want to introduce to you these 5 islands, where you’ll find your time is well spent through an underwater adventure, magic and romance.

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Scuba Diving in Mactan: Unraveling Biological Gems of the Reef

Buyong Dive Site

Our blue oceans cover more than 70 percent of our planet. It contains 90 percent of our biosphere, but only 5 percent of the world ocean has been explored. That means, there are infinite geological and biological wonders under the waves that capture the imagination. Scuba diving has allowed us, humans, to witness such wonders in the ocean’s shallow parts.

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10:31 by Chef M: An Experience of Visual and Gastronomic Artistry in Bohol


With great food comes great creativity. We are naturally inclined to lick our lips and let our tummies grumble when we see beautifully presented delicious dishes arrayed before us. During our trip to Jagna, Bohol, we stopped by a quaint bistro called 10:31 by Chef M in a quiet corner of Tagbilaran City. There, we were able to truly immerse and marvel in the impressive genius of local Boholano culinary artists.

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Mt. Manunggal: Trekking Cebu’s Most Historic Mountain

Mt. Manunggal Summit

Mountains have their own immortal tales. While many of these stories fade in the mists of obscurity, some leave identifying marks—everlasting scars in time—in their lofty slopes. The saga may be one of triumph, inspiration, mystery, or tragedy. An example of such story surrounds Mt. Manunggal in Balamban for it has a great significance in Philippine history.

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Mt. Mauyog: Scenes, Sounds, and Stories of Cebu’s Highlands

Mt. Mauyog Summit

The mountains of Cebu are not remarkably tall. In fact, their pinnacles punch through the 1,000-meter mark by a mere few meters. But that doesn’t mean they are less magnificent than other peaks in the country. Our mountains are absolutely fascinating. They radiate their own unique magic, and they have their own beautiful stories to tell. Thus, one overcast weekend, we went out and listened to the tales of rocky Mt. Mauyog in Balamban, Cebu.

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