Fascinating Jagna: A Fresh Heritage and Adventure Destination in Bohol

Cantagay Cliff

There’s something fresh and captivating about Jagna, Bohol. The sweet calamay, the stunning seascape, the lush slopes, the lively festivals, the friendly people—all of these and more create a symphony of richness, beauty, and excitement. This makes Jagna an interesting town that is truly worth visiting.

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Jagna Calamay Festival: Celebrating Culture, History, and Sweetness

Decorated Motorellas

Filipinos celebrate festivities with utmost vigor. We party like there’s no tomorrow. We honor and revel in our culture to the highest level of pride. And once again, our adoration for revelry and respect of culture were joyously celebrated during the 3rd Jagna Calamay Festival.

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Calamay Kalami! The Sweet Heart of Jagna, Bohol


Ah, calamay! Originating from Bohol, this sweet, thick delicacy that literally sticks on the roof of the mouth brings absolute happiness. We love to spread it on our pan de sal. We delight ourselves as we twirl that brown paste around our forks. We top it on our biko or puto for that extra dash of sweetness. It is hard to imagine Filipino cuisine without the venerable calamay. But do you know that making this delicacy is also a true labor of love?

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Scuba Diving in Mactan: Exploring Coral Gardens and a Curious Artifact

Tambuli Plane Wreck

At the center of tropical Visayas is Mactan Island—our home—along with its satellite Olango chain of islands. What makes this cluster so well known around the world? Well, aside from being a national transportation, industrial, and commercial hub, Mactan also hosts many lovely tourist attractions. The vibrant reefs surrounding the island and the Olango Chain are some of the best scuba diving destinations in the country.

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Themed Dinners: A Bit of Filipino Culture in Every Tasty Bite

Bluewater Maribago Barrio Fiesta Buffet

International food connoisseur Andrew Zimmern considers Filipino food as the next big thing in culinary arts. He couldn’t have said it better. Our cuisine, often thrown into the sidelines in the global culinary scene, is undoubtedly one of the most unique ones in the world.  Snippets of our nation’s history and culture can be experienced in every bite.

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Arco Point in Panglao: The Blue Hole in a Living Wall

Arco Point

Occupying an area of less than 95 square kilometers, the small island of Panglao in Bohol is a magnet for travelers and adventurers. Particularly, scuba divers from all around the globe travel to Panglao to explore its diverse dive sites. In fact, marine life in Panglao’s underwater kingdom is so rich that the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project found out that the island alone has more biodiversity than the Mediterranean Sea and Japan combined!

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21 Exciting Things to Do in Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort Swimming Pool

Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort is an excellent place for that weekend sojourn, romantic honeymoon, or long-awaited family reunion. But it offers more than just comfortable rooms, azure pools, and world-class customer service. The resort offers lots of facilities, activities, and attractions to keep guests of all ages busy all day! Indeed, you don’t have to stay all day in your room!

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