Island Hopping Around Nueva Valencia: A Pleasant Adventure for the Starry-Eyed Couple

Island Hopping around Nueva Valencia

Sweetie and I want our love celebrations to have a dash of exciting adventure. You rarely see us having dates in malls, cafes, theaters, or bars. We find secluded and pristine places more romantic, more in tune with our love for each other, and more likely to ignite the fires of our passion. That is why rarely visited destinations such as the rocky islets and green lagoons around Nueva Valencia in Guimaras never fail to charm us.

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Nature’s Eye Resort: A Serene and Romantic Eden Just for the Two of You

Nature's Eye Resort

Be it a joyous Valentine’s day celebration, an exciting honeymoon, a momentous anniversary, or a passionate date night. Ah, love and romance is in the air. Most couples would want to revel in their love dearly during such special event. For us, Sweetie and I, we want our special moments to be celebrated in a quiet, scenic, and private place where it feels that we are only the two people in the world. We found such place in Nature’s Eye Resort in the verdant island province of Guimaras.

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Cebu Highlands Trail: The First Long-Distance Hiking Trail in the Visayas

Cebu Highlands Trail

One of the greatest wishes of any outdoorsman is to walk thousands of miles and witness breathtaking vistas on the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, the Great Continental Divide trail, and other long-distance trails. For many, such an undertaking is the Holy Grail of hikes, the ultimate challenge, the grandest dream, or the best way for self-discovery and healing. Unfortunately, for those who are living on the other side of the world from these beautiful trails, such an endeavor may remain to be a dream.

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Hundred Islands National Park: An Iconic, Idyllic Archipelago in the Lingayen Gulf

Hundred Islands National Park

From our history and geography lessons in school, we learned that the Philippines has more than 7,100 gorgeous islands. But when you look at a map of the country, it would seem that there are only a handful of them, no more than three dozen. Well, it turns out that many of the smaller islands, islets, and outcroppings are grouped into mini-archipelagos, which are ideal for exploration, fun, and adventure. The Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan is the most famous of these idyllic clusters.

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An Unnamed Northern Paradise: A Rare Visit of a Last Frontier

Unnamed Beach in Pagudpud

Some of the best moments we have in our trips and adventures are when we get opportunities to visit stunning places that are hidden from the general public’s eye. These virtually untouched paradises are privy only to a very few people. During these times, we feel as if we were the last humans on earth to lay eyes on these vistas.

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Quiet Pagudpud: A Sleepy, Scenic Northern Resort Town


We love hushed, charming faraway towns. Their rustic charm and the pristine natural vistas around them never fail to reinvigorate our bodies, minds, and souls. The townsfolk’s way of life, practiced for generations and relatively uncontaminated by the complexities of city life, gives us a glimpse of rich tradition and simple grace. Their culture is a proof that simplicity and a relaxed pace of living can bring as much happiness as power and riches. One such place is the quiet coastal resort town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, the northernmost settlement in the island of Luzon.

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Burgos Wind Farm and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation: A Seamless Synergy of Nature and Technology

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

The Industrial and Technological Revolutions that started in the early 1800s paved the way for¬†our modern way of living. Machines, electricity, motorized vehicles, and automated production processes¬†replaced laborious and inefficient human-powered methods. However, to obtain the means to power humanity’s machinery, we exploited and harmed Mother Nature. With these Revolutions, it seems that technology and nature will forever be branded as adversaries. But in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, the opposite is true. Technology and nature are symbiotic to each other.

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