Dive Against Debris: Let Us Clean Our Seas

Dive Against Debris

Are you familiar with the famous photo The Pale Blue Dot? It is a grainy image of the Earth 6 billion miles away, taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. In this photo, our planet, less than a size of a pixel, is suspended on a band of sunbeam. It may not seem much, but this is a very powerful photo.

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How to Be a Green-Minded Traveler and Adventurer

Alexander Supertramp?

Trips and adventures! They’re undeniably fun, exciting, and memorable. But wherever you go or whatever you do, you undeniably leave a mark, a mark that may affect the natural environmental dynamics of a place. Knowing that undergoing trips and adventures can leave an impact, it is therefore important to exercise utmost responsibility to minimize these impacts. Here are a few tips on how to become a green-minded, eco-friendly traveler and adventurer.

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10 Trending Skiing Destinations to Visit in 2019


Like other tropical countries, the Philippines doesn’t have snowy weather. The absence of snow lit up our imagination. What would it be like to walk in cold weather? What would it be like to lie down and make snow angels? What would it be like to throw snowballs at friends? And for the brave, what would it be like to do adventures in the snow?

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A Dozen Waterfalls in the Philippines to Cool You Off this Hot Summer

The realm of fairies

Summer is here! It’s time to don on those bathing suits! It’s time for visiting beautiful beaches, swimming in turquoise seas, and burying your feet in sandbars. But perhaps our picturesque seas are not enough to ward off the summer heat. Perhaps you’re looking for alternatives to crowded beaches and fully booked resorts? Then frolicking under the curtain of our scenic waterfalls may be the solution!

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7 Exciting Watersports People Travel For


There are many different activities that can be enjoyed in or near bodies of water. And that number is growing, thanks to man’s creativity and thirst for speed, excitement, fun, and danger. Water sports can be an individual or a team activity. Nothing could be better than a vacation filled with the thrill of water sports.

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Outdoor Adventures You Can Try Out in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Due to the ease of entry and no-visa requirement, Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations for Filipinos, both for first-time and veteran travelers. And now it’s even better for adventurers! If you are looking for great outdoor adventures, then Hong Kong is the place for you. The city has become a paradise for adventure lovers, and there more to it than shopping centers and neon lights. The place boasts of incredible hiking trails, running routes, and so much more! Book cheap Emirates flights online right away to reach Hong Kong, and enjoy those exciting outdoor adventures.

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10 Cool Extreme Adventures to Try This Summer

Summer adventures

Summer is fast approaching! It’s going to be beach time once again. But what if you want more than warm beaches, turquoise waters, and powdery sands? What if you want doses of adrenaline rather than a sunburn? Here are 10 recommended extreme adventures that you can try out this summer! Feel the adrenaline rush!

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