Gerry’s Grill: Maka Pinoy! A Spectacular Experience in Filipino Cuisine

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

According to renowned food critic and culinary adventurer Andrew Zimmern, Filipino food is the next big thing in global cuisine. And it’s true; during our trips and adventures, we have talked to foreigner travelers who have wondered why Filipino cuisine is so underrated when in fact, every meal is actually a unique and amazing dining experience.

Indeed, we have indigenous, traditional, creative, and exotic dishes that could put us in the world’s culinary map. And you can find some of these great dishes at Gerry’s Grill, a restaurant that has served sumptuous Filipino food since its opening on February 1997. Since then, Gerry’s has been making waves in Philippine cuisine, making it a must-visit food destination.

They have over 64 branches nationwide; and in January 17, 2015, they opened their 65th branch in Lightsite Parc, AS Fortuna in Mandaue City, Cebu. We were honored to be invited there for their soft opening.

The new Gerry’s Grill has a nice, clean, and strategic façade. Display boards show their menus, advertisements, and announcements. Fronting the establishment is the arcade’s shared parking lot so customers won’t have a hard time looking for a place to park their vehicles.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

The dining area features a very cozy, traditional Filipino interior that provides a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Also, rather than the usual table-and-chair setup, Gerry’s used classic, cushioned booths to seat diners. For us, this is a really clever idea; the booths offer diners better privacy and comfort.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Mirrors make the spacious space even bigger. In addition, strategically mounted flat-screen TVs allow diners to watch the latest news, movies, sports events, music videos, and more while waiting for their orders.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Gerry Apolinario, CEO and operator of the chain, originally envisioned Gerry’s Grill to be a place for people to have a drink and unwind after a hard day’s work. However, the inclusion of their grilled pulutan (finger food) inadvertently transformed the place into a restaurant as people started to bring families and friends to enjoy their food selection. Gerry’s Grill then became a family restaurant.

But the original concept was not forgotten. Thus, Gerry’s features a bar that serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Professionally printed posters that promote the restaurant’s specialties are hung strategically on the establishment’s windows. First-time patrons won’t have to waste time navigating through the menu; they simply need to order the items on the posters to have a sample of the restaurant’s classics.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

The second level of Gerry’s Grill serves as an auxiliary dining space in case the main dining area is full. This level can also be reconfigured into a venue for conferences, workshops, parties, and more.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Gerry’s has a robust menu filled with fresh dishes, from classic Filipino favorites to exotic cuisines. And knowing that pulutan is a must in every party, Gerry’s also included tastefully prepared beermates in their menu.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

After most of the invited guests arrived, Gerry’s started to serve us their awesome specialties. One of these is Adobo Puso Rice. That is steamed rice rolled in a banana leaf which is formed into a puso, or inflorescence. That’s a pretty unique presentation, don’t you think?

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

A friendly member of Gerry’s waitstaff sliced the puso open to access the delicious rice inside.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

And there’s the glorious rice, cooked in adobo sauce and sprinkled with pork tidbits. Needless to say, it was definitely yummy and filling.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

For those who want a lighter rice meal, Gerry’s offers this mildly flavored Crab Rice. This is one of our personal favorites.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

No grilled Filipino dinner is ever complete without this all-time favorite, Grilled Squid! But there’s something extra special about their version; they baste it with a secret, specially made adobo sauce that enhances the squid’s flavor.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Here’s another must-try and unique specialty: Tinomok. That’s ground meat wrapped in gabi leaves then drizzled with warm ginataan (coconut milk). It’s amazingly delectable and pleasant on the palate.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

A plate of sizzling, scrumptious Sisig makes an excellent beermate. For those who aren’t familiar with Filipino cuisine, sisig is made of chopped meat from a pig’s face. The meat is then mixed with minced garlic, onions, pepper and other spices.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Feel your arteries constrict even at the wonderful sight of this Crispy Pata! Gerry’s does it best and uses a secret technique that produces extremely crispy skin on top of incredibly juicy meat.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Want to wash down all those heavy and rich dishes down the gullet? Then have some of this filling Pinakbet, an indigenous Filipino dish made of various vegetables (e.g. bitter gourd, carrots, okra, etc.) that are sauteed in shrimp or fish sauce. The entire assembly is then garnished in shrimp and crushed peanuts.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Gerry’s special homemade iced tea makes a perfect non-alcoholic beverage for health buffs. Unlike powdered iced teas, this one is made by steeping real tea bags in hot water. Juice and bits of mango, pineapple, and kalamansi (calamondin) are then added to the drink. The entire concoction is simmered and cooled to perfection. The result is a healthy, refreshing drink that keeps you wanting for more.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Then it was time for dessert. Gerry’s first brought out their creamy Ginataang Halo-halo with ube (purple yam) paste, banana slices, camote (sweet potato) squares, and more.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Gerry’s Fruit Platter is a delightful blend of sliced bananas, mangoes, and apples topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cherry. The entire assembly is then garnished with chocolate sprinkles. This is perfect for those who want a light, healthy dessert.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

But for those who want something extra sinful, then the Toasted Ice Cream will surely make their mouths water. A piece of toasted pastry is rolled up into a cylinder and filled with vanilla ice cream. It is then surrounded by generous servings of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup!

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Invited Cebu bloggers thoroughly enjoyed their meal and had nothing but compliments about the place.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

If you want the best of Filipino dishes, then Gerry’s Grill is the place to be. Make it a part of your Philippine travel itinerary and food adventure.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Thank you very much, Assistant Marketing Manager Chikki Fontanilla, Branch Manager Andi Requintina, and the rest of the Gerry’s Grill staff for the incredible dinner. It was truly a fantastic, gastronomic experience.


1. The 65th branch of Gerry’s Grill is located at the ground level of Litesite Parc, AS Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu. Use the contact details below to get in touch with them and to make reservations:

  • Landline and Fax Number: (32)505-8859
  • Email: asfortuna@gerrysgrill.com
  • Facebook Page: Gerry’s Grill

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 12 midnight.

This Gerry’s Grill branch is also the first to offer food delivery services. Please contact them to have fresh, hot food delivered straight to your door.

2. For more information, you may also check the Gerry’s Grill website.

Gerry’s Circle of Friends Loyalty Program

The restaurant offers diners the Gerry’s Circle of Friends Loyalty program. The card is only P100 and is available at all Gerry’s branches nationwide. Through this program, frequent diners can get freebies, discounts, and reward points.

Gerry’s Grill Bar and Restaurant

Visit their website for more information about Gerry’s COF program.

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35 comments on “Gerry’s Grill: Maka Pinoy! A Spectacular Experience in Filipino Cuisine

  1. I’m so hungry just looking at this!!

  2. Gian & Sheila, all of this beautiful food looks amazing. The crab rice had my taste buds watering upon his presentation. I’m sure you all enjoyed eating out at Gerry’s Grill.

    Take care & happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

  3. The food look super yummy! I love Bicol Express and pancit 🙂 Yes, I think the Philippines cuisine is pretty good! I hope Gerry’s Grill will open its branch in Europe!

    • Hi Indah,

      It really is! We love their “multi-layered” cooking style, which gives their traditional food very unique flavors.

      According to their website, they have branches in the US, Quatar, and Singapore. We wouldn’t be surprised if someday, there will be a Gerry’s in UK. Hehehe!

  4. Great photos! Now I am hungry! 🙂

  5. Ahh heaven! The grilled squid and puso look so yuuummy! Tried Gerry’s Grill only once and I guess I need to revisit na! Hehe

  6. I’ve never tried Adobo Puso Rice! Must try it soon! I actually didn’t know about it until now LOL Thanks for sharing!

  7. Everything looks so delicious! I particularly love grilled squid but my sweet tooth is craving the toasted ice cream more! Was it good?

  8. I ate at Gerry’s Grill once and I liked their buttered scallops (they’re not too buttery) 🙂

  9. All those photos of food is making me hungry right now, lol

  10. ohh food is <3. it's been awhile since i dined at Gerry's Grill….

  11. Their food looks tempting but when we had a very bad experience with Gerry’s Grill at SM, We never considered the resto on our checklist

    • Hello Herbert,

      Well, we’re sorry about your experience with Gerry’s Grill. But if you think about it, failures, errors, lack of judgement, and other downfalls happen even to the best businesses. So your experience may be an isolated one; as far as we know, our experience with Gerry’s has been excellent.

      This is a lesson that we learned in our travels and adventures; bad things may, can, and will happen because we are not living in a perfect world. But that is all part of the experience we call life.

  12. The adobo puso rice and the squid! It’s been a while since I last ate at Gerry’s. I think I need to visit again.

  13. Lami-a bayag kaon aning adrenaline romance. Hungry while reading this. It’s been months since the last time I was there at Gerry’s. Be visiting them again soon. Nice post!

  14. My favorite is their Adobo Puso Rice! Gotta get one tonight. Haha

  15. that squid is a winner.. this is mouthwatering and a really great post.. I need to try that adobo puso soon… hehe 🙂

  16. Gigutom ko da!

  17. My favorite is their Adobo Puso Rice.

  18. Hahaha! Gigutom hinoon ko. It’s 12 midnight pa jud. Hahaha! Lami jud ang Pinoy food oi! Buyag! ^_^

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