Outpax: The Social Network of Active Lifestyle


You read fantastic trips as described by travel bloggers. You love the scenic photos your friends took when they climbed a majestic mountain. You admire the toned bodies of your colleagues who are doing yoga sessions in a tranquil beach. All these stimuli can encourage you to take up a fantastic life of travel and adventure. But how do you kick-start that life? Where can you find people to befriend and events to join in? Well, we have just the solution for you through our exciting partnership with an innovative endeavor called Outpax.

Outpax is an ideal online application for travelers and adventurers. The brainchild of avid outdoorsman Eric Tuñacao, it’s a social network platform that strives to help people live, enjoy, and appreciate an active lifestyle. If you want to find or make friends whose passion revolves around exploration, travel, and adventure, then use Outpax.

Outpax activities
(Photo credit: Outpax)

Outpax is not an outdoor group, a travel or adventure agency, an outdoor gear manufacturer, or an organization of some sort. Far from it. It’s an easy-to-use app that covers all facets of outdoor activities, from simple family picnics to daring skydiving events. Also, it is important to clear out that Outpax does not create adventure packages. Rather, it allows organizers, whether individuals or groups, to use the platform to present the adventures they offer and invite people to experience such activities. In other words, Outpax opens various opportunities to everyone so that they could experience outdoor adventures.

Outpax activities
(Photo credit: Outpax)

According to Mr. Tuñacao, “OutPax is both a digital and physical social network. While being a technology, it values more the real bond of people by encouraging everyone to engage in activities.”

Outpax activities
(Photo credit: Outpax)

He further explains, “OutPax eliminates indifference. While we can easily like photos, put some comments and accept friends, in reality, we don’t even talk. We keep on looking on phones, skip conversations, build walls, and easily burn bridges of friendships. This is the biggest catastrophe of the digital age.

“OutPax protects your life. Inactivity and our modern work environment have become a health hazard. Everybody needs a stress reliever and a heart pumper. OutPax answers man’s most fundamental need – to live.”

Outpax activities

How to Use Outpax

If you look at the sidebar of our blog, you would see a large logo of Outpax. Clicking on it opens a new gateway and endless possibilities of travel, knowledge, and adventure.


Joining an Event

You can use your present Facebook account or enter your email to log in. Upon logging in, you’ll see a whole list of upcoming exciting events, trips, and adventures. Just choose which one fits your preference and schedule.

Outpax platform

Clicking an event leads you to a page that presents the itinerary, budget, and other important details of the activity. You can also check out who or how many are joining the activity. If everything checks out for you, click “Join Here.”

Outpax platform

You will then be taken to an online payment system. It’s easy to use and can be accessed nationwide. In addition, you don’t need a credit card or go to the bank. As a participant, you are secured from financial loss due to the integration of the Pioneer Insurance Travel Buddy Adventure scheme in the system.

Note that there are also events which are free of charge.

Outpax platform

Organizing an Event

If you wish to organize your own trip, event, or adventure, simply click the “Organize An Event” button after logging in. Then fill out the necessary fields. Once you’ve done that, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to publish your event invitation.

Events being published this way are free of charge. They are also low-risk, and everybody, from kids to adults, are encouraged to join. Picnics, cycling trips, runs, and zumba sessions are examples of such events.

Outpax platform

However, for those who want to organize outdoor events that involve a certain degree of risk, accident preparedness, and leadership, then look for the “Click Here” clickable text on the “Organize an Event” page. You need to input your email address and mobile phone to organize skydiving, rock climbing, caving, scuba diving, and other related events.

This application process is needed since Outpax needs to ensure that organizers are capable in handling high-risk events.

Outpax platform

For event photos, announcements, and other information, check out the Outpax Facebook Page. You can also get in touch with them through their FB page.

We now have a tool for you to explore the exciting world outside the walls of your home or office. Join heart-stopping adventures, appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature, and make good friends whose love and passion is the outdoors using Outpax, the innovative outdoor application tool.

Outpax activities

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Eric Tuñacao, founder of Outpax, for making Adrenaline Romance a partner of this unique endeavor. We have kindred spirits, and we will be giving him and Outpax our 100 percent support.

Sir Eric of Outpax

About Gian and Sheila

Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

4 comments on “Outpax: The Social Network of Active Lifestyle

  1. That is a scary way to sit in the rock!

    Thank you for sharing this. I have recently been looking for something similar. I checked out Meetup.com but would like more options.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Jojo,

      Hehe! Indeed, it is.

      You’re welcome. We want to make Adrenaline Romance as useful as we can to outdoorsmen, travelers, and adventurers. Partnering with Outpax, we believe, is the right move.

      Please do join the activities in Outpax.

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