Gear Review: Se7en Outdoor Dry-Fit Shirts


We are at the mercy of Mother Nature’s elements when we go adventuring. With this mindset, we never scrimp on quality when it comes to gear. Our comfort, positive experience, and even our lives depend on our equipment. That includes our apparel, which we consider a very important piece of gear. That’s why we only wear Se7en Outdoor dry-fit shirts.

Se7en Outdoor, which started on January 2010, is a Cebu-based company founded by our close friend Jessie. An avid fellow rock climber, mountaineer, and scuba diver, Jessie truly knows what outdoorspeople need and prefer in terms of apparel. His line of sleek, ultramodern dry-fit shirts are designed specifically for the outdoor lifestyle.

Let’s start with the material itself. Se7en Outdoor dry-fit shirts are made out of high-performance, high-tech microfiber polyester fabric with tiny holes which allow air to permeate through the material. Also, unlike cotton, the fabric does not absorb sweat. Rather, the material wicks or moves the moisture to the surface where it evaporates.

Because of such feature, Se7en clothes are perfect for warm, humid, tropical climates like in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the rest of Southeast Asia.


Outdoor apparel is subject to massive amounts of abuse. Se7en Outdoor shirts are designed to handle such abuse. One, the material itself is resistant to rips. Two, a 4-thread stitching pattern eliminates the threat of tears. Finally, Se7en Outdoor shirts use Coats Gramax, a 100% polyester continuous filament textured thread. The textured filaments provide the thread with a smooth, soft feel that prevents itching and chaffing.


Jessie is planning to expand his line of outdoor apparel such as rashies, hoodies, fleece jackets, jerseys, chalk bags and more. He also designs apparel for marathoners, runners, surfers, and more.


For orders and more information about Se7en Outdoor shirts, get in touch with Jessie by using the following contact details.

  • Cell Phone Number: 0943-035-1888
  • Email: se7en.outdoorlifestyle@yahoo.com
  • Facebook: Se7en Outdoor

If you want quality outdoor apparel—and you should for comfort and safety—then you can never go wrong with Se7en Outdoor dry-fit shirts! Make these sleek shirts a part of your adventures!


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21 comments on “Gear Review: Se7en Outdoor Dry-Fit Shirts

  1. I am always looking for great performance gear. Thanks for the tip.

  2. This is great! I’m always on the look out for good gear so I’ll definitely check these out. Thanks!

  3. I’ve never heard of this outdoors brand before, but it sounds excellent! Plus I trust your word that it’s good for outdoor activities!

  4. I’m not really a fan of energy exerting outdoor activities but I like the quality of the shirts. What more, it doesn’t absorb sweat nor give this wetness feel, it’s such a great deal for me. I hate when I feel wet from sweat. Many people would surely love this brand.

  5. These look like they would be perfect for me. I’ve been trying to get into 5K’s so something like this would be perfect for me.

  6. Nice! Looks like really good quality clothing! Perfect for outdoor pursuits!

  7. For the outdoors, we need clothes to be rugged and withstand the assault of the elements. Of course, this does not mean a compromise on style. I can see that Se7en outdoors have apparel which seems to perfectly balance these two needs.

  8. These shirts look great for trekking and rock climbing. I’d love to place an order as I feel I can even wear them casually not particularly when traveling. Love the colours as well.

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  10. […] Wear comfortable clothes such as tank tops, rash guards, or dry fit shirts (we recommend Se7en Outdoor shirts). Don’t forget to bring your swimwear if you plan to try out the wet […]

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