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Hermit’s Cove: An Utterly Secret, Totally Breathtaking Marine Treasure

There are adventure destinations that are so isolated and so well tucked that getting to such destinations is actually an adventure in itself. These places radiate so much splendor, mystery, and secrecy that they deserve very special trips. That is basically what I had in mind to celebrate my Sweetie’s birthday last September 8, 2013. As a […]

Hidden Beach: White-Sand Treasure of Aloguinsan

One cannot begin to associate celebrating and enjoying Philippine summers without going to—or even thinking of—beaches. Indeed, summer in the Philippines is not complete without frolicking in crystal-clear seawater, playing on the sand, having a picnic of puso and barbecue under the shade of a hut or coconut tree, snorkeling above coral reefs, or even […]

Bojo River Cruise: An Exciting and Informative Eco Adventure

Bojo River Cruise: An Exciting and Informative Eco Adventure

Lofty mountains, verdant forests, limestone cliffs, and dark caves aren’t our only playgrounds. Indeed, Sweetie and I are summit-to-sea adventurers. When we learn about something—a destination, an activity, an event—that will make our adrenaline surge, something that will make us marvel at Mother Nature’s magic, something that will truly humble us, and something that will let us cherish our closeness with one another, we dive for it.