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Mt. Manunggal: Trekking Cebu’s Most Historic Mountain

Mt. Manunggal: Trekking Cebu’s Most Historic Mountain

Mountains have their own immortal tales. While many of these stories fade in the mists of obscurity, some leave identifying marks—everlasting scars in time—in their lofty slopes. The saga may be one of triumph, inspiration, mystery, or tragedy. An example of such story surrounds Mt. Manunggal in Balamban for it has a great significance in […]

Mt. Mauyog: Scenes, Sounds, and Stories of Cebu’s Highlands

Mt. Mauyog: Scenes, Sounds, and Stories of Cebu’s Highlands

The mountains of Cebu are not remarkably tall. In fact, their pinnacles punch through the 1,000-meter mark by a mere few meters. But that doesn’t mean they are less magnificent than other peaks in the country. Our mountains are absolutely fascinating. They radiate their own unique magic, and they have their own beautiful stories to […]

Mt. KM 28: Simplicity and Beauty at Their Finest

Where can you find a nice, challenging weekend climb without draining your wallet? A mountain in Cebu where you can have a stunning 360-degree view of the highlands and the city at the summit? A hike that takes you to different kinds of scenery? A place where you think you’re in New Zealand? Is it […]

Lunatrek 12: Exhilarating Adventures, Strong Camaraderie, and Awesome Fun Under the Moon’s Silvery Fingers

All right, there’s no denying it. You have fallen in love with the awe-aspiring views of lofty mountains, sky islands, and seas of clouds through your adventurous friends’ Facebook, Flicker, and Tumbler accounts. You can feel the adrenaline and excitement as you read through the detailed tales of their adventures, their blogs and Facebook statuses. […]

Mt. Kapayas and Lumanoy Cave: An Adventure Up North

Never underestimate a mountain—any mountain. It doesn’t matter if the mountain is less than 1000 MASL, conveniently surrounded by human habitation, or frequently visited. It demands respect, reverence, and care. An example of such a mountain is Mt. Kapayas, located in Sitio Kampanya, Barangay Kabangkaya in the bowels of Catmon, Northern Cebu. At 783 MASL […]

Busay Lut-od Waterfalls and Mt. Babag: Secretive, Mighty, Unforgiving

If you approach Cebu by boat, if you cross the first Mactan-Mandaue Bridge, or if you stand on the Mactan island coastline facing mainland Cebu, you will probably notice a long mountain range that seems to protect the cityscape before it. This mountain range, which is around 25 kilometers long, is called Babag Range. And […]

Kabang Falls and Mt. Kan-Irag: All in One Adventure

The best thing about the island of Cebu is that it has everything. It has a bustling metropolis, remarkable cultural and historical sites, rich natural resources, and untouched natural wonders, and all these are definitely within easy reach.