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Enchanted River: The Magical Realm of the Ethereal Diwata

Diwata, sometimes called enkanto or dili ingon nato—the mystical and magical fairies of the Philippines—usually stay out of sight from humankind’s prying eyes. However, fortunate mortals who come to these realms may attract the attention and earn the admiration, love, and respect of these nature spirits. Sometimes, haughty humans may antagonize the spirits who will […]

Tinuy-An Falls: Discovering the Majesty and Wonder of Bislig’s Pride

Once upon a time, now a tale that has faded into nothing in the pages of the oldest tomes in the country, in a land known as Surigao del Sur, there was a peaceful tribe called Magdiwata. Whether they were ethereal fairies or mere mortals, no one knows for their story has become one with […]

Enigmata Eco-Lodge: Nature, Art, Music, Culture, and Social Responsibility

Rather than indulging in typical, high-impact mass-tourism activities such as going to manicured beach resorts, buying expensive souvenirs, eating in 5-star restaurants, or staying in posh hotels, eco-tourists head out to pristine, delicate, and undisturbed natural areas. An eco-tourist does not simply aim to see the sights but also educate himself, observe the wonders and […]

Bojo River Cruise: An Exciting and Informative Eco Adventure

Bojo River Cruise: An Exciting and Informative Eco Adventure

Lofty mountains, verdant forests, limestone cliffs, and dark caves aren’t our only playgrounds. Indeed, Sweetie and I are summit-to-sea adventurers. When we learn about something—a destination, an activity, an event—that will make our adrenaline surge, something that will make us marvel at Mother Nature’s magic, something that will truly humble us, and something that will let us cherish our closeness with one another, we dive for it.