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Experience Antique: Cultural Immersion at the Scenic Antique Rice Terraces

Traveling is not just about visiting destinations. If you want a truly meaningful, eye-opening trip, you have to delve down and listen to the stories of the locals. You have to appreciate and be proud of their home, history, and culture as much as they are.

Experience Antique: Wet and Wild Whitewater Kayaking in Tibiao River

Experience Antique: Wet and Wild Whitewater Kayaking in Tibiao River

It’s rainy season here in the Philippines. It’s high time to stay indoors, watch TV, and sleep the day away, right? Wrong! For us and many other adventurers, staying put is a no-no. That moment when the skies become dark, nimbus clouds roll in, and the heavens weep in misery is actually a gate to try out a new adventure! Heavy rains bring quiet rivers to life, creating fast highways that become playgrounds for rabid adrenaline junkies. In fact, during this rainy season, we had a dream adventure come true—whitewater kayaking in the roiling, angry waters of the Tibiao River.

Experience Antique: Mararison Island – Where Green Hills and Magnificent Beaches Meet

Our country, the Philippines, is a picture-perfect tropical archipelago comprising more than 7,000 islands. But these islands are far from similar to each other. In fact, each one of them has its signature beauty, geological lay, and characteristics. Some are made of towering karst formations, some are simply sandbars peeking out of the sea’s surface, and other are jagged […]

Experience Antique: Igpasungaw Falls in Sebaste – A Grand Staircase into the Wild

We are inexorably fascinated with our country’s waterfalls. These stunning works of Mother Nature speak volumes of beauty, allure, and power. They are venues for heart-stopping adventures, sanctuaries for serenity, and sources for a land’s commerce and survival. Thus, when we knew that one of our destinations during our Experience Antique familiarization tour is the […]

Experience Antique: Bugang River in Pandan – Riding the Cleanest River in the Country

A hushed, laid-back place where you can relax in peace and feel the stress melt away. A primal venue where you can enjoy a wild adventure that keeps your heart pumping. Two contrasting ideas. Two different mindsets. Is it even possible to blend these two completely different concepts into one great experience? Absolutely yes and more! […]

Experience Antique: The Stunning Natural and Cultural Wonders of Libertad

Kruhay from Antique! Raw, primal, scenic, fascinating—these are just some of the adjectives that we can use to describe this amazing province in Western Visayas, Philippines. In her bosom, Antique proudly holds a lot of natural, historical, cultural, and culinary attractions that are off the charts in grandeur. But despite its magnificence, Antique is a mere blip […]