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Kiokong Crag: A Great Rock Climbing Destination in The Land of Promise

The numerous karst formations that we see during our trips are some of the most overlooked natural treasures in the Philippines. Not only do they add beauty and awe to the already amazing landscape, they also form an integral part of the ecosystem in that area. They serve as immovable buffers against strong winds. But for avid rock climbers like us, these beautiful formations are challenging and exciting venues to partake in our beloved sport.

Poog Crag: A Brand-New Rock Climbing Destination in a Tropical Paradise

The popularity of rock climbing in Cebu—and in the Philippines, as a whole—has been slowly but steadily picking up. That is no surprise at all as we are blessed living in a lush, beach-filled, tropical paradise with numerous limestone cliffs that have the potential of becoming world-class climbing areas. In fact, we have one of […]

Rock Climbing 101: Rock Climbing Etiquette

You’re probably familiar with the famous Filipino traits of genuine warmth and exemplary hospitality, right? Well, the Cebu rock climbing community also exemplifies those traits. Our humble little group is made up of amazingly cool and friendly bunch of gals and guys who want nothing more than to have fun, laughter, and excitement that are […]

Multi-pitch Climbing in Cantabaco: An Adventure 250 Feet Above the Ground

As a team, Sweetie and I have been rock climbing and mountaineering for almost two years now. Through all those years, we have developed a certain high for heights. We definitely feel exhilarated as we ascend new rock climbing routes, sit quietly on a mountain peak and enjoy the vista below our feet, stand up […]

Lust for Lime IX: Climb, Chill, Party, Beer

As mentioned in a prior article, rock climbing in the Philippines is quite a new, almost unknown sport. There are other factors that inhibit the growth of the sport—the high cost of rock climbing equipment, the insufficient supply of both traditional and sport climbing equipment, the lack of bolted crags, the difficulty of bolting a […]

Rock Climbing 101: Safety Checks, Communication, and Proper Belaying Technique

Rock Climbing 101: Safety Checks, Communication, and Proper Belaying Technique

So you now have your rock climbing equipment, and you’re already set up to climb. Now, it’s actually time to climb. Hold on! Before you go up scaling the wall, there’s a major, important process that should be completed, and that’s completely checking for safety. Safety checks in rock climbing are very important and are not meant to be done in short cut. Remember that you are high up on a massive crag, perhaps a hundred feet high. The human body can sustain serious injuries when it falls just around 10 feet high. Now, imagine if you fall 60, 70, 80, or 100 feet high!

Rock Climbing 101: Setting Up to Climb

Rock Climbing 101: Setting Up to Climb

Okay, you now have your new, shiny gear. In fact, you are actually ready to pump it up the crag or the wall. Cool! Now, hold on just a little bit. Do you know how to properly use your brand-new gear? That’s right, let’s prepare your rock climbing gear correctly before you actually scramble up the route.