Exciting Extreme Adventures as Proven and Tested by Pinoy Travel Bloggers

Rafting in Cagayan

Traveling around the Philippines and seeing tourist spots, heritage cities, and other attractions are exciting. But sometimes, visiting our country’s stunning destinations may not be enough. Sometimes, you want a taste of pure excitement. You feel that need of an injection of adrenaline. Well, let these daredevil Pinoy Travel Bloggers recommend to you some amazing adventures that you can try out in our country.

Skydiving in Zambales

Skydiving in Zambales

Travel couple Katherine and Hali of Tara Let’s Anywhere recommendΒ skydiving in Zambales. “Skydiving is the ultimate adventure to conquer your fears,” they explained. “You’ll be given the option to jump solo or do a tandem jump, in which case an instructor jumps with you. I did it solo, and it was exhilarating. I recommend it to people as a once-in-a-lifetime experience and way for themselves to say, ‘I did it!'”

Visiting Calayan Island

Calayan Island

Karla of Karla Around The World proves that a boat ride in open water can be an adventure of a lifetime. “My trip to Calayan still remains to be my biggest Philippine adventure,” she recalls. “Even getting there is a journey in itself. Never did I think that I would sit for 6 to 7 hours in a small boat with waves constantly splashing on me. I love adventures, but at one point, I asked myself, ‘Is this really worth it? Why am I here?’ Thankfully enough, I got there and I understood. I wasn’t regretting I did that trip at all.”

Canyoning in Biliran

Canyoning in Biliran

Canyoning in Biliran definitely pumped up Kara’s stores of adrenaline. The author of the award-winning travel blog Travel Up considers the activity as one of the most extreme and fun adventures in the Philippines. “This action-packed adventure first involves a 2-hour hike through nature trails and virgin forests. You get to slide down waterfalls, scramble through rocky riverbeds, dive from dizzying heights into basins below, and rappel down waterfalls using special equipment. It’s humbling, relaxing, and exciting at the same time. I would recommend this adventure to adrenaline-junkies looking for something new to do in the country.”

ATV Adventure in Legazpi, Albay

Mayon ATV Ride

“The Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure was one of the most exciting things that we did in the Philippines,” Angie of Travel Moments says with glee in her eyes. “We drove down the green lava trail, admired the beauty of the Legazpi farmlands and majestic Mt. Mayon, and smiled at happy village children who waved at us as we passed by. We will never forget our return to base with the thunderous downpour providing an epic, natural soundtrack. We definitely recommend this to everyone!”

Canyoning in Alegria and Badian, Cebu

Canyoning in Cebu

Jumping off the canyons of Alegria and Badian was Jerny’s epitome of excitement. Penning his adventures in his blog The Jerny-Travel and Inspirations, he agrees that canyoning in Cebu “will make you scream your hearts out as you jump 10 to 50 feet to the river’s surface. My adrenaline is pumped out, and I have all the energy to jump ten times in all areas! This will make your fear of heights gone with the wind. Recommended for people who love doing cliff jumps or even for those who needed to lose their fear of heights.”

Spelunking in Bonbon, Cebu

Bonbon Cave Spelungking

CJ, popularly known as the Four-Eyed Laagan, explores the dark and mysterious caves of Bonbon, Cebu. “Cebu City’s own undeveloped connection gives you the thrills and chills of a spelunking adventure. Swim, trek through mud, navigate through dark passages, scramble up rocks, and wonder at spectacular rock formations. Explore the raw beauty and appreciate what’s inside the scary passages of the caves. An untrained local acted as our guide, but it is definitely worth the risk. It was an achievement that we could be proud of.”

Swimming with Turtles in Apo Island

Apo Island Grean Sea Turtle

Swimming with gentle sea turtles in Apo Island was an amazing and eye-opening adventure for Ferna of Everywhere with Ferna. “Spotting a turtle was so easy as they are visible even at a 3-meter distance from the shore. Apo Island has an abundance of beauty under its waves, from sea turtles to different kinds of corals to massive types of sea creatures. There are various diving spots and it is one of the best diving places in the Philippines. The happiness I felt watching those massive sea turtles was the best feeling in life. I felt the importance of our responsibility towards the ocean.”

Zip Biking in Bohol

Zip Bike in Bohol

Darlene of Point and Shoot + Wanderlust rides a bike on a thin cable high above the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. “You have to experience biking in the air with a 360-degree view of Chocolate Hills. Doing the bike zip was exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time. Although I was safely harnessed, it didn’t lessen my fear of being so high while pedaling the wobbly bike to the other side and back. If you’re a fan of ziplines and extreme adventures, bike zip is one activity that you need to try.”

Paragliding in Carmona, Cavite

Paragliding in Carmona

Riding air currents with the ground far below you is every adventurer’s dream. For Arianne, author of Travel Habeat, that dream came true in Carmona, Cavite. “Tandem paragliding in Carmona, Cavite is an adventure sport where you soar through the air, together with a pilot, using a special type of parachute. Taking off freaked me out the most. But before I knew it; our jump from the cliff was over, and we were already flying. It was certainly fun and not as scary as I imagined it to be. When I was up there, everything seemed like a dream.” Arianne hopes that people will try it to see things in an entirely different perspective.

Diving in Samal Island and Climbing Up Mt. Talomo

Diving in Samal island

From below the blue waves of Samal Island to the top of verdant Mt. Talomo, Alieth of Gecko Adventures shares her sea-to-summit adventure. “There are not many resources about scuba diving in Mindanao, but we decided to pick Samal Island. What a choice that was! We found green hairy shrimps, colorful fish, and strange cute critters living in the island’s vibrant reefs and sandy slopes. We still wanted more excitement, so we proceeded to climb the 2,674-meter Mt. Talomo for 2 days. It’s a sea-to-summit adventure each outdoors person must try.”

Rappeling in Mariveles, Bataan

Rappeling in Mariviles, Bataan

Heights give Aleah of Solitary Wanderer a dose of excitement. “One of the most blood-pumping extreme activity I’ve done is rappelling in Bataan. It’s a 110-meter rappel down the rock face of Mt. San Miguel in Barangay Sisiman in Mariveles. What made it more exciting was that it was my first time to rappel, too! The most challenging aspect was actually taking the first step down. Once you know how it feels, it will be easy going the rest of the way. Very much highly recommended to adventure lovers.”

Cliff Diving in Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach

“If there are three words to describe cliff-diving in Salagdoong Beach Resort in Siquijor, it will be nerve-wracking, knee-shaking and super fun!” water baby Paula of The Mermaid Travels excitedly explains. “Though this is quite challenging for the faint of heart and those afraid of heights, I highly recommend this for those visiting this mystical province for the first time. Not only you get to tick off this exhilarating activity off your bucket list, you will also be rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding waters on a sunny day.”

Rock Climbing in Atimonan, Quezon

Rock Climbing in Atimonan

Claire of Traveling Light shares our passion for scrambling up tall cliffs and considers rock climbing in Atimonan, Quezon as her ultimate adventure. “For travelers with the heart of an adventurer, I highly recommend rock climbing, even once!” she recommends. “There is nothing quite like the thrill and accomplishment of facing and scaling a vertical rock face and reaching the top. It’s not just about the wonderful views. It’s also about taking one handhold and foothold at a time and gradually making your way to the top, all while learning a lesson of utter trust. Your belayer indeed has your life in their hands. Rock climbing is indeed an experience like no other.”

Trekking up Kandugaw Peak, Badian

Kandungaw Peak

Lai of The Little Lai loves trekking up the scenic mountains of Cebu. His Kandungaw Peak adventure, however, was one of his most thrilling moments. “I was dragging myself to meet the edge of the cliff. I stayed there for almost 2 minutes, not wanting to look down into the green abyss. I truly felt like I’m giving way to fall. My knees were still shaking as we descended, but I was smiling and so elated that I had conquered my fear of heights. This adventure is good for those who are brave enough to conquer their fear of heights.”

Climbing Mt. Talinis, Negros

Lake Nailig in Mt. Talinis

Poet, blogger, and photographer Jona of Backpacking With a Book not only considers a climb up the lofty Mt. Talinis in Negros an amazing adventure. Meeting locals and learning lessons from people you meet are equally exciting. “My trek to Mt. Talinis became a setting in knowing a beautiful soul and mother. Treks are like that, I think. You thought, it would be all about the mountain, the adventure. But more often than not, the trek becomes most memorable because of the people you’re treading the trail with.”

As you can see, the Philippines is not just a country full of historical and cultural wonders. It is also an adventure zone for those who want exciting, heart-pounding activities that would truly make them feel alive. Indeed, extreme adventures are more fun in the Philippines!

This is our first opportunity to host a Pinoy Travel Blog Carnival. All photos are owned by the respective bloggers. Read, enjoy, share, and follow these amazing, adventurous, and friendly travel bloggers.




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35 comments on “Exciting Extreme Adventures as Proven and Tested by Pinoy Travel Bloggers

  1. I’d definitely put Sky Diving on the top of my most daring and extreme adventure list. The thought of jumping and falling in the open air drags my soul away from my body. I can remember the time I tried it out. I swear I could have passed out mid-air but the feeling of fulfillment afterward is like a trophy for your achievement. Next would be bungee jumping and or rock climbing. Putting your trust over a rope seems so daring and at the same time exciting. I haven’t experienced bungee jumping or rock climbing anyway, so I gotta find out soon. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi John,

      Nice! We have yet to try skydiving; it’s quite expensive, and we need to save big time. But we will definitely try that when we have the opportunity.

      Bungee jumping is also one of the things that we want to try.

      Rock climbing, well, it’s one of our favorite weekend activities. The level of excitement, adrenaline, problem-solving, physical and mental challenge, etc. is beyond compare. We will plan out a schedule so you, Lai, and Ferna can try out rock climbing. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome! Thanks for putting all these together! πŸ™‚

  3. Scream, this is truly an amazing list of extreme and interesting adventures in the Philippines. I love how you have tucked them all together in this blog post. It’s very interesting how our country has all these adrenaline rush outdoor activities. I have experienced some of them and hopefully, I can try paragliding, skydiving and water rafting since these three have been on my bucket list for quite long already.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Sir Gian. And thank you for including my entry as well.

  4. Hi, that photo of water rafting, sa CDO ba yan? I love to water rafting but parang nakakatakot kase…

  5. Wow so many exciting and heart-pumping activities included here! I should have submitted the canyon swing (the Plunge) in Bohol also. That was a lot of fun!

  6. First time I know there is a zip biking! Oh my!!

  7. These are the types of things that is OK to be addicted to. I’ve tried a few like canyoning in Badian. Did some minor hike and spelunking for the first time and the experiences were so much fun. It had pushed me to go for more. Maybe something like paragliding and skydiving, eventually. πŸ™‚

  8. I think that the next one that I’m going to try in canyoning. I am not very friendly with water but a bit of climbing, rappelling, and swimming is a much better combination that paragliding or diving. I hope to come back with good news about Jordan canyoning soon.

  9. just reading and seeing the pics of your adventures gives me goosebumps.. looking at the sky dive pic gives us motivation to finish this task in our bucket list πŸ™‚
    I would really love to do the canyoning the pic is superb, should be an amazing experience.

  10. wow so much fun!!! I’d love to do most of this stuff – i think am too old to jump out of a plane though – i’d just be too scared. – but wow the canyoning looks amazing and all the rock climbing stuff, and diving of course! This is heaven πŸ˜€

    • Hi Julz,

      Skydiving is an adventure that is in our bucket list. But we’ll have to save a whole lot of money for it because it’s very expensive. The cost of one jump is almost equal to an entire month’s salary of ours! LOL! πŸ˜€

  11. Your adventures are awesome and the pictures are beautiful. This was beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow what incredible adventures! I went to the Philippines a couple years ago but didn’t do any of this stuff, so will definitely be trying it next year when I go back. Thanks for the share!

  13. I love all the adventures. Few sounds scary but I’d love to try swimming with a tortoise. That really got me, never done but the hope of doing it thrills me to the bones. The view at Kandugaw peak is so lovely. The Phillipines should be regadard as home of adventures.

    • Hi Lydia,

      Scuba diving with sea turtles in Apo Island is a must. It’s a totally mesmerizing adventure. The turtles are very graceful. πŸ™‚

      Kandungaw Peak is also one of the most scenic mountains here in Cebu.

  14. Some of these are definitely a little too adventurous for me! I would LOVE to swim with the sea turtles though, that sounds like an incredible experience.

  15. I had literally never heard of any of these places before reading this post-good job getting off the beaten path!

  16. I loved my trip to the Philippines but didn’t do anything from this list. These adventures look like real adrenaline boosters. Thanks for sharing.

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