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Dramatic Entrance: Deep Into the Heart of a Verdant Watershed

The Central Cebu Protected Landscape (CCPL) is one of the most important drainage basins and watersheds in the island of Cebu. It is here where the metropolis gets a large portion of its water supply. Indigenous birds such as the Cebu flowerpecker, streak-breasted bulbul, and black sharma make this watershed their home. Rare plants such […]

Lunatrek 12: Exhilarating Adventures, Strong Camaraderie, and Awesome Fun Under the Moon’s Silvery Fingers

All right, there’s no denying it. You have fallen in love with the awe-aspiring views of lofty mountains, sky islands, and seas of clouds through your adventurous friends’ Facebook, Flicker, and Tumbler accounts. You can feel the adrenaline and excitement as you read through the detailed tales of their adventures, their blogs and Facebook statuses. […]

Buhisan Watershed: An Adventure to Witness Cebu’s Rich Yet Fragile Biodiversity

You may not believe this, but you’re in for a wonderful surprise if you’re a proud Cebuano adventurer, outdoorsman, mountaineer, bushcrafter, or eco-warrior! Despite massive deforestation, Cebu has its own natural park or protected area! Yes, that’s right. A natural park or protected area is a location that receives legal protection due to its recognized […]