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Sambawan Island: A Unique and Picturesque Gem in Biliran

Sambawan Island: A Unique and Picturesque Gem in Biliran

The Philippines has more than 7,100 magnificent islands, each one with its own set of particular features and characteristics worth discovering. The uniqueness of each island, islet, outcropping, or sandbar is one of the things that makes our country so appealing to locals and foreigners alike. We had a chance to visit Sambawan Island, one […]

Magpupungko Tide Pools: A Rocky Shore’s Stunning Revelation

In the realm of adventuring, you sometimes need the help of Sister Luck so that you can witness Mother Nature’s amazing spectacles. Think about it: mountaineers only have a limited window to reach the summit and witness the incredible vista around them. Rock climbers ascend crags only in good weather to ensure the climb is […]

Island Hopping in Siargao: Visiting Lovely, Sandy, and Secluded Islands in the Pacific

We all know that Siargao is the primary surfer’s destination in the Philippines. But to say that it is only for surfing is like saying basketball is a game played with a ball. Indeed, Siargao is not just about surfing. There are lovely pockets of paradise that are within reach from the coast—paradises such as […]

Alluring Sohoton Bay and Dagatan: A Quiet Sojourn in Emerald Waters

We are truly blessed with a beautiful country that is filled with so many natural wonders—so numerous indeed that it is virtually impossible to visit them in a lifetime. In fact, for the moment, Sweetie and I have not made any concrete plan to travel outside the country unless a good opportunity presents itself. There […]

Bewitching Bucas Grande and Exciting Siargao: A Teaser for a Journey of Cleansing

Stress causes health problems, affects mental fitness, rips families apart, changes attitudes, and even kills. Yet, in today’s modern, high-tech, and so-called civilized world, high levels of stress are prevalent. We take stress for granted and consider it as a normal effect of social changes and even necessary for success. What scares us most is […]

Nagsasa Cove: Nature’s Cradle of Healing and Rebirth

Rebirth is part of Mother Nature’s cycle. But often, this aspect of the cycle can be so subtle that it evades human perception. Indeed, Mother Nature’s rebirth can take years, decades, or even centuries to become evident. Often, it is necessary to travel far and wide to see how she heals herself after being ravaged […]

Capones Island and Anawangin Cove: Jewels of Zambales

Mother Nature has an eternal cycle of destruction and creation. A supermassive star, for example, explodes as a supernova. Its shock wave instigating the gas in a nearby nebula to start the cosmic activity that results to the birth of a new star. A forest consumed by wildfire during the hot summer months starts to […]