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Polly’s Fun Day Out

Polly’s Fun Day Out

Our beloved Polly left paw prints in our hearts. This is a love-filled tribute to our sweet, loving, and funny furball whom we will sorely miss.

Nature’s Eye Resort: A Serene and Romantic Eden Just for the Two of You

Be it a joyous Valentine’s day celebration, an exciting honeymoon, a momentous anniversary, or a passionate date night. Ah, love and romance is in the air. Most couples would want to revel in their love dearly during such special event. For us, Sweetie and I, we want our special moments to be celebrated in a […]

Have an Adventure-Filled Yuletide Season

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear readers, travelers, adventurers, and friends! We hope you had a glorious 2015. May your 2016 be filled with gentle love, exciting trails, and amazing adventures!

Ten Reasons Why We Can’t Have Great Adventures Without Each Other

“Sweetie, I won’t be able to go rock climbing with you this weekend,” Sheila somberly tells me. “I’ll be working a bit late in the office.” “I’ll just wait for you at home, prepare a meal for you, and give you a nice massage,” I reply. “Really, Sweetie, you can go. I’ll be fine. Don’t […]