Polly’s Fun Day Out


Polly is our furball. My father bought her as a birthday gift to his partner last 2006, but the Toy Poodle puppy seemed to love me more. Eventually, Polly became mine, and we have been inseparable ever since. She has been through the ups and downs, tears and laughter, and triumphs and failures in my life—and later, our family’s. She knows all our secrets.

Loyal dogs truly have this wonderful instinct of filling up the black voids in our lives that we didn’t know we have.

Polly and Sweetie

Polly chases cats, terrorizes water delivery boys, growls at younger dogs, and romps around on the grass. She loves exploring secret nooks, jumps when we touch her butt, brings her food from the bowl to the living room (thus creating a mess), crawls under our computer table (entangling herself in wires), likes us to sniff her (yes, she trained us to sniff her), etc. She has this silly grin that never fails to bring a smile in us even in the dreariest days.

Polly yawning

Mischievous and full of energy as she was, Polly is sweetness doggiefied. She often likes to curl up and snuggle beside Sweetie or Alexa when we sleep. When we’re working, she would quietly lie down beside our feet or an empty space at the bottom of our bookshelf. She would fall fast asleep when we rub her belly, touch her ears, comb her messy hair, or pluck out wayward ticks under her little paws.

Alexa and Polly

The only fault a dog has is that they do not live as long as their owners. At 12 and a half years old, Polly was already at the twilight of her life. Sadly, that purple sunset came a few weeks ago. The energetic and mischievous furball suddenly fell seriously ill. She got extremely weak, lost her interest in eating and drinking, lost a lot of weight, kept throwing up, and had difficulty of peeing and pooing. Then one day, her skin turned a sickly yellow, and her breath started smelling of urine.

It turned out that Polly was suffering from Stage 2 renal failure, a critical condition wherein the kidneys stop working. Her liver was also affected. Without the kidneys and liver to filter out harmful substances, she was slowly being poisoned by her own toxins. Unlike infections which can be cured by antibiotics, multiple organ failure is irreversible.

Polly is a huge part of our family, so you can imagine just how devastated we were, especially after seeing her becoming frailer every day.

Sick Polly :(

But we know Polly doesn’t want her family to grieve. Every day of her life, she was always on the lookout for fun. Her last few days should not hinder her from doing what she loves. We decided to honor her by taking Polly out to a fun-filled adventure in a beautiful local beach in our sunny island.

Before doing so, she decided to gatecrash a children’s birthday party.

Gatecrashing a party

Then we took her to the front of our subdivision where she usually loves to play hide-and-seek in the bushes. Her sickness didn’t stop her from having fun even though her sight was fading and she can barely walk. This is what living life to the fullest is all about.

Playing hide and seek

Polly absolutely loves rides. So you can imagine her excitement when we rode a taxi all the way to Vaño Beach. We rarely ride taxis, but this was an exception.

A cool taxi ride

A quiet, happy, and sunny afternoon! What a perfect day for a stroll down these sandy shores. And personally, this was quite nostalgic visiting this beach, one of the few remaining public beaches in Lapu Lapu City.

Why? Well, since I was a child, Vaño Beach has been a popular Sunday destination among locals. Before malls, cafes, and other modern establishments sprouted in the city, people head off to public beaches like these to have fun and cool off.

Except for the modernized cottages and the floating buoys, not much has changed. The sandy beach, the turquoise waters, the laughter of beachgoers, and the smell of grilled fish are all trapped in time.

Vano beach

Dogs don’t need anything expensive, complicated, or fancy to be happy. A day at the beach with the people they love, a nice and healthy meal, a long belly rub, an afternoon of running around the grass—that’s happiness for them. Dogs teach us that it’s the simple things that matter most.

Alexa and Polly

Polly’s first outdoor adventure when she was a puppy barely larger than my hand was a relaxing afternoon at the beach. The memory of that afternoon was surely etched in her mind because we could actually see her strength coming back as she stepped on the sand.

Her old age and her sickness caught up with her; her small legs were too weak to do anything than a slow, staggered walk. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from stepping into the water. Just look at how happy she was! As Jonathan Swift once quipped, “Every dog must have his/her day.”

Enjoying the sea

Throughout her life, Polly took great care of us. She gave us her heart, guarded our home, and lit our spirits. Now, it was our turn to render that extra love and care for her. Because she’s no longer able to eat or drink from a bowl, we had to feed her and administer medicines using a syringe.


Our little girl can no longer eat solid food, so we fed her diluted baby food. To counteract her weakness, we administered distilled water with glucose solution to replenish lost ions.

Baby food! Yummy!

Polly taught us that we don’t need a lot of things to enjoy life. Just an earth pad on the sand, some sandwiches and chips, and a few ice-cold bottles of soda are fine with us. We talked about Polly’s past escapades, upcoming trips and adventures, and a few life advice for our teenage daughter.

Cool picnic

Her smile never fails to amuse us. Look into the face of a dog, and you will see a degree of love, trust, and loyalty that is impossible to fathom.

Beautiful smile

Polly contemplates her life as a good dog—and as a part of our family. She may be suffering, but we think she’s happy and at peace. Deep within her heart, she knows she is a good girl, bringing a never-ending of love, fun, and happiness every day.

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” – M.K. Clinton

Polly contemplating life as a dog

A few hours later, we decided to head back to the city and to her next adventure. Because Polly was too weak to walk from a pier adjacent to Vaño Beach to the tricycle terminal at the other end, we carefully carried her like a baby.

Baby carry

Whoopee! A tricycle ride! Even though her eyesight is fading, we were pretty sure she never blinked to watch fantastic sights of everyday life.

Watching things zoom by

We took another ride to reach the Magellan Shrine (Mactan Shrine), a memorial tower in honor of the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who paved the way for the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. It was on this spot where he was killed by chieftain Lapu Lapu.

Polly would have wanted to hop and prance at the grassy park beside the monument. But with her weakened condition, it was impossible for her. She simply enjoyed the peace and quiet of a pleasant Friday afternoon together with the family.


Tired after a happy day, she fell asleep rather quickly when we arrived home. Who wouldn’t? Sweetie recently washed her bed and her favorite blanket. They smelled like flowers!

Sleeping comfortably

The next day, neighborhood kids paid Polly a visit. Smiles abound, but we know that they’re crying inside. Polly has been their favorite dog and playmate in the neighborhood, and they’re sad to know that she will soon say goodbye. The kids made sure that their playmate gets plenty of love.

Polly and Astana Kids

Because Polly was growing weaker by the day, we decided to take her back to the vet so fluids and medication can be administered to her circulatory system via IV. Who knows? Perhaps she’ll have another chance in life.

We visited Polly the day after she was admitted as an in-patient. With IV-administered medication, she seemed to gain a bit of strength. Her eyes sparkled intensely with joy when she saw us. Feeling hopeful of a possible albeit partial recovery, we promised to take her back home the next day.


Little did we know that afternoon would be the last time we saw her alive. At around 11 PM on July 3, Polly, our sweet furball, died peacefully and joined other beloved pets in the Rainbow Bridge.

We were utterly devastated by the news; however, we were also relieved and happy that her suffering from renal failure finally ended. Our beautiful dog was buried at my parent’s home garden where she can play for all eternity.

My master will come home soon

Before closing this tribute to our beloved pet, I would like to share a poem I wrote about her many years ago. I think this poem, more than anything else, expresses her love and devotion.

My master will come home soon
As assured as the light of a full moon
That’s why for most of the day, I’m sitting by the door,
Listening for my master’s footsteps on the floor.

When the windows let the sunshine through each day,
My tiny heart breaks, for I know my master will be going away.
But, oh no, I won’t—can’t—grumble and cry
Because if I will, I won’t have tasty food and wonderful toys to try.

His kind eyes open, and he gives me that heavenly morning smile
He gives me a hug, a gentle kiss, and holds me for a little while
A lot of cuddling and tenderness he brings,
Nuzzling under his chin, I am greater than all the queens

After his morning rituals and tasty breakfast,
He leaves the house, patting my furry head for last
I give a sad whimper and a tired sigh;
I hope he’ll come back ‘coz he forgot his silk tie.

I’m so troubled I can’t really play or eat
What if he’s crossing a busy road and he’d get hit?
If he goes out, I won’t know if he had his fill
Even if my tummy’d be empty, I’d give him my small meal!

What if someone would try to harm my good master?
I’m afraid; I won’t be there to readily fight that buster!
I pray, please keep my beloved master safe
Because without him, I’d be worse than a lonesome waif.

My dinner bowl is full of delicious, crunchy kibble,
If my master was here, he would have smiled seeing me nibble,
I’d wag my little tail, stick out my tongue, and make a funny face;
He’ll surely hug me, touch my wet nose, and we’d have a race.

Hours crawl away, but I’m all alone,
Even if there are people in my master’s home
Well, they play, feed, and chase me around,
But it would have been better if it was my master I found.

Am I in his mind when he’s busy at work?
Pray tell me before I finish biting this cork
I miss the belly rubs he gives me when I’m a good girl;
That will surely give my heart a delightful whirl.

I do not have anything—money or any material whim
(Well, if I do, I’d give myself a long-overdue hair trim)
But everything in me is his as long as I live;
I have my whole life and eternal love to give.

I miss my master really so,
But he’s coming home soon, I know
I’ll just sit or lie quietly by the door for long hours
I don’t want to miss him even if my sleepy head’s between my paws.

I’ll patiently wait for him just by here
Because I want to be the first when he hugs me dear
I can’t wait to hop and give him one of my charms,
Then I’ll find warmth and refuge in his loving arms.

Goodbye, Polly! We'll miss you!

We’ll miss you, Polly. Thank you for more than 12 years of love and fun. You took a part of our hearts with you. We love you, and your memories will always be cherished.

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Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

37 comments on “Polly’s Fun Day Out

  1. reminds me of my dog too. he was 12 years old, with a lot of health conditions already. what made it particularly hard for me was that he suddenly disappeared — either someone picked him up from outside our gate, or he wandered outside and got lost (unlikely, but just to give his loss a benefit of a doubt). never saw him again. even after posting flyers around the village with the promise of a reward if found.

    the loss of a dog is very painful. i’ve been there thrice, and it’s something you can never get used to. they’re family, after all.

    i’m sorry for your loss. i’m sure she will always be missed.

    • Hi Jewey,

      Sorry for your loss as well. We researched for ourselves and asked our vet about that strange habit of dogs. It turns out that’s it’s all about a wild instinct.

      Dying dogs are weak, and they are afraid that stronger animals will attack then or tear their bodies apart. They know they can’t defend themselves. So, they run away and hide to a safe place where they could die in peace.

  2. Huhu nakahilak ko. 😭 Condolence sir Gian and Ate She.

  3. Sorry to hear about your pet. I am sure he is in dog’s heaven now. We have a similar pet here, a Shih poo, just a few months old.

  4. I’m pretty sure, someone’s cutting onions here. 😥 😥

    Run free, Polly.

  5. 😥 This made me so sad. Polly is certainly sweetness doggiefied and I’m happy she had someone like you to make her feel loved right till the end.

  6. So sorry to hear about Polly. I’m sure he’s in dog heaven now. Polly you are loved!

    Who’s cutting onions here?

  7. Awwee ❤ Dogs can really change your life. 🙂 I'm sure she had a great life with you and your family. i know exactly how this feels. my two dogs died a few years back from kidney failure pud. 15 years pud to sila sa amo household. makahilak gihapon ko until now maka remember hihi.

  8. This really pulled on my heartstrings…when a pet passes it is tough. I love that you guys took her on a last exciting adventure to ensure she went out with a bang though 🙂

    • Hi Kristen,

      Thank you. She is an adventurous, sweet, and funny dog; we usually take her to the beach with us. Or on a boat when we go scuba diving.

      Polly definitely enjoyed her last adventure—you can see in the photos that she’s smiling happily. We miss her.

  9. Polly was so adorable. I am sure she is happy wherever she is. Your post reminded me of Snowy, our pet. She underwent the same pain in her last few days and at that time some 12 years back, there were no proper vets near our area. Losing her was tough on all of us and we did not have had a pet since then. Loved reading about your family!

  10. So sorry for your loss. You had such an adorable dog and I am sure your life will soon be filled with the love of another pet

    • Hi Federica,

      Thank you. The loss is still fresh, but we know that she’s now happy wherever she is. We’ll definitely get another pet; there are lots of doggies out there who need a family. 🙂

  11. How moving, but what a good doggo she was. She looked full of life and loved adventures. Sorry for your loss.

  12. What a send off guys! This is one of the most painful things; seeing your dog pass on or, having to put them to sleep to ease their immense suffering. I know the feeling well. On both counts. But Polly lived a rich life, one we should all aspire to, being grateful for the moment, loving others, beautifully done guys.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Indeed! We miss Polly very much; we’re even living our daily lives as if she was still here! We still call her, say goodbye as we head out to our office, put water in her bowl, etc. Hahahaa! 😀

      Polly lived a very loved, pampered, and happy life. And she sure taught us a lot of things about living life to the fullest! 🙂

  13. Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind.

  14. Sorry to here about Polly, Gian and Sheila. Thanks for sharing her touching story.

  15. Aw .. so cute .. what a wonderful life!

  16. 😦 nakakalungkot.

  17. I’m sorry for your loss. I know how painful to experienced the loss of our pet. By the way, recently loss our family dog for 18 years and losing her was so devastated. please refer to this link: https://thepetlosscenter.com/our-locations/chantilly/

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