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Mt. Napulak: A Climb of Redemption

Mt. Napulak: A Climb of Redemption

Thanks to thorough planning, organization, and preparation (and a little bit of luck), we safely and successfully reached the summits of all the mountains we plan to climb. All except one. That’s the sacred Nipple Rock of Mt. Napulak in Igbaras, Iloilo. It seemed that the first time we tried to reach its sacred pinnacle, […]

Pico de Loro: An Unusual and Captivating Beacon in Cavite

Mother Nature has a great way of guiding those who wish to explore her land or ply her vast seas. She places unusual geological features for us to use as landmarks. Nature’s way has become so effective that even with today’s GPS and digital-map technology, people still rely on sighting natural landmarks to navigate their […]

Mt. Pulag, Akiki Trail: An Adventure-Filled Valentines Climb (Part 3)

Just like any woman, Mother Nature is extremely moody. At one moment, she is calm, happy and proud to show you her best. Then without warning, her mood can turn sour and deny you of her beauty. And if, unfortunately, you’re caught in her wrath, she will not hesitate to put your life in jeopardy […]

Mt. Pulag, Akiki Trail: An Adventure-Filled Valentines Climb (Part 2)

At 2,922 meters above sea level, Mt. Pulag is Luzon’s highest mountain and the third highest mountain in the Philippines. It is the sacred home of the Ibalois, Ifugaos, Kalanguya, Kankana-eys, and Karao tribes. It is the home of hundreds of plant species, rare birds, and threatened mammals such as the Philippine Deer, Long Haired […]

Mt. Pulag, Akiki Trail: An Adventure-Filled Valentines Climb (Part 1)

How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? We usually stray away from the usual intimate candlelit dinners or 5-star hotel stays. As avid adventurers, we tend to find more romance and excitement on scenic mountain trails, on treacherous rock walls, under blue waves or in unknown places. Somehow, the beauty of Mother Nature, the feeling of […]