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MyBlueArth: Doing Our Share of Cleaning Our Seas

Oceans cover 72 percent of our planet. This aquatic blue world influences weather patterns, forms part of the carbon cycle, and is home to an estimated 200 million species of marine organisms. The world ocean is a fundamental component of the planet’s hydrosphere, thus, it is essential for the survival of all known life. Sadly, […]

Bringing a Ray of Hope to Typhoon Yolanda’s Victims: Celebrating Our Blog’s First Anniversary

(Photo by Dr. Greg Suarez courtesy of CEBU FB Page) Hope. Yes, the light of hope is brighter than ever. Today is the first anniversary of Adrenaline Romance! So far, our first year has been full of wonderful, crazy, and wild adventures. We visited many of the countryโ€™s many wonders, explored its deepest recesses, climbed […]