Deuter: A Leading Specialist of Outdoor Backpack Innovation

Deuter ACT Trail 24

In the world of travel and outdoor adventure, a backpack is part of one’s survival system. Ask any adventurer, and he would say that his backpack is his home in the wilderness. The hostility and unpredictability of Mother Nature demands that one’s backpack should be top-quality, rugged, durable, and functional. We found all these qualities and more in Deuter.

Deuter is a leading German-based brand that innovates, develops, manufactures, and markets top-quality outdoor backpacks. Many professional mountaineers, rock climbers, skiers, guides, bikers, and adventurers worldwide use Deuter packs as essential part of their equipment, which earned the brand an excellent reputation.

Deuter Futura Pro 42

Outdoor adventure backpacks are not their only products. Deuter also produces other kinds of bags that are perfectly suited for travelers, businessmen, urban walkers, and even schoolchildren! Finally, they manufacture sleeping bags, rain covers, hip belts, hydration systems, and other outdoor accessories.

Deuter packs

Deuter’s humble yet rich history started in 1898 with the production of mail bags and sacks for the Bavarian Royal Mail. The company first ventured into the outdoor pack industry with the Deuter Tauern, which was used in the Nanga Parbat Expedition in 1934. The packs were so successful that they became the industry standard for subsequent expeditions.

Climbing with Deuter

It was after World War 2 that Deuter truly became an industry trendsetter with their creative innovations, award-winning designs, and use of high-tech materials. Check out some of their impressive innovations:

  • 1953 – used perlon material as an alternative to leather
  • 1968 – manufactured and developed the first range of modern nylon backpacks
  • 1990 – produced bike packs as mountain biking became popular
  • 1999 – the Aircomfort dorsal interface is incorporated into the Futura designs
  • 2002 – AC Lite systems and state-of-the-art fabrics became standard materials for their pack production
  • 2005 – introduced the revolutionary back protector Shield System
  • 2006 – introduced SL variations of their products. SL backpacks are specially designed for the female physique
  • 2009 – introduced EL Fit backpacks for people with long torsos
  • 2010 – introduced the concept of stretchable sleeping bags
  • 2016 – won the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award 2016

Deuter technology

We started our adventuring lives with Deuter mountain packs on our backs; since then, we never looked elsewhere. Our dependable packs, as well as their other products that we are using, never failed us. They are our lifesavers in the outdoors.

Adventure with Deuter

Thus, it is our great honor and privilege to be welcomed into the Deuter family as one of their product ambassadors. We will review Deuter products, update our readers with new innovations, invite you to join Deuter-sponsored events and promos, and of course, continue our adventures with our ever-dependable Deuter packs. Yes, it’s going to be an exciting time for you and us!

Vertical Bivouac with Deuter

If you are looking for top-quality and reasonably priced adventure backpacks, urban bags, and other outdoor accessories, then look no further than Deuter. Deuter products are available at their concept store at the second level of Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu. They are also distributed nationwide by Chris Sports. For inquiries and details, send a message through the Deuter PH Facebook Page.

Deuter ACT Trail 24


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14 comments on “Deuter: A Leading Specialist of Outdoor Backpack Innovation

  1. Congratulations on becoming Deuter ambassadors! Looking forward to more product reviews!

    • Thank you very much, Marsymallows. We will start reviewing the Deuter products we are using very soon. 🙂

      We tell you: the quality, looks, and comfort of their products are second to none. 🙂

      • I’d be happy to read them all along with your adventures!
        My brother owns a Deuter backpack and I’m thinking of getting one myself so I’m looking forward to what you have to say! 🙂

  2. Great review! I will take a look of this one for sure. Safe travel with good quality product!

  3. We’ve heard about Deuter from one of our friends. Indeed, he wasn’t lying about the quality of this brand. We’ll see it for ourselves then.

    • Hi Ace&Demi,

      Oh, yes! We have been using Deuter since we started adventuring. It is difficult to imagine using another pack other than those of Deuter. Their designs are so sleek, cool, functional, and comfortable.

      You should check out their high-quality products. They also have day packs, shoulder bags, urban packs, business bags, and even schoolbags!

  4. congratulations and welcome to the Deuter family…

  5. I always go for quality, prices doesn’t matter and Deuter so far never let me and my family down.

  6. great review for someone to take adventuring travel

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