Adventure Central: Where Your Passion for Climbing Begins

Adventure Central

You are never too young or too old to start climbing. Not strong enough, too weak, insufficient upper body strength, rapid exhaustion—these are just petty excuses. Just think, you had so much fun going up trees, windows, and stuff when you were a kid, right? What you need for inspiration is mainly your willpower and the right friendly climbing venue as well as the right people to motivate you. You can find those in Adventure Central Indoor Climbing Center, Iloilo City’s newest climbing venue and your home for fitness and fun.

After our Experience Antique tour and Mt. Igcuron ascent, we went strait to Iloilo City where we spent a restful night. The next day, we decided to visit Adventure Central to say hi to some climber friends and to have aΒ  few hours of fun while waiting for our boat trip back to Cebu.

The way towards Adventure Central is through the scenic Esplanade that stretches 1.2 kilometers alongside the Iloilo River, from Diversion Road to Carpenter Bridge. With a carefully trimmed garden strip, an amazing view of the river, and a multitude of food and entertainment establishments, the Esplanade is a cool place to hang out before or after a climb.

Iloilo Esplanade

Our short hike ended near Carpenter bridge where we found this white hangar-like building. Finally, we were at the doorstep of Adventure Central Indoor Climbing Center, a destination where fun, fitness, adrenaline, and camaraderie all come together.

The facility has ample parking space in front of it, so those with vehicles won’t have any problems.

Adventure Central
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

It was a busy afternoon when we went inside. Guests and climbers can ask information, rent equipment, inquire about memberships, and more at the concierge desk.

Adventure Central

We didn’t bring our rock climbing shoes, but that was not a cause for worry. Adventure Central has plenty of high-quality rock climbing shoes for rent.

That's a lot of climbing shoes

No harness? No problem! They have plenty of superb—and colorful—standard seat harnesses that climbers can rent at a minimum price. For children whose bodies are too small and slender for seat harnesses to fit snugly, AC has high-quality body harnesses available.

Lots of harnesses for all body types
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

Hungry? Thirsty? Adventure Central makes sure that climbers have answers—and a lot of them—to the rumblings of their tummies and the desperation of their parched throats. They have a nice snack bar where guests can buy snacks and drinks.

A small cafe for much-needed refreshments

Let’s check out their awesome climbing wall. Vibrant, isn’t it? Their wall spans more than half of the entire facility, which means that there are a whole lot of routes. That translates to hours and hours of climbing fun!

The Adventure Central wall is divided into kiddie, easy, intermediate, and hard sections. Thus, they have routes for all skill levels.

Adventure Central

Unlike many climbing walls we’ve seen, the one in Adventure Central is impressively neat and clean. That’s because they do not use multicolored tapes to mark holds. Rather, climbing routes are marked by colored holds. For example, you can climb red-colored handholds and footholds only.

Each climbing route is identified by a card that states its name, its climbing grade, the person who set the route, and the date the route was established and first ascended. To set your own route here is a great honor.

Holds are color-coded and labelled

Skilled and friendly instructors ensure that climbers are totally safe. They make sure the climber is having fun and help him improve his climbing technique.

Adventure Central

The kiddie wall is positioned right beside the entrance. Kids love colorful and fun stuff, so Adventure Central made sure that this wall becomes a great playground for them.

Check out those cool, colorful Tetris-block style holds and those ladders!

Kids are truly enjoying the wall

They even have holds that are shaped in the letters of the alphabet! Improving climbing and spelling skills? Why not?

Letter holds!

Go, little girl, go! It’s never too early to delve into the sport of climbing. In fact, 15-year old Ashima Shiraishi, considered to be one of the strongest and most skilled of world-renowned young climbers, got hooked on the sport when she was still at a tender age of six!

Climbing is not only fun. The sport also helps strengthens a child’s physique, improves her mental and problem-solving abilities, teaches her the value of teamwork and sportsmanship, enhances her self confidence, and helps her stay away from bad influence and harmful vices.

Starting them young!

These teens helped themselves with routes on the intermediate wall. They had the time of their lives!

If only teens of today do more productive and enriching stuff such as climbing, enjoying the vast outdoors, honing a musical or literary talent, learning a new skill. . .

In all honesty, we pity young people whose world revolves around gadgets, malls, late-night parties, and money.

Adventure Central

Adventure Central often holds friendly, local, and national bouldering and climbing tournaments. Or they might simply want to establish new climbing routes to test or improve their skills. In such cases, AC staff climb up the wall to affix new holds.

This can easily and quickly be done because because the wall has numerous attachment points that connect holds to the sturdy industry-grade steel behind the wall.

Adventure Central Indoor Climbing Center
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

Finally, at the far side of the facility, is the hard wall. We tried some of the routes and, oh boy, they are hard! And challenging! And super fun! The wall is characterized by tiny holds, super slick slopers, overhangs, and a small roof.

Our close climbing friend Gretchen makes Adventure Central her home in Iloilo. Hehehe! Way to go, Gretchen!

Adventure Central
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

Across the wall slackline offers a lot of fun and helps climbers improve their balance. AC’s resourceful staff also improvise slings and holds as training equipment for climbers who wish to improve their grip strength, increase their upper body power, and more.

Adventure Central

Okay, it’s time for us to stretch out our limbs on the sport that we love most! Sweetie had a couple of hours of great, sweaty climbing fun on some of the routes with moderate difficulties.

Adventure Central

On the other hand, after warming up, I challenged myself on the more difficult routes. All the routes we tried are excellent and true to the grades.

Adventure Central

Climbing can be quite strenuous. Thus, Adventure Central provides beanbags for tired climbers and spectators to relax. The bags are so comfortable that we might as well take a nap than climb. Hahaha!

These soft and high-quality beanbags are from Cuddly Bean Bags.

Cuddly Bean Bags

Other Activities

Adventure Central is not just about climbing. Indeed, they also have other events that are equally fun and healthy. For instance, to help climbers improve their flexibility, they hold regular yoga sessions.

Yoga in Adventure Central
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

They also organize outdoor climbs for those who want to try real rock climbing. The usual venues are in the beautiful white-limestone crags of Dingle or Igtuble. We yet have to visit these crags, which we heard are very good. One day…

Igtuble Crag
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

Test your skills, exceed your limits, and compete with other climbers. Adventure Central also organizes bouldering and climbing competitions.

Adventure Central
(Photo credit: Adventure Central)

Special Thanks

Thank you very much, Shanelle, Adventure Central co-owner, for welcoming us and being such a kind host. It is totally awesome that you provided Iloilo and nearby areas an ideal venue for fun, fitness, sport, and friendship. Although expert climbers frequent the climbing wall, Adventure Central is a very child-, beginner-, and family-friendly place.

Shanelle, owner of Adventure Central

We would also like to thank Cyril Tabion (beside Sweetie), fellow climber and AC instructor, for assisting us during our stay there. Huge thanks too to Shaun Marquez (guy with AC uniform), Edcel Margarico (guy in tank top), and the other staff of Adventure Central. They are excellent climbers, professional instructors, and amazing friends.

Handsome climbing instructors

We have to tell you—climbing, whether in an indoor climbing wall or wrinkled cliff, is absolutely addictive! Once you start having fun, it quickly becomes your drive and passion. You learn various life lessons from the sport as well as make great friends with cool, adventure-loving people.

So what are you waiting for? Bring yourself, your kids and family, and your friends to pump up those muscles! Start climbing at Adventure Central today!

(Cover Photo credit: Adventure Central)

Important Information

Get in touch with Adventure Central using the following contact details:

  • Street/Mailing Address: Adventure Central, Esplanade 1 Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Philippines 5000
  • Facebook Page: Adventure Central

Adventure Central offers individual and group climbing classes. They also book special and corporate events.

Operating Days: Mondays to Sundays

  • Weekdays – 2PM to 10PM
  • Weekends and Holidays – 10AM to 10PM

Basic Rates*

Basic Fees per Session**

  • P 190 per session per person (inclusive of facility use and equipment rental)
  • P 140 per session per person (climb only)
  • P 140 per session per person (bouldering)

Kid’s Fun Wall**

  • P 190 per session per person (inclusive of facility use and equipment rental)

Group Rate***

  • P 750 per session per group – group of 5
  • P 1,330 per session per group – group of 5

Membership Rates (includes equipment rental)

  • P 1,400 per person – monthly
  • P 3,600 per person – quarterly
  • P 6,100 per person – semi-annual
  • P 10,100 per person – annual

Rental Rates

  • P 20 – harness
  • P 30 – rock shoes
  • P 20 – ATC/Belay Device
  • P 20 – loose chalk
  • P 50 – chalk ball
  • P 40 – socks
  • P 10 per day – locker

Service Rates

  • P 50 per hour – Belay fee
  • P 80 – top rope belay card
  • P 200 – lead belay card

* Rates are subject to change without prior notice
** Unlimited climbs per session
** free belay class to first-timers
*** discounts are given to registered groups and organizations

About Gian and Sheila

Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

17 comments on “Adventure Central: Where Your Passion for Climbing Begins

  1. Now, this is what adventure is! πŸ™‚

    I heard there is one like this in Lahug, but we haven’t been there. I’m sure it’s real fun and as you say “addictive”.

    • Hi Ace&Demi,

      Oh, yes! Wall climbing—and rock climbing—is really fun! In fact, we started our rock climbing journey not as a sport but as an addition to our mountaineering skills. But the more we rock climbed, the more we got addicted to it! πŸ™‚ Hehehe!

  2. This place looks really cool…
    I’ve never try this before in my life but I need too deff

  3. Hi Guys,

    I believe I would be starting on the kiddie level πŸ˜‰ But I’d have to dive into climbing. Looks so exciting and I love being in nature, enjoying stunning views from high up in the mountains. I just wish I was more like a mountain goat and less like an earth worm. Terrestrial preference wise, not posture wise πŸ™‚


  4. This Cristmas holiday(Sat-Mon)& New year holiday(Fri-Mon) will open?

  5. I tried for the first time wall climbing at one resort in Zamboanga and it was exhausting. Though it was not high, my arms were trembling and I even fell down. Poor me. hahaha. But I want to try again and practice and this is one awesome venue for practice!

  6. nice ning wall climbing.. have tried it sa plantation bay last december..
    murag naghinam nuon ko mopalit og rock climbing shoes.

    • Hi Uno Tats,

      Hehe! Wall/rock climbing is totally addictive. πŸ™‚ If you want rock climbing shoes, send us a message (use our Contact Form in this blog or message us through Facebook) so we can recommend you to one of our friends who sell such shoes. πŸ™‚

  7. hi, would you be able to do outdoor climbing at the end of july? I have friends from europe who are very keen to try climbing in iloilo, im trying to organize it for them.

  8. Current prices please

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