Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Warm Up for This Year’s Adventures

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Welcome to the Year of the Dog! It’s a new year for a new set of adventure! Time to melt off that cholesterol that you’ve accumulated by eating rich food during the Yuletide season. Time to infuse positive energy. Time to explore the wild outdoors and try out the adventures that you’ve been wanting to do since forever. Time to head off to Danasan Eco Adventure Park in the highlands of Danasan, Danao in Central Cebu.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park’s location is rather remote; it’s right at the edge of the Danao’s highland border. Thus, to make things easy for guests like you, they have a convenient office in Park Mall in the bustling city of Mandaue. Here you can can ask for information, check out prices, and book their adventures.

Cebu office

Comfortable, fresh-smelling, and air-conditioned vans shuttle guests from the Park Mall office to the site itself. All you need to do is to be on time. The Park Mall van leaves early at 7:00 AM. If you won’t make it to the cut-off time, you can still catch another shuttle van at 9:00 AM in the city of Danao.

Comfortable charter van

It takes a little over two hours to reach Danasan Eco Adventure Park from Metro Cebu. But that’s okay because along the way, you will be treated to picturesque scenes of mountain ranges, forests, farms, and small communities.

The Visitor’s Area is your first stop. It is here where you choose your adventures, arrange activity schedules, listen to briefings, and more so you’ll have a great time in the park.

Visitor's Area

You can’t enjoy and finish the plethora of offered activities in one day (we tried). So you might want to stay for a weekend. Danasan Eco Park has cozy and comfortable accommodations where you can rest and relax after your adventures.

One of the nicest things about their accommodations is that each room has a sheltered veranda that faces a grassy lawn. A lounge chair and coffee table allow guests to comfortably enjoy meals or enjoy chit-chats in the open.


The twin-bed air-conditioned rooms are basic but comfortable. Ours has a cable TV, a small refrigerator, and an electric pot. Our room is also equipped with a hot-and-cold shower as well as a service area where we can hang wet clothes.

Comfy rooms

For families, groups, couples, or individual guests who want more privacy, these wooden cabins provide the perfect weekend sanctuaries. Each cabin is located away from row accommodations and surrounded by towering trees.

Cozy cottage

Concrete-and-gravel pathways allow easy access to these cozy cabins. Natural gardens blanket the pathways in simple scenery, making even a short walk pleasant and refreshing.

Cozy cottage

Wild flowers, some of which are indigenous to Danao, add splashes of vibrant colors to the generally green landscape.


Walking around the park is safe, easy, and convenient. Well-marked pathways dotted with clear signs snake from the visitor’s center to other areas around the park. Dirt roads and trails also lead to other attractions.

Pathways and gardens

Open-air beach-type gazebos are scattered all around the park. After a walk or an adventure, you can just head to one of these gazebos, have a break, or take a light snack inside.

Open-air gazebo

Danasan Eco Adventure Park occupies a large estate. The adventures are distributed in various locations around the park, and some require a bit of walking. Don’t worry though. If you don’t want to walk, you can ride in this cool off-road truck which plies around the park.

Off-road truck

Trust us, you will definitely get famished after all those adrenaline-pumping activities! Good thing that Danasan Eco Adventure Park has a well-equipped restaurant where you can stuff your tummy while enjoying an encompassing view of the park. The menu comprises classic and well-loved Filipino favorites such as tinola, crispy pata, pancit, and more.

Open-air restaurant

Dishes are freshly cooked, so you may have to wait for a little while before your order is served. But you are assured of a piping hot, delicious meal that is prepared with organic and local produce. We suggest you order your meals beforehand; by the time you return from your adventures—and you are ravenously hungry—your food is ready for serving.

Delicious lunch

Do you want to hold birthday parties, company celebrations, and team-building events with a touch of adventure? No problem because Danasan Eco Adventure Park has the facilities to handle those events. The park has an expansive open-air event hall and several enclosed meeting rooms.

Open-air conference hall

Feeling overheated after doing some activities? Heck, we even feel uncomfortably warm in just a few minutes of doing absolutely nothing under the tropical sun! Cool down at the park’s infinity pool, which looks over the grassy hills of Danasan. The water is only around 5 feet, so it is safe for non-swimmers.

Refresh yourself in their pool

Right beside the main pool is a shallow kiddie pool where your little ones can splash around.

Kiddie pool

You can eat your meals, put your things aside, or take refuge from the hot sun under these open-air nipa cottages right beside the pool. Note the solar-powered lamp.

Open-air cottages

Filipino picnics are never complete without big and satisfying servings of barbecues and grilled meat. Knowing this, the park has a grilling station near the pool. Just bring your own charcoal as well as food to be grilled.

Let's grill some barbecue

The open field in front of the pool makes an excellent campsite. The soft grass forms a soft and comfortable surface to pitch tents, and trees provide a natural shady umbrella.

Ideal camping ground

Because the park faces to the west, you can cap your adventure-filled day with a soul-cleansing view of an orange and purple-hued sunset.

Pretty sunset

Danasan Eco Adventure Park is truly a destination for those who want to have some peace and quiet.

Hey, wait a minute! You’re here to have a huge dose of excitement, right? So why all these things that can actually make you feel rested and relaxed?

Worry not, dear reader! It’s not called “adventure park” for nothing. Check out the next blog post where we pulled our sleeves up, wore our game faces, and tried out the various adrenaline-pumping activities in the park.

Contact Details

For bookings and inquiries, get in touch with Danasan Eco Park using the following details:

  • Mailing Address (Park Mall office): Danasan Eco Adventure Park, 2nd Floor, Park Mall, Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines 6014
  • Mailing Address (Park): Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Danasan, Danao, Cebu, Philippines 6004
  • Telephone: (032) 239-5653 / (032) 239-5654
  • Mobile: (0917) 301-3171 / (0922) 865-5779
  • Email: danasanecoadventure@gmail.com
  • Website: Danasan Eco Adventure Park
  • Facebook Page: Danasan Eco Adventure Park
  • Contact Person: Hannah

Updated rates will be posted on the next blog post.

About Gian and Sheila

Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

33 comments on “Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Warm Up for This Year’s Adventures

  1. Waahhh.. Ive never been there.. But planning to hopefully.. 😍

  2. This place looks wonderful…..Seems like you had great fun…..

    Greetings from India.

  3. The Gear Guys so need one of those 8 wheelers…That would be so awesome on logging trails

  4. Wow.Stunning photography with great color and culture reflecting in the photos.Hope u had a great experience.

  5. Awesome place and nice photography 😊😊❀❀

    I will include this to my bucketlist someday 😊😊❀

    • Hi idolwanderer,

      Thank you for the kind compliment about our photography although admittedly, we’re just using a simple but high quality waterproof digicam. We don’t have a DSLR.

      Danasan is really a great place for adventure. Stand by for our next two articles, which will list down the activities that you can do there. πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve been meaning to visit Danasan Eco Park for a while now but never fulfilled it. 😦 I’ve heard there are plenty of activities that one can enjoy, so it’s good to know there are family-friendly accommodations that you can book for an overnight stay (or two). It looks super comfortable (not to mention there’s a pool available too! ;)). Can’t wait to read about the activities you’ve tried! πŸ˜‰

  7. Glad to know you enjoyed your visit..Your photos reflect the charm of the adventure park that words can not. Seems like an awesome adventure. πŸ™‚

  8. The gazebos look so cute! Would love to visit here one day.

  9. We want to visit area next year. The lush vegetation and pool look so relaxing. The rooms like inviting, too!

  10. This sounds great: I love it when a natural surrounding is left natural so that wildlife has it’s habitat, plants are protected etc. Hence I think that it’s good that you have a briefing when visiting. Also the way they set up the cottages is great and fits in the surrounding jungle just fine.

  11. I love the fact that every room has its own veranda where you can drink a coffee, read a book or just write a blog post in the afternoon. Having a swim in the infinity pool after hours of walking in the park seems the perfect choice to cool down. The barbecue near the pool is another plus. Thanks for sharing this amazing place with us, I will definitely look into it if I ever get there.

    • Hi Around the Compass,

      We love the veranda too! In fact, after our first day’s adventure, we simply sat there and relaxed for an hour while enjoying a hot coffee.

      The pool is great as well; it’s a great place for viewing the sunset there.

  12. Yeah of the dog? That must be a nice year then! That adventure park looks so fun! I love how its surrounded by nature, has wonderful accommodation, pool and great activities! Perfect for family holiday! I cant wait to visit Philippines one day!

  13. Danasan Eco Adventure Park looks like a perfect family getaway. Love the fact that it is away from the city and offers adventure in the midst of serene natural surroundings. The private huts look really exclusive and great for families.

  14. The place looks lovely to spend time with friends and family. Perfect place to escape the hustle of the city and enjoying time connecting with nature. It is definitely a fun adventure park

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