Gear Review: Deuter ACT Trail

Deuter ACT Trail

In many outdoor adventures, you need a reliable backpack to carry your equipment and supplies. As you gain more experience and you begin to streamline your gear, you begin to realize you don’t really need a huge, bulky, towering backpack. A lighter, smaller, all-terrain, all-weather backpack is sufficient.

Well, Deuter has exactly that kind of pack for you! The Deuter ACT Trail is lightweight, versatile, sleek, and sporty. In fact, its design has won it the Wanderlust Top Tipp Allrounder award.

High-Tech Fabric Construction

The Deuter ACT Trail is made of two kinds of synthetic materials—210D PA Ripstop and 600D polyester. Both materials are designed for ruggedness, consisting of strong but lightweight PU-coated nylon threads that resist abrasion, tears, and moisture.

Deuter ACT Trail

Aircontact and Derlin Frame Back System

The heart of the Deuter ACT Trail is its simple yet comfortable body contact back system. It is designed so that when the hip belts are fastened, the system brings the weight closer to your back. As such, the weight is close to your body’s center of gravity, giving you better stability and control even when you move rigorously.

Deuter’s open-cell Aircontact foam technology allows air to circulate through the cushion to keep you cool and comfortable.

Finally, the tensioned Delrin U-frame adds strength and form to the pack without adding a lot of weight.

Deuter ACT Trail Aircontact Back System

Shoulder straps are made of thin high-tech foam that provides sufficient cushion without adding extra weight. The straps don’t bite into your shoulders. They are adjustable via a series of straps and buckles.

Deuter ACT Trail Straps

Like many other mountaineering and trekking backpacks, the Deuter ACT Trail is a top-loading kind, using a drawstring to open and close the top access to the main compartment. A zippered lid compartment stores quick-grab items such as a wash bag, first-aid kit, and camera batteries. There’s also a clip where you can safely stow your keys.

Finally, you can use the internal pocket underneath the top lid to store documents, wallets, and other important stuff.

Deuter ACT Trail Top Lid

Pockets and Loops for Extra Gear

The right side of the pack has a pocket for additional storage space.

Deuter ACT Trail Side Pocket

Store your water bottle securely in the elastic side pocket on the left side.

Deuter ACT Trail Side Pocket

The front of the ACT Trail has another pocket where you can store maps and itinerary sheets. Additional front features include elastic attachments for your trekking pole or ice axe as well as loops where you can attach a helmet holder (sold separately).

Deuter ACT Trail

Lightweight Mesh Hip Fins

Lightweight rubber mesh hip fins effectively transfer the weight of the pack off your shoulders to your hips, allowing a longer, more comfortable, and less painful trek. The mesh can be stowed in adjacent pockets, which allow you to easily wear a climbing harness with gear loops.

Deuter ACT Trail Hip Fins

Front Opening Panel

For us, the best feature of the Deuter ACT Trail is the front-opening panel, which can be opened by a zipper. The entire front section opens, allowing easy access to the entire main compartment. Now, that’s extremely convenient! The main compartment is spacious enough to hold a 3-season tent and its poles, sleeping bag, burner, cook set, and everything you need for an overnight trekking adventure.

The back of the main compartment is equipped with a sleeve that is large and deep enough to hold a 2-liter hydration system. The hose exits through a hole at the top of the backpack.

Deuter ACT Trail Front Opening Panel

Integrated Raincover

Finally, to protect the pack from UV rays, rain, mud splashes, and dirt, the Deuter ACT Trail comes with an integrated rain cover that can be stowed in a zippered pocket at the bottom.

Deuter ACT Trail Raincover

Comparison with the Older Deuter ACT Trail

As with any product, we do have a few criticisms, and we can’t help but compare it with the older ACT Trail. The new one doesn’t have side compression straps, which is present in the older model. Compression straps can be tightened to streamline the pack if you are carrying a lighter load.

The new ACT Trail does have two straps at the bottom and another one at the front to secure the lid; these can act in lieu of side compression straps.

The old model has an elastic pouch at the front where dirty clothes, harnesses, and jackets can be stowed. Unfortunately, the new model doesn’t have this feature.

Deuter ACT Trail Old Model

The Deuter ACT Trail comes in 22, 24, 28, 30, and 36 L models. The 22L and 28L models have SL versions that are specially designed to fit the female torso.

Overall, the Deuter ACT Trail is a perfect lightweight outdoor pack. We have been using them in our multi-day treks and trips, and they are definitely a boon in the outdoors. Easy on the back, easy on the weight, and easy to access! You can’t get a much better backpack than that!

Our Red and Green Deuter ACT Trail

If you are looking for top-quality and reasonably priced travel and outdoor accessories, adventure backpacks, and urban bags, then look no further than Deuter. Deuter products are available at their concept store at the second level of Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu. They are also distributed nationwide by Chris Sports. For inquiries and details, send a message through the Deuter PH Facebook Page.


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About Gian and Sheila

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18 comments on “Gear Review: Deuter ACT Trail

  1. I’ve been looking for a reliable backpack for a while and I am so glad I stumbled upon your post, Gian and Sheila. As an adventure junkie, I know how important it is to have a good and high-quality backpack. Thanks for the recommendation and the detailed review!

    • Hi Lydia,

      Thank you as well! Do get the ACT Trail; it has become our most-used backpack in the outdoors. Very good for normal traveling as well. And the front opening panel is truly a blessing! πŸ™‚

  2. So handy to know what to look for when getting a backpack for hiking. You always think you know what you need but it’s nice to get a proper update from someone.Once my knee is better, perhaps I should invest in one of these to go hiking again πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kellee,

      Thank you! This is one of the best all-around packs we’ve ever used. We use it for normal traveling, trekking, climbing, etc. At times, we even use it as a gym bag! Hahaha! πŸ˜€

      WE love its front-opening panel feature. πŸ™‚

  3. This looks like a great backpack for hiking, thanks for recommendation. Might have to take a look at these as my current backpack is due for replacing.

    • Hi Aysha,

      The Deuter ACT is really nice. Just the right size and very comfortable. For us, the front opening panel is the best part; it’s very easy to arrange and get your stuff inside. πŸ™‚

  4. What an awesome back! I love that it opens up from the side rather than the top! Makes it much easier to get things. Is it waterproof or water resistant?

    • Hi NGO Frills Nomad,

      Oh yes! It actually opens at the front AND at the top. That makes the main compartment very accessible.

      The material is water resistant, but the inside will still soak up in heavy rain. That’s why there’s an integrated rain cover to protect the pack from splatters. For additional protection, it’s better to put your stuff in a plastic bag before putting it into the backpack.

  5. That’s a good one! Unfortunately, my gear selection is limited to the ones that are optimized for a DSLR and lenses.

  6. Super review here. I would need a water proof solution if I hiked more. Deuter looks like they nailed it with some sugary sweet features. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ryan,

      The integrated raincover will mostly keep the pack dry. But to be safe—no rucksack of this type is totally waterproof—it’s better to put your items in a plastic bag first before putting them in the pack. The plastic bag acts as a waterproof lining. πŸ™‚

  7. What an amazing backpack! It solves all my woes when it comes to looking for a lightweight backpack. Love how they have so many compartments and considering the price, it is perfect.

  8. I’ve never had a proper backpacking backpack before, as I’ve never really had the need for one. But if I were to go trekking, this looks and sounds like the perfect pack! Lightweight yet sturdy, with all those pockets and supporting straps, plus the raincover would be ideal for UK hikes where the weather is so unpredictable x

    • Hi Always Carry On,

      Deuter, which is a German brand, is very cool. Their packs are high-quality, light, and comfortable. We use our ACTs not just during our outdoor adventures but also during our normal travel.

      UK weather is somewhat the same here in the Philippines where it is really humid and rain is unpredictable. You’re right, the raincover is definitely a lifesaver. πŸ™‚

  9. The Deuter backpack looks perfect. Being users of backpacks, we know it is so important to have a lightweight backpack with a proper back frame and compression straps. Our current backpack is serving is quite well. But we will definitely keep this one in mind when we are looking for a new one.

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