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Love + Adventure = Heart Attack on Magtv NA: Our First TV Appearance

One fine, cool morning last February 16, 2014, an immaculately white ABS-CBN van pulled over at an empty space right beside the dirt road that led to the pure limestone cliffs of Cantabaco. A handful of curious locals and kids got excited as they saw the van, stamped with the ever-famous ABS-CBN logo, approach the idyllic neighborhood. Yes, they would be seeing a popular movie star!

Ten Reasons Why We Can’t Have Great Adventures Without Each Other

“Sweetie, I won’t be able to go rock climbing with you this weekend,” Sheila somberly tells me. “I’ll be working a bit late in the office.” “I’ll just wait for you at home, prepare a meal for you, and give you a nice massage,” I reply. “Really, Sweetie, you can go. I’ll be fine. Don’t […]