Love + Adventure = Heart Attack on Magtv NA: Our First TV Appearance

Heart Attack MagTV Na

One fine, cool morning last February 16, 2014, an immaculately white ABS-CBN van pulled over at an empty space right beside the dirt road that led to the pure limestone cliffs of Cantabaco. A handful of curious locals and kids got excited as they saw the van, stamped with the ever-famous ABS-CBN logo, approach the idyllic neighborhood. Yes, they would be seeing a popular movie star!

Well, sorry to disappoint you, folks. It’s just Team Sweetie—just Sweetie and me. You see, a few weeks ago, a representative from the popular local show Magtv NA got in touch with us. She explained that Magtv NA is planning to have a Valentines special; and they would like to feature a unique couple, a couple who loves extreme sports. Of course, we readily agreed to the invitation.

It was Borgie Cabigas, a Magtv NA host, and a gym-mate, who recommended us to them. They got a look at this blog and were impressed by our adventures. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Borgie!

Heart Attack MagTV Na
(Photo courtesy of Nei Jamz)

We have never been interviewed in front of a camera before, and, boy, was it an experience! We just felt really lucky to be featured in Magtv NA for Valentines month. After all, Cantabaco is the place where we first met.

Heart Attack MagTV Na

(Photo courtesy of Cristina Paran)

Enjoy our segment of the show!

For readers who don’t speak or can’t understand Bisaya, here’s a translation of the script:

Borgie: The usual scenario every Valentines Day for couples and lovers is to go on a date to celebrate their love in a romantic place. Let’s get to know a couple who celebrates sweet moments—on top of a cliff?

Gian and Sheila: I’m Sheila and I’m Gian and we love going on dates that give us a “heart attack!”

Borgie: Gian, 40 years old, is a content writer while Sheila, 35 years old, is a web editor (actually a copyeditor). Because they have the same passion in writing, things easily click into place for them. However, their passion becomes even stronger when it comes to cliffs and mountains.

Borgie: Tell us how you first met each other.

Gian: It was through rock climbing. Of all the ladies who went there, it was Sheila who captured my attention (laughs).

Heart Attack MagTV Na
(Photo courtesy of Nei Jamz)

Borgie: So that’s what we call love at first sight?

Gian: (Laughs) Sort of. It’s pretty unique and special that we first met here at the crag.

Borgie: Having the same interest in various outdoor adventures was a big factor in their relationship.

Borgie: Tell me about your first date together.

Sheila: Our first date was inside a cave. We went caving in Camp 7, Minglanilla. I said “yes” to him on top of the highest peak in Cebu, Osmeña Peak.

Borgie: After Sheila said yes to Gian, it was the start of more “heart attack” but romantic adventures.

Sheila: We did whitewater rafting, scuba diving, rappelling…

Gian: Snorkeling…things like that. We went river trekking, following the lay of a river. We went on exploration climbs or climbing mountains that are yet to be discovered. Ziplining in adventure parks. We also go backpacking to discover less-known and hidden wonders in the Philippines. In fact, we just had our longest backpacking trip, an 835-kilometer trip around the Caraga Region.

Heart Attack MagTV Na

Borgie: A distance of 835 km is like traveling from Bantayan Island to Oslob 4 times. When I talked to them, KaMags, they plan to climb Mt. Kanlaon.

Borgie: KaMags, we are here in Cantabaco, Toledo, known as the premier rock climbing site in the whole Philippines.

Borgie: Aside from discovering other adventure trails in Cebu, the activities they do together strengthen their 2-year-old relationship.

Sheila: Usually, when we do extreme activities, it’s not all the time we’re sweet, pretty, or nice-smelling. There are times that we feel tired. We ask, ‘Why are we here?’ Your real attitude surfaces. That’s when you know the person more.

Gian: For me, engaging in extreme adventures develops trust. Literally, your life is in your partner’s hands.

Borgie: These activities strengthened their relationship; these were instrumental for them to know each other better. In the course of their relationship, they have explored 4 caves, reached no less than 5 peaks, and climbed two crags.

Borgie: If Sheila is an extreme sport, what would she be?

Gian: She would actually be rock climbing. Why? It’s because you need to depend on each other for your life, right? I entrust my life to her.

Sheila: Same here. Rock climbing is a different sport. You can’t do a thing without your partner. In essence, we always do things together.

Borgie: Love indeed has different faces, KaMags. Gian and Sheila have proven that love can be full of “heart attacks.” If there is trust, no trek, rock climbing, or peak is impossible to reach.

About Gian and Sheila

Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

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  1. Wow! Team Sweetie is on TV! Thanks for taking the time to translate everything.

    Lady of http://www.ladyandhersweetescapes.com 🙂

  2. It’s always good to have a partner who shares the same desire 🙂

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