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Enchanted River: The Magical Realm of the Ethereal Diwata

Diwata, sometimes called enkanto or dili ingon nato—the mystical and magical fairies of the Philippines—usually stay out of sight from humankind’s prying eyes. However, fortunate mortals who come to these realms may attract the attention and earn the admiration, love, and respect of these nature spirits. Sometimes, haughty humans may antagonize the spirits who will […]

Fascinating Surigao: A Teaser of an Awesome 835-Kilometer Journey

When it comes to surfing in the Philippines, only a few places can compare to Siargo and Surigao del Sur where perfect, massive waves barrel down and crash to the shores. However, world-class surfing hotspots are not the only places that the provinces of Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur can offer. Within the […]