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An Unnamed Northern Paradise: A Rare Visit of a Last Frontier

Some of the best moments we have in our trips and adventures are when we get opportunities to visit stunning places that are hidden from the general public’s eye. These virtually untouched paradises are privy only to a very few people. During these times, we feel as if we were the last humans on earth […]

Quiet Pagudpud: A Sleepy, Scenic Northern Resort Town

Quiet Pagudpud: A Sleepy, Scenic Northern Resort Town

We love hushed, charming faraway towns. Their rustic charm and the pristine natural vistas around them never fail to reinvigorate our bodies, minds, and souls. The townsfolk’s way of life, practiced for generations and relatively uncontaminated by the complexities of city life, gives us a glimpse of rich tradition and simple grace. Their culture is […]

Guest Post: Five Hidden Beaches of the Philippines

As an archipelago with over 7,107 islands, the grandeur of the Philippines can be daunting when searching for the perfect vacation spot. So many of the islands are tourist friendly, and with so much to do, even a quick trip to the Philippines gives vacationers the chance to truly customize an unforgettable trip.