Guest Post: Five Hidden Beaches of the Philippines

Philippine Beaches

As an archipelago with over 7,107 islands, the grandeur of the Philippines can be daunting when searching for the perfect vacation spot. So many of the islands are tourist friendly, and with so much to do, even a quick trip to the Philippines gives vacationers the chance to truly customize an unforgettable trip.

The most well-known beach in the Philippines is the white sand beach of Boracay. Touted by travel magazines and agencies all over the globe as the quintessential beach of the region, Boracay offers the typical accommodations you’d expect from a world-renowned beach-resort, luxury hotels, gourmet food, spa treatments, water sports and rentals and a sizzling nightlife.

For those wanting to get off the beaten tourist trails, however, the hidden beaches of the Philippines offer a variety of unique, once in a lifetime experiences. Listed below is just a small sample of the many beautiful beaches scattered throughout the Philippines:

Matukad Island

Matukad Island
Photo courtesy of Flickr

Located across from another popular beach, Gota Beach, on Camarines Sur, is Matukad Island. It sports sandy white beaches similar to those found on Boracay, but has quite a few unique features, like a set of limestone cliffs right at the beachfront. Like Gota Beach, where Survivor was filmed, Matukad Island maintains an uninhibited, raw beauty for those looking for a more authentic island experience.

Mahabang Buhangin

Mahabang Buhangin
Photo courtesy of Flickr

On the Calaguas Islands of Camarines Norte, you can find the uninhabited beach, Mahabang Buhangin. This island is custom tailored to adventurous types looking to rough it. First, you must travel over two hours on the open seas to get here. You are encouraged to bring a tent or backpacking equipment if you plan on staying overnight. The beach has a steep slope, so swimmers beware. The beach is fairly long, with no signs of civilization, so the memories you take from Mahabang Buhangin will be undoubtedly original.

Siargao Islands

Siargao Islands
Photo courtesy of Flickr

The Siargao Islands, in Surigao del Norte, are an often overlooked by typical tourists, but sport enthusiasts will find them the perfect spot for surfing, no matter what skill-level you are at. The breaks range from low, to moderate to up to three-meters-high for pros. These islands are a great Fall destination for pro surfers looking to get away to an inspiring new territory.


Photo courtesy of WikiCommons

A sleepy getaway from the hustle and big city life, Pagudpud, of Ilocos Norte offers solitude and wide open spaces to play in. The Blue Lagoon in Maira-ira sports a gorgeous turquoise blue hue, and there are still a few rice fields left to explore. Photographers will go wild for the monolithic windmills further down near the town of Bangui. The high winds are also an excellent source for windsurfers, surfers and kiteboarders looking to step up their game.


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Balesin resides on the Polillo Islands of Quezon, and has become quite a forgotten island over time. Production of the island as a tourist haven halted years ago, and left many of the island’s infrastructure simply unfinished. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth travelling to. The only two ways to get there are either from a 4-hour boat ride or a chartered flight. Halted developments have left the island resort in need of improvements, but if you don’t mind a little character, then it is a wonderful spot with beautiful beaches. Gradual beach slopes make swimming easy for those travelling with kids. Beautiful sand and ocean for miles make this a relaxing getaway worth checking out.

The Philippines is an amazing travel destination for those looking to get away from it all and enjoy some fun in the sun and the cool breeze. With so many unique beaches to choose from, there is no shortage of adventurous combinations.

About the author:
Angie Picardo is a writer for NerdWallet’s travel blog, TravelNerd, where you can find advice on setting goals to best save for your trip to the Philippines.

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