An Unnamed Northern Paradise: A Rare Visit of a Last Frontier

Unnamed Paradise in Pagudpud

Some of the best moments we have in our trips and adventures are when we get opportunities to visit stunning places that are hidden from the general public’s eye. These virtually untouched paradises are privy only to a very few people. During these times, we feel as if we were the last humans on earth to lay eyes on these vistas.

From Hannah’s Beach Resort, we continued north for more than a mile into what seems to be like the middle of nowhere. Abruptly, the road ended, and Rain instructed the tricycle to turn left to climb a grassy slope. Other than a man-made brick wall and communication towers several hills away from the road, this place was utterly isolated. There were no other humans except us.

Just in case if you’re wondering, no, our tricycle didn’t make it to the top. We were probably too heavy. Hehehehe!

Lovely grassy hill

What greeted us was a spectacular scenery beyond compare. Let’s start off with this green gateway, a grove of pygmy trees. We have never seen large-canopied trees this short!

Pygmy trees

Just to give you an idea of how short these trees are, check out the photo below with Sweetie Sheila standing beside one. Remember that Sweetie is barely just a little over 5 foot tall. Are these trees endemic here?

Pygmy tree

Take a look at the trees’ strange blossoms. They look like strange alien tentacles rather than flowers.

Strange Blossoms

Beyond the grove of pygmy trees, we saw a stunning, expansive seashore that was totally devoid of humanity. A clear, blue-green sea with cerulean mountains and gray rocky islets in the background is always a treat to the mind and soul.

Due to a recent typhoon, lots of leaves, twigs, and branches were blown out to the sea. This probably explained the massive pile of driftwood that washed up on the shore.

Unnamed beach

The presence of the huge driftwood pile may only be a one-off event. The rest of the shore is covered with beautiful, fine white sand that is constantly massaged by crashing waves. What each of us lacked is a large beach towel and a large glass of piña colada!

Rain said a few local surfers and skim boarders come here to ride the monsoon waves during the “ber” months. Like her, they decided to keep the actual location of this paradise secret to prevent irresponsible tourists from abusing this place.

Unnamed beach

We found it a somewhat strange beach. Beyond the edge of the sandy shore, covered by the waterline, are slate-like slabs of rock that stretches into the deep. The slabs are a bit sharp in some places, but the “dull” sections provided our feet with a good massage each time we step on them.

Also, check out the huge, rock formations. Mother Nature is truly full of surprises, which sometimes defy imagination.

Unnamed beach

A green, natural vine-covered dike hides this paradise from the road. The thick foliage serves as an ideal place for serpents, mice, insects, and other organisms to hide themselves from hungry seabirds that prowl the area. The beach may be devoid of humans, but it truly crawls with life.

Unnamed beach

The iconic Dos Hermanos Islands at the tip of Maira-ira Point can be seen clearly, less than half a mile away. Rain said during extremely low tide, one can actually walk to those hilly islands via a small, imperceptible submerged land bridge. How cool is that!

Dos Hermanos Islands

Halourd couldn’t help himself to inject a dose of adrenaline into his system. He climbed one of the large rock formations that jut out of the shore. The loose stones made the ascent a bit treacherous.

Halourd climbing a rock outcropping

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Summer Rain, our pretty and friendly guide, not just for her hospitality but also for bringing us to less-known paradises that she held dear in her heart. She truly understands us because she is a backpacker herself! Hope to meet you again on the trail, Rain.

Our pretty guide, Summer Rain

Visiting something that only a few souls have ever gone to is both quite exhilarating and uneasy. Exhilarating because it felt that Mother Nature deemed us to be worthy of the privilege to see true natural treasures like this. The awe and the knowledge that something bigger than what we, humans, can possibly comprehend and grasp are simply overwhelming.

However, a feeling of uneasiness hangs over us knowing that this paradise might be gone soon due to man’s greed. The access road to this paradise almost guarantees that. It will only be a matter of time before a resort or hotel claims this paradise. Or locals might think this is an ideal dumping ground for their garbage. Or gypsies may think this is their promised land.

But for now, we are exceptionally happy and grateful that we were among the very few people who have seen and set foot in this northern paradise. And for that, we are truly honored.

Unnamed beach

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21 comments on “An Unnamed Northern Paradise: A Rare Visit of a Last Frontier

    • Yes, indeed! But we are hoping against hope that this paradise would stay that way. Due to an access road and its proximity to a large resort, there is a high chance that it will be exploited in the future.

  1. Wow! Just wow!!!
    You’re so privileged to have seen this raw beauty. We have the same hopes for this place to stay as it is in the coming days and years. 😀

    Love, Ace and Demi

  2. Great discovery, I hope that people will be responsible enough to preserve it. Who knows? Maybe one day it will be named after you guys because people who would want to visit will remember that you’re the first ones who wrote about it. Just saying. 🙂

  3. Nice jd kaayo ang beach na wala hilabti 🙂

  4. Wow! This is beautiful! Paradise, for sure!

  5. What an amazing destination!

  6. Love this!! 🙂 Malakas alon? 😀 good spot 🙂

    • Hi Jewel,

      A little bit because it’s facing open water. But we believe the waves and winds pick up during the “ber” months. According to Rain, a very few locals who know of the place make it their surfing/skimboarding area on these months.

  7. These are some fantastic photos, and it really looks like you have experienced some place completely untouched. Which is definitely an amazing experience in itself.

  8. As I live in Seoul, it seems incredulous to think of a place where you are actually isolated and alone! What a beautiful place. Reading blogs like this gives me too many ideas when I have just too little time!

    Too many countries in the world to visit when I want to explore them all and return again. Thanks for sharing.

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