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Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

Danasan Eco Adventure Park: Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

An exciting collection of funtastic adventures awaits you in Danasan Eco Adventure Park!


Mainit Mabugnaw National Park: A Superbly Sculpted Gateway to Carcar’s Underworld

Going inside a cave emanates a feeling of enchantment and wonder. As you go deeper into an underground cathedral, you cannot help but feel that you are entering an unknown, magical world. In Cebu, we have lots of grandiose caves that are just waiting to be discovered. One of these geological treasures is located in […]

Vertical Bivouac at Kiokong White Rock Wall: An Extremely High Adventure (Part 2)

It is always a great feeling to be the first of something. Sweetie and I are quite proud and honored to be among the first clients of Adventure Technology Outfitters to fully undertake the vertical bivouac adventure in Quezon, Bukidnon. Best of all, this amazing adventure is the first of its kind in the Philippines, […]

Rappelling in Cantabaco: Getting High on Going Down

What is the fastest way to descend a 100-foot building or a cliff other than jumping? Abseiling, of course. Abseiling, more commonly known as rappelling, refers to a technique of controlling the descent down a vertical feature via a rope. Mountaineers, canyoners, rock climbers, and other adventurers rappel down a cliff, slope, or some other […]

Single Rope Technique and High Angle Rescue Workshop

As mountaineers and adventurers, it is vital to know the basics of SRT (Single Rope Technique) and rescue. So when Sir Fred Ygnacio of Innove Tower offered to teach us the basics of SRT and High Angle Rescue (HAR) last April 29, 2012, we readily agreed to participate.