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Blanca Aurora River: A Fascinating Adventure in Going Home

Blanca Aurora River: A Fascinating Adventure in Going Home

Research and stories show that in mountaineering, or any outdoor activity for that matter, most accidents happen on the way back to base camp. Having successfully been to the pinnacle of the adventure, one’s mindset becomes more relaxed. Having conquered the hardest part, going back home should be easy, right? Well, that relaxed state can […]

Experience Antique: Igpasungaw Falls in Sebaste – A Grand Staircase into the Wild

We are inexorably fascinated with our country’s waterfalls. These stunning works of Mother Nature speak volumes of beauty, allure, and power. They are venues for heart-stopping adventures, sanctuaries for serenity, and sources for a land’s commerce and survival. Thus, when we knew that one of our destinations during our Experience Antique familiarization tour is the […]

Aguinid Falls: A Stunning Mystical Natural Wonder in Samboan

Cebu’s lovely waterfalls may not be as immense, tall, or imposing as those in other parts of the country. But that does not mean that they are less mystical. Indeed, our humble island’s waterfalls all feature a plethora of mysterious rock formations, amazing water compositions, and magical surrounding environments. Aguinid Falls in the quiet municipality […]

Inambakan Falls: Natural Grandeur in Ginatilan, South Cebu

Aside from beautiful sandy beaches, Southern Cebu is a haven for some of the country’s most magnificent and pristine waterfalls, each with its own unique characteristic and grandeur. Many of these natural wonders are left in their pristine state even if they have become quite popular among Cebuanos. The mighty Inambakan Falls in the municipality […]

Seven Waterfalls of Mambukal: Rejuvination through Nature’s Bounties

Summer usually equates to swimming in the azure waters in the beach, refreshing oneself in a cool swimming pool, playing inside fun-filled water parks, or cruising around idyllic islands. But beaches are definitely not the only bodies of water that one can immerse in to find relief from the punishing summer heat. Adventurers, hikers, and […]

Kabang Falls and Mt. Kan-Irag: All in One Adventure

Kabang Falls and Mt. Kan-Irag: All in One Adventure

The best thing about the island of Cebu is that it has everything. It has a bustling metropolis, remarkable cultural and historical sites, rich natural resources, and untouched natural wonders, and all these are definitely within easy reach.