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10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

10 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday

A walking holiday is one of the healthiest and most holistic getaways. Embarking on one will immerse you in beautiful nature, give you time to think, unwind, and truly relax.

Fast and Light Backpacking: A Talk About the Latest Scientific Way to Lighten Up Your Pack

Everyone who has been in the outdoors knows this horrible experience. We want to enjoy our trek, climb, or travel. But our backpacks, filled with everything including the kitchen sink, is wearing us down! Every step is a torture, and our shoulders feel as if they’re going to be wrenched off our bodies. If it’s […]

Mt. Maculot: Listening to the Whispers of Mother Nature

Mt. Maculot: Listening to the Whispers of Mother Nature

What does a mountain tell you? In this much quieter part of the land, you can hear its soft voice. A mountain may proudly share its treasures. It may weep in agony. It may teach you lessons in life. And it wordlessly tells you its poignant story. For this trip, we decided to listen to […]

Sumilon Island: Oslob’s Amazing Adventure Island

Wouldn’t it be great if you can find a small place that is jam-packed with adventure? No need to catch a taxi, jeepney, bus, or motorcycle ride to hop from one adventure to another. No need to pay hefty fares. No need for inconvenience. All you need to do is to simply walk around to […]

Tumalog Falls: A Magical Gossamer Curtain in Oslob

One of the best things about our home province of Cebu is that our humble island is jam-packed with so many unique natural wonders. Come to think of it, each municipality has its own set of “specialty” attractions, and many more are still being discovered. Cebu is like a paradise of multiple facets. It’s no […]

Mt. Hambubuyog: Revisiting and Rediscovering a Local Treasure

It is always a good feeling when you are that kid in the block who discovered something new or did the first of something. For us, mountaineers, discovering a new trail or mountain is our Holy Grail. And in 2011, we had our Grail. Together with my outdoor buddy Sir Ruel and a small team […]

Part 3: Picking the Right Trekking Shoes

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed the different kinds of trekking shoes. Now, what excellent trekking shoes you have! No matter how rainy the season or how wet the terrain is, your feet feel dry as your fluffy pillow back at home.