Papart’s Tuslob Buwa: A Delicious Exotic Meal Meant to be Shared

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

The Philippines is known for having some of the tastiest exotic dishes in the world, each province having its own “specialty.” In Cebu, we have our own proud set of specialty exotic dishes. One of these dishes is tuslob buwa, literally translated to “dipping in froth.” It’s actually a very simple dish; minced pork liver, innards, and brain are sautéed with onions, garlic, and other spices in a wok filled with boiling oil. People then dip pieces of puso (rice wrapped in weaved palm leaves) into the resulting froth, scooping some of the meat and spices, then eat the entire “assembly.”

Tuslob buwa is a tasty street food popular in Pasil, Cebu. However, Pasil is generally considered the armpit of Cebu City; and apparently, people avoid the place. In addition, being a street food, the tuslob buwa in Pasil is shared between complete strangers, so it’s definitely not the most hygienic of meals.

Fortunately, two enterprising individuals took the concept of streetside tuslob buwa and developed it into a humble, welcoming, and friendly restaurant. That restaurant is Papart’s Tuslob Buwa.

The establishment was easy to spot. We just saw their signage at the roadside; check the photo below. It’s just near the Caltex gasoline station across the San Miguel Beer brewery. You can’t miss it when you’re in Sta. Cruz, A. del Rosario Avenue in Tipolo, Mandaue City. If you somehow got lost in locating the restaurant, simply ask the locals to guide you.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

The restaurant is located at the end of a gravel driveway far from the road. That is actually a good thing since the dining area is more secluded than if it was just right beside a busy street.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

The restaurant’s setting is extremely simple and welcoming with just a few long tables with benches. One quick glance, and you can see that the setup is meant for people to socialize and have fun while dining.

This is a culinary representation of Cebuano friendship and camaraderie!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

People from all walks of life—students, employees, managers, businessmen, and more— visit Papart’s to have an affordable but filling meal. Here, Sweetie chatted with some friendly corporate ladies about their experience eating here.

That is the essence of Papart’s, and even the name itself is homey and friendly! For non-Cebuano speakers, “papart” is a common term of endearment for a friend; its English equivalent is roughly “dude,” “pal,” or “fella.”

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Check out their menu and the prices of the presented food items. Now, those are really affordable, aren’t they? Also, if you notice, Papart’s does not just focus on the traditional tuslob buwa. They also offer other mouthwatering dishes that are inspired by international cuisines.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

While our orders were being served, we got a chance to talk with the creative and culinary geniuses behind Papart’s. Tere Escano, the one in pink, is a certified and professional chef who graduated from MOST Institute Culinary School. Debbie Pardo, the lady in white, handles the marketing side of Papart’s.

Not in the photo is Boyet Juntilla, the kitchen assistant.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

We ordered the Tuslob Buwa de Pasil, the classic version of the dish,  the meal that started it all. In case you are wondering, the brown stuff is dehydrated pork liver and sliced pig brain while the liquid in the bowl is a secret special blend of oils, spices, and sauces.

Tere and Debbie were actually intrigued by the classic tuslob buwa in Pasil, Cebu City. However, they never got the chance to try tuslob buwa until a common friend prepared the dish for them. It tasted so good that it inspired the duo to put up a specialty restaurant that serves the dish. Thus, Papart’s was born on March 2014.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Each tuslob buwa order comes with 10 pieces of puso, or hanging rice. For those who don’t know what puso is, it is rice wrapped in woven palm leaves.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Then it was time to prepare our dinner! Yes, that’s one great thing about Papart’s; diners actually cook the delicious tuslob buwa right on the table. Our server placed a portable stove and a small wok on our table.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

After lighting up the stove, adding oil, and heating the wok, we sautéed the minced garlic, onions, and the pre-cooked liver-and-brain mixture. Then we poured the special sauce in the wok. Mmmmmm!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Tere told us to let the tuslob buwa gently simmer for a little while so the stew would have a thicker consistency. She suggested adding a bit of crushed pepper to make it spicy.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

In five minutes, the stew was done! All that we need to do was just to peel off a puso and dip it into the stew, scooping some of the meat with it. Then down the hatch it goes!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

It may not look much but trust us: “delicious” is an understatement and could not capture the true flavor of the dish. Papart’s tuslob buwa is absolutely an intense dining experience! In fact, it deserves to be in the must-try meals in the country!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Of course, we decided to try out their other viands. Below is their delicious sisig, which is filled with chunky meat swimming in a special sauce and topped with pork rinds and minced onions.

Note: Just typing this made my mouth water.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Kids would really love their Chinese Chix on Sticks—breaded chicken fillet on sticks. The sauce is homemade and is absolutely dynamite!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

During our next visit, we brought Alexa with us so she can try tuslob buwa. This pretty little girl took our order. Looks like we have a new entrepreneur in the making here! Hehehe!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

We wanted to try something different, so Debbie recommended her favorite, Tuna Tuslobonara. As its name implies, it’s a tuslob buwa made of tuna instead of pork.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

As usual, a wok and a portable stove were set on the table before us. It was definitely fun cooking our own meals.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

While Sweetie and Alexa cooked the tuna tuslobonara, I took photos of Tere’s kitchen assistants preparing other customers’ orders. Yes, they serve barbecues.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

The restaurant does not limit itself to serving tuslob buwa. They also serve other creative meals such as this extremely delicious Brazilian Liempo. Try it; you won’t be disappointed.

Papart’s Tuslob Buwa is planning to release new dishes, particularly desserts. They are thinking of serving homemade ice cream and panna cotta soon. Watch out for these mouthwatering delights.

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Dip away! Dinner’s ready!

Paparts Tuslob Buwa

Whether you are a local or a tourist, don’t miss out Papart’s Tuslob Buwa. Not only will you enjoy a simple but irresistibly delicious exotic dish, but you will also experience a taste of Cebuano culture, warmth, friendliness, camaraderie, and fun.


1. Papart’s Tuslob Buwa is located at Sta. Cruz, A. del Rosario Avenue in Tipolo, Mandaue City. Use the following contact details for inquiries and reservations:

2. Papart’s Tuslob Buwa is open from 10AM to 10PM, Mondays to Saturdays. At the moment, they are closed on Sundays.

3. Papart’s Tuslob Buwa offers business opportunities to entrepreneurs through franchising.

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  1. Pastilan oi! Naglaway naman ko nuon diri! Anhaun man jud nako na sunod naog nako diha Cebu! Great post!

  2. Nice post bai. Will visit there definitely.
    BTW, parking space available? else, we will take a cab to go there.

  3. Ana ang pagkaon ba. Pagkalamia.

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