Still-water Kayaking in Maribago Bluewaters: Trying out Our Sea Eagle 330

Sea Eagle 330

Ever since our first kayaking experience in Papa Kits and after seeing our guides skillfully maneuver their inflatable kayaks in the fast-flowing Cagayan de Oro River, we knew we had to include this exciting watersport in our retinue of adventure activities. Kayaking is a very versatile sport; you can enjoy the stillness and peace while floating on calm, mirror-like waters. Or you can have the most exciting ride of your life as you paddle hard on rapids and high waves.

So, when my dad—who is an avid supporter being a sportsman himself—knew what we’re up to, he bought and sent us a rugged, portable Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak a few months ago! Now, that’s just a wicked surprise, isn’t it?

Last October, we had a chance to try out our Sea Eagle. Anabelle, Sweetie’s supportive colleague, invited us to paddle around the beach of Maribago Bluewaters, a popular first-class resort in Lapu-Lapu city. So one hot, sunny Saturday, we headed towards the resort and waited for Anabelle.

Check out that nice lightweight pack that Sweetie is wearing. That’s a Sea to Summit UltraSil TravelLight Day Pack, an innovative backpack that can be folded and stuffed into a palm-sized sack! Amazing!

Sea Eagle 330

That’s our Sea Eagle 330 inside that humungous carry bag. It’s actually quite heavy even if it’s advertised as portable.

Sea Eagle 330

A few minutes later, Anabelle arrived and welcomed us. She led us to Maribago’s sandy beachfront where we can test our kayak. Thank you very much for inviting us, Anabelle.

Sea Eagle 330

That’s Maribago Bluewater’s lagoon, which is protected from the open sea with a breakwater in the form of an artificial island across the beachfront. The gateway to the open sea is on both sides of the lagoon.

Considering that this is our first time to test out our kayak, this is a safe and excellent area to paddle around.

Sea Eagle 330

Unpacking the kayak, I laid down its inclusions—the Sea Eagle 330 itself, two double-end asymmetrical paddles, two inflatable seats, and a heavy-duty foot pump.

Sea Eagle 330

Let’s start inflating this thing! The kayak is quite rugged, made of extra-thick polykrylar material. The material is heavy, but it also gives the inflatable boat its much needed strength. The vessel also features an I-beam construction floor to give it extra rigidity.

Sea Eagle 330

In less than 10 minutes, our kayak was properly inflated and ready to go.

Sea Eagle 330

Sweetie stored a few valuables in a Sea to Summit Hydraulic Bag to bring with us while kayaking. If you are into watersports and outdoor adventures, this waterproof dry bag is your best friend.

Sea Eagle 330

Thank you for these high-quality outdoor items, Sea to Summit! They will surely be our lifesavers as we embark on our adventures. Let’s see: we have microfiber towels, non-rated carabiners, stuff sacks, a waterproof cellphone casing, and a dry bag. Nice!

Sea Eagle 330

Safety first! After changing into our rashguards, we strapped on our PFDs. The water around Maribago is quite shallow and still, but we never underestimate Mother Nature. She is beautiful but merciless and unpredictable at the same time. In any outdoor adventure, it’s always better to be on the safe side of things.

Sea Eagle 330

After a final check, it was time to paddle! Instinctively, we began to sing the popular children’s song Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Hehehe!

Sea Eagle 330

There’s nothing more serene than paddling quietly in the still, calm water. It’s an excellent exercise in a tranquil atmosphere.

It can be another way around if we ride the same kayak on fast, churning rapids. That, of course, is a great way to get heady with an adrenaline rush. Yes, kayaking is great, we tell you!

Sea Eagle 330

We headed straight to that sandy breakwater, which is just a hundred yards or so. No problem, right?

Sea Eagle 330

Well, not exactly. Much lighter than a plastic or fiberglass kayak, the Sea Eagle floats high on the water, making it extremely responsive to our paddle strokes. Too deep a stroke and the boat swerves widely to the opposite direction. Too shallow and it won’t turn if we want it to. Compounding the problem was that Sweetie and I had different strokes! The kayak’s skegs (i.e., three triangular fins under the stern of the boat) somewhat alleviates the yaw, fortunately.

Additionally, a puff of wind, even a gentle one, can blow the kayak off course. We really had to wrestle with the paddles just to get the
boat go straight.

Sea Eagle 330

After almost half an hour, we arrived at the breakwater. It was quite funny to think that we paddled for 30 minutes, trying to get the Sea Eagle on course, just to cross a small lagoon. Yes, it is that difficult when paddling an inflatable kayak.

Sea Eagle 330

Couple selfie at the breakwater! That’s Imperial Palace behind us.

Sea Eagle 330

After spending some time exploring the breakwater, Sweetie and I paddled back to the beachfront and let Alexa ride the kayak with me.

The Sea Eagle is a rugged inflatable kayak that can hold two people or a load of 500 lbs.

Sea Eagle 330

Obviously, she was having fun while I was the one doing the hard work of paddling! Hmph! We went around the lagoon a couple of times.

Sea Eagle 330

An hour or so, we docked back at the shore so I can rest for awhile. After a few minutes, I decided to try out paddling solo. Converting the Sea Eagle to a one-man kayak is easy; I just needed to take out one of the seats.

Sea Eagle 330

After going around the lagoon once, I headed off into open water right behind the breakwater. The sea out there is rough, and the current is unpredictable.

Sea Eagle 330

Navigating the kayak in the open sea is slightly more difficult than in the calm lagoon. I had to fight through the current and the wind. However, with practice, I think Sweetie and I can make our Sea Eagle sail smoothly.

Sea Eagle 330

We had a really great morning testing out our Sea Eagle. A little after noon, it was time to pack up and get ready to go home.

Sea Eagle 330

Despite the adventurer that she is, Sweetie is still your typical kikay girl. Everywhere she goes, she brings her Limitless Possibilities beauty products so she’ll still look and smell good in the face of adventure.

Sea Eagle 330

Don’t laugh, but the sun, sea, and the harsh outdoor environment can wreck havoc on your skin. Limitless Possibilities products contain essential ingredients such as zemea, regenistem red rice, and vivillume to replenish lost nutrients and to protect skin from dryness.

Here, she’s using their Day Body Lotion, which helps blocks the sun’s UV rays. Always remember to slop sunblock—or a sun-blocking lotion—when you’re outdoors.

Sea Eagle 330

We can’t resist the hammocks! Lying on them is really great after an entire morning of paddling.

Sea Eagle 330

We know we still need a mountain of training before we can ride on fast rapids or high seas. But we can’t wait to go kayaking again with our Sea Eagle 330. Whitewater kayaking, anyone?

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13 comments on “Still-water Kayaking in Maribago Bluewaters: Trying out Our Sea Eagle 330

  1. oh, hey, you finally found yourselves at maribago bluewaters! wasn’t it just a couple of months ago that you told me you guys wanted to go there? =)

    • Hi Jan,

      Hehehe! We were actually lucky because Sheila’s officemate invited us. 🙂

      The resort is actually great, and we’d love to stay in Maribago Bluewaters for a night or two if given the opportunity. 🙂

      • it is, isn’t it? i love how friendly and accommodating their staff are. and i like the place too, as well.

        you guys looked really cute in your photos. =)

      • Yup, it’s very nice, and the staff is great. We would love to try out their more adventure-filled activities such as scuba diving, paragliding, etc.

        Hehe! Thank you for the compliment about our photos. 🙂

  2. Wowowiwow! How exciting this can be?.?.? Love it.

    Check our anawangin tour package

  3. Do you have your own kayaks? That’s cool. You can bring it in all your water trip.:D I hope I can own a kayak.

  4. Thanks for posting about Limitless products. I’m so happy to read blogs like this

  5. how much ang habagat life vest sir?

  6. I so like the portability of this. You could take it anywhere.

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