Lamian Restaurant: A Never-Ending Culinary Buffet of Sumptuous Meals

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Big adventures require great helpings of delicious food. Sumptuous, nutritious meals truly raise our morale and increase our energy level. That is why we don’t usually settle on canned or preserved food during our trips and adventures. We take a considerable amount of effort in preparing wholesome meals that we can enjoy in the mountains, crags, islands, and seas.

In our last post, you already know that The Bellevue Resort has a plethora of water sports. To enjoy all those water activities, we need a lot of energy—energy that can be acquired by eating delicious meals. And you can find these dishes in the resort’s in-house restaurant Lamian.

Lamian Restaurant lets you sample a variety of perfectly cooked traditional Filipino and international cuisine. Best of all, the only limit as to how much you can eat is your stomach as the restaurant serves their food buffet style.

Note: The photos and documentation in the following blog post only describes the buffet breakfast. We only experienced their buffet dinner once, and the light was not really conducive to the limited capabilities of our point-and-shoot camera. The following days, Lamian didn’t serve lunch, so we weren’t able to take photos of their lunch menus.

Except for the large lighted Lamian sign, the restaurant is outwardly simple and ordinary. We actually felt welcome due to its simplicity even though we know it is a five-star restaurant.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Lovely, isn’t it? Lamian is quite spacious and has enough space to seat 180 guests. All furnishings are top-of-the-line and classy. Furniture pieces, decors, lights, and the overall architecture give the restaurant a very warm, traditional Filipino feel.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

One entire lengthwise side of the restaurant displays all the culinary delights the restaurant has to offer. Since Lamian is an all-you-can-eat type of food establishment, a buffet rather than à la carte service is implemented.

Many of the sumptuous main meals are served in heated trays. All guests need to do is to open the tray and help themselves to a serving. Each tray has a label that indicates the food inside it.

Condiments, sauces, garnishes, and spices for certain dishes are placed in front of the tray containing the dish.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

One of our favorite breakfast food is this delightful potato gratin. Slices of thinly sliced potatoes are covered with grated cheese, egg, butter, and breadcrumbs. It is then broiled or baked until the top forms a brown crust. Yummy and very filling, we came back for several servings of this dish.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

At the center of the main food display area is a small stove and hot plate where skilled chefs prepare and heat delicious meals for you. Here, he is preparing one of my favorite dishes—fluffy scrambled eggs!

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Beside the main food display counter is a smaller counter with foodstuff that are served on top of trays filled with ice. Trays are filled with various salads and side dishes.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

The other side has assorted cold cuts and small cups of yogurt. This was our first time to taste real, genuine cold cuts from quality meats and perfectly blended fruit yogurts. They taste heavenly!

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Let’s check out the other side. Help yourself with several large servings of soft pancakes. Choose any among the several sweet jams and syrups to top off your pancake.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Want something lighter? How about some crunchy cereal? Choose from several kinds of cereal and top it off with slices of fresh fruit. The stainless steel canister behind the plates contains fresh cold milk that goes along with your cereal.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Guests who are not fond of milk or are lactose intolerant may opt to quench their thirst with juices instead. Lamian has several fresh fruit juices to choose from.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Guests who want something else other than juices, milk, coffee, or water may order from Lamian’s à la carte beverage menu. We ordered these refreshing iced teas during our first night’s dinner because they ran out of juice.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

There are guests who are not used to eating rice. Or they might want something lighter. Lamian puts up a large tray filled with freshly baked breads such as plain sliced loaves, bagels, ensaimades, and more.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Give zest and bring your bread to life with these mouth-tingling sweet jams that are freshly processed and made from all-natural ingredients.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Foreigners and travelers who are visiting Bohol, or the Philippines for that matter, should never, ever fail to have a taste of tasty delicacies. The story of our history and culture can be tasted in every sweet slice of our maja, cassava cake, yema, and more.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

The Philippines is a tropical country. During summer, early morning temperatures can soar to uncomfortably warm highs. But don’t worry, guests can enjoy their meals in the air-conditioned interior of Lamian Restaurant.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

But for us, outdoorspeople, we love basking in the morning sun and breathing fresh air. Thus, on our second day, we opted to take our breakfast in Lamian’s open-air dining area. Overhead fans allow the air to circulate.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

The restaurant’s outdoor dining space offers an excellent view of the garden and pool area of the resort.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Here’s Sweetie’s breakfast on the second day before our scuba diving adventure. Isn’t that yummy?

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Here’s mine, and that’s just the first serving! And check that out—coffee, juice, yogurt, and water. Am I this thirsty? It was also my first time to eat some real cold cuts (the sushi-like meat in the middle). They taste delightfully salty and is a great companion to rice or bread.

As you can see in the photo below, plates, utensils, and other dinnerware are top quality.

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Let us have a large, filling breakfast before the dive, shall we?

Lamian Restaurant at The Bellevue Resort

Eating heartily cooked, wholesome meals is a way to revitalize and re-energize oneself. Dining at Lamian Restaurant lets you enjoy the best gastronomic experience to prepare you for your amazing adventures.


Lamian Restaurant also caters to groups and small events. For reservations and more information, get in touch with The Bellevue Resort.

Check out their Facebook page for promos and new dishes.

Lamian Restaurant serves both local and international dishes. Guests are usually ushered here for their free breakfast during their stay. Serving style is buffet, and the place can comfortably seat 180 guests.

Lamian opens at 6AM and closes at 10PM daily.

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14 comments on “Lamian Restaurant: A Never-Ending Culinary Buffet of Sumptuous Meals

  1. What a delightful place to enjoy a beautiful meal, thanks for sharing with us..

    Take care you two, and have a wonderful weekend, from Laura ~

  2. Wowowee!!! I can probably eat here all day! ^_^ I like that they have a wide range of food and drinks, both for local and international guests.

  3. Looking delicious and the view is beautiful! Perfect 🙂

  4. Not the best read during lunchtime. I’m trying to stick to a diet.haha..

    Kidding aside, I missed Bellevue’s amazing eats!

    Cheers to more dining adventures, Adrenaline Romance! 🙂

  5. Is the restaurant open to non-guest of Bellevue? How much is the dinner buffet?

    • Hi Ann,

      Yes, it’s open for non-guests. However, we are not sure how much is the rate. You can get in touch with the Bellevue for details and rates. The links to their website and Facebook page are in this blog post. Thank you!

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