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Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground

Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground

Congratulations on all your hard work! You deserve a life of peace, quiet, tranquility, and excitement. You deserve every opportunity to see and explore the beauty of nature. Aboitizland, our very own home-grown real estate giant, makes sure you get what you truly deserve. Welcome to Foressa Trails, a world-class master-planned adventure park and community […]

Canso X Mountain Adventure Park: Cebu’s Newest Haven for Hikers, Bikers, Campers, and Adventurers

Cebu is fast becoming the perfect haven for adrenaline-loving junkies. And something good thing has emerged from being an adventurer’s paradise. You see, many entities are now, in one way or another, supporting the passion of these free-spirited individuals. For instance, mountaineering organizations are now aplenty, offering opportunities for interested parties to learn and enjoy […]