Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground


Congratulations on all your hard work! You deserve a life of peace, quiet, tranquility, and excitement. You deserve every opportunity to see and explore the beauty of nature. Aboitizland, our very own home-grown real estate giant, makes sure you get what you truly deserve. Welcome to Foressa Trails, a world-class master-planned adventure park and community that redefines outdoor living and adventure right in the green mountains of Cebu.

After a hot breakfast at a local Jollibee outlet, we boarded the Aboitizland van that will bring us to Foressa Trails. A little over an hour later, we arrived at the all-too familiar entrance of the former Canso X Mountain Adventure Park.

If you are bored and want something to spice up your life, suit up and hike on Mother Nature’s trails. That’s what we always do.


A project of Aboitizland, Foressa Trails is located in Barangay Cansamoroy in the central highlands of Balamban, Cebu. That is 45 kilometers away from Metro Cebu and 7 kilometers from the town of Balamban. The site is easily accessible via the Transcentral Highway.

As we walked to the staging area, we saw candy-colored tents beside a nice established trail. Lush trees provide a protective wall around the clearings.


We had our first glimpse of one of the hiking trails. And oh, boy! Just look at that! That’s a beautiful, well-established trail, don’t you think? Everyone, from children to the elderly, can definitely walk on these trails.

Foressa Trails has 3 kinds of trails, from beginners to advanced hikers. The farthest one stretches 10.7 kilometers around the property.


Trail heads and ends are marked for easy reference. We are assuming that the rest of the trails have marks along the way so hikers won’t get lost.

The Foressa hiking trails are developed based on the standards of Trail Classification 3 of the US Forest Service. Aboitizland partnered with Greenstat Inc., a Norweigan architectural, planning, and consultancy company, to establish the trail network.


To make all trails accessible to all people, installations to aid hikers are placed on some of the more challenging parts. For instance, wooden logs and crude steps are installed and carved on steep sections to make the ascent easier and safer. Natural and organic materials are used so that the facilities blend together with the trails.


Foressa Trails is not just for hikers. Cycling enthusiasts can also enjoy 17 kilometers of rugged, varied bike trails that loop around the property. The bike trails are designed based on the standards of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), ensuring a great quality, challenging ride.

Foressa- Trails-Biking
(Photo credit: Aboitizland)

This is just a small part of Foressa Trails. In all, the entire property, dubbed Foressa Mountain Town, spans 253 hectares of pristine and untouched rivers, lush forests, grasslands, farmlands, and natural open spaces. It is one great upcoming hiking destination in Cebu.


The trail follows the natural contours of the mountains, hills, valleys, and grasslands inside the property. Hikers can pass or stop along assets and attractions such as waterfalls, butterfly sanctuaries, natural pools, fern fields, and more. The photo below shows the Cascades where fresh, cool spring water flows down from a cascade of rocks.

Foressa-Trail Stops-Cascades
(Photo credit: Aboitizland)

Clean, flat campsites are established along the trail. After a day’s hike, you can pitch a tent, gaze at the stars, have a campfire cookout, and enjoy a fun night with your friends.

The campsite nearest to the entrance has fire pits, benches, toilets, and baths for convenience.

(Photo credit: Aboitizland)

Foressa Mountain Town opened to the public with the Salomon Cebu X Trail Run. Several of our friends joined this event. According to the runners we talked to, the trails were absolutely challenging, beautifully varied, and well planned. Way to go, Aboitizland!


A large part of Foressa Mountain Town is designated as a high-end residential area for people who love to live far away from the crowd, noise, and pollution of the city. Here, residents can find peace, quiet, and serenity that many sought for.

A small model house/showroom stands at one edge of the property so guests and potential clients can have a glimpse of living in Foressa Mountain Town.


For Sweetie and I, living here would be a dream come true. Just imagine living in a warm home surrounded by forests and hills and breathing fresh air. And just beyond the backyard are well-established hiking and biking trails that will take us to Balamban’s natural secrets.

There’s nothing but true tranquility, health, wellness, and adventure here.


Aboitizland really has something here for the adventurous Cebuanos of all walks of life. Thank you, Aboitizland, for conceptualizing and ultimately breathing life into this amazing adventure destination. Check out this really cool video of Foressa Mountain Town.

And here’s a preview of the exciting adventures that await you as you hike the Foressa Trails.

As what the bigwigs of Aboitizland stated during the opening ceremony, Foressa Trails is “the very land that nurtures life. Every corner is an adventure, every trail is a path to exploration, and every day is a beautiful story to unfold.”


(Cover photo by Aboitizland)

Contact Details

For trail reservations and inquiries about Foressa Trails as well as Foressa Mountain Town, use the following contact details:

  • Cebu Headquarters: Foressa Experience Center, South Wing, Aboitiz Corporate Office, Gov. Manuel A. Cuenco Avenue, Kasambagan,Cebu City 6000
  • Phone Numbers: (6332) 411-1623 / (6332) 411-1600 / (6332) 411-1647
  • Website: Foressa Mountain Town
  • Facebook Page: Foressa Mountain Town
  • Company Website: Aboitizland Philippines
  • Facebook Page: Aboitizland, Inc.
  • Email: aboitizland@aboitiz.com
  • Office hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Manila Office: 21/F NAC Tower 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila 1634
  • (02) 886-2800

How to Get to Foressa Trails/Foressa Mountain Town

Take a Balamban-bound V-hire at the Ayala Center Cebu terminal and ask the driver to drop you off at Foressa Mountain Town at Barangay Cansomoroy. The gate is just at the left of the highway (if you’re going to Balamban).

It’s going back that will give you headaches. As far as we observed, there are rarely any public transportation (e.g. habal-habals, jeepneys, etc.) that pass by the area. V-hires that do pass by the facility are already full of passengers who boarded the vehicle in Balamban. We didn’t have any problem in transportation because Aboitizland had a shuttle for us.

Aboitizland is still working on this. Thus, we recommend you call Aboitizland for recommendations or transportation arrangements. Or you can bring your own private vehicle; that should eliminate the problem.


Foressa-Trails - Rates-and-Packages

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please get in touch with Aboitizland/Foressa Mountain Town for updates.

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33 comments on “Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground

  1. I would really really really love to live here too. Their Facebook ads caught my eye right away…pero mura’g di jud kaya sa bulsa! But it’s great they’re working on transportation kay para easy ra to get there to hike.

    • Hi Gaya,

      Same here! We would love to live here, but sadly, we need pockets as deep as the Challenger Deep in order to reside here. Hehehe!

      But anyone can definitely hike their trails. In fact, some friends and us are planning to spend a weekend in Foressa Trails. πŸ™‚

  2. When we inquired Aboitizland, Foressa is one of the properties they offered. Nindot baya siya pero mahal hahaha murag layo-layo pud ug byaheon ug adto puyo. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Budget Traveler,

      Actually, manageable ra kaau ang distance. And the place is accessible as well. There are V-hires from Ayala and even habal-habals from JY Square that can take you there. πŸ™‚

      It’s going back to the city that is the problem. We would suggest getting the number of a habal-habal driver who would fetch you there during your return date/time.

  3. Nature at its best. How lovely.

  4. Ang ganad nung spring water na photo!!

  5. We went to Cebu earlier this year, but didnt know about this adventure park. Will have to check it out next time I am there – looks like a lot of fun.

  6. This looks very nice – and not too hard. Talking ’bout hard: I appreciate it a lot how much work you’ve put into not only telling a story, but supplying us with lots of info – hard work, thank you!

  7. Foressa Trails looks like a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy the beauty of this earth. I love the photo of that section of trail where it’s a curve of brown in a forest of green, almost caressing walkers as they pass! And the natural water pools and cascades look beautiful too.

  8. I love a good hike, and this trail definitely seems to have everything you could ask for. Really nice to see all the different scenery and hiking options!

  9. That looks like such a great place for nature hikes and camping. Taking the shuttle sounds like the easiest way to get there. Hopefully it becomes more accessible in the future. The park looks like it is well taken care of and it’s great to see a park like this exists.

  10. Thanks for including the rates and detailed info about the trails. I try to do this as much as I can in my posts as well. Lovely photos as well!

  11. Reading this and watching the videos makes me never want to leave nature again. lol What a stunning part of the world! Thanks for sharing.

  12. looks like a fun trail.. We remember going on a similar trail in Jordan where we had to walk through the George amidst the river.. This post made me nostalgic…

  13. Looks like a beautiful place! I love nature and when ever I can, I will head out to the wood for some hiking and getting some fresh air. I’m sure I would be thrilled to visit this place.

  14. I had no idea that the Philippines has become such a destination for hiking enthusiasts! Foressa Trails looks stunning and its great to hear they have a range of hiking trails to suit every type of adventurer. I would probably do the beginners trail just because I’m a huge wimp when it comes to inclines πŸ˜›

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