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Malapascua Island: A Stunning Island Getaway for Your Ber and Summer Sojourns

The ber months are here! For Filipinos, September is the start of the joyous Yuletide season, and the celebration lasts until January next year. But while other countries are gearing up for the bitter, cold season, the Philippines is blessed with a perennial tropical sun so everyone can continue to frolic in warm, pleasant weather […]

Island Hopping in Islas de Gigantes: Visiting the Sandy Shores of a Summer Paradise

Summer in the Philippines is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for locals and tourists alike. Who wouldn’t be excited about these bright and sunny months? Sapphire seas, azure and clear skies, swaying palms, and sandy beaches await those who seek bliss, tranquility, and relaxation. Add to those the excitement and joy […]

Sambawan Island: A Unique and Picturesque Gem in Biliran

Sambawan Island: A Unique and Picturesque Gem in Biliran

The Philippines has more than 7,100 magnificent islands, each one with its own set of particular features and characteristics worth discovering. The uniqueness of each island, islet, outcropping, or sandbar is one of the things that makes our country so appealing to locals and foreigners alike. We had a chance to visit Sambawan Island, one […]

Tabang Para Sa Isla: A Relief Operation and Medical Mission in Malapascua

No one can deny that the devastation brought about by Supertyphoon Yolanda was almost beyond contemplation. Just imagine: a Turkish rescue worker remarked that the damage is more than that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and 2010 Haiti earthquake combined. Another foreign aid worker also said that the damage is “unnatural.” And we could […]