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How to Observe and Practice Cultural Sensitivity

How to Observe and Practice Cultural Sensitivity

When you climb a mountain, pass by a highland village, or immerse with a tribe, your presence alone disrupts the natural flow and dynamics of the place. As thus, you should leave as little trace as possible.

Experience Antique: Cultural Immersion at the Scenic Antique Rice Terraces

Traveling is not just about visiting destinations. If you want a truly meaningful, eye-opening trip, you have to delve down and listen to the stories of the locals. You have to appreciate and be proud of their home, history, and culture as much as they are.

Experience Wood Carving with Backstreet Academy

Traveling is not just about seeing popular attractions, engaging in exciting adventures, or tasting delicious local food. It is also about taking part in the destination’s culture. It is about appreciating the unique trades, arts and crafts that locals uphold proudly. It is all about meeting humble locals and being mesmerized by their skills and […]