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Yakitori Bincho-tan: A Taste of Traditional and Authentic Japanese Grilled Meat

Japanese cuisine is simply irresistible, and many of their dishes are our personal favorites. Mention sushi, maki, miso soup, ramen, and more; and we guarantee you, our mouths will water. Japanese chefs put so much effort, art, and heart into their cuisine. Indeed, we are even dreaming of going to Japan just to have a […]

Ramen Sora and Yakitori Binchotan: Sapporo’s Culinary Havens in Cebu

The best way of experiencing something authentic is to actually travel to a place where that thing originated; you can’t get more genuine than that. But in the real world, that is quite difficult and impractical. For example, Sweetie and I have always wanted to go to Japan, and one of our planned must-do activities […]